Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tagged : Just a tag.

'I don't/do mind that/if I'm'
I love this tag.
So first and foremost I'm gonna say that I tag anyone that's reading this tag so they could tag it back and the tag would be tagged.

I don't mind that I'm....

I do mind that I'm....
-not appreciated

I don't mind if I'm....

I do mind if I'm....
-blind dating
-being mocked at
-bringing everyone down

That's practically it.
Your mum reads my blog.
Aunty, you're tagged pun!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happah V-Day!!!

I read somewhere that V-Day is funner without a date.
If there's no date, there's no V-Day then, don't u agree?
I mean, YOUR MUM can be your date.
But wtf am I talking about?
Got lotsie prez.

Let the picts do the talking, no?
Early morn present. Not the bracelet, the charm. By D.

Got this from *coughs*

Pearl bracelet by Go.

Quote them " You're our queen. Here's your throne." *vomits*

Got this from my bestie. Maybelline's lip balm. It's real good.

Bang give me.... A BOX OF LOVE LETTERS?

MM give me this.WEIRD gift, no? Whatever. LOVE it.

V-Day can't be great if no one gives you chocolate, no?

What's inside it? Ainttellable.

Early morn gift 2. Turn-milk-to-choclatish-straw.

Nail polish! Why is it quarter empty?

Hope everybod had a great V-Day!
CNY post will be soon.

Thanks for the gifts, y'all!
Your mum reads my blog.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

360 change?

I have no idea why.
But he TOTALLY changed.
From that so cold attitude,
to this 'i care about you' attitude.
Weird, no?
But it's for the good weird.
I hope he won't change back *cross my fingers*

He NEVER wanna accompany me whenever I go.
Then yesterday he was like, hey you wanna go walk around?
And I was like, uh, yeah, course! (Stammer : Weakness #1)
And so we walked.
Kinda awkward. (Silence : Weakness #2)
Then he started asking me how I am, etc. etc. (He never asks!)
Then we started talking bla bla bla crap.
And he laughed!
He looks so cute when he laugh.
YOU look cute when you laugh, k?
So smile more!
I love it!

I never hear his laughter before.
The thought of me making someone laugh is real cool.
After I came back I found out from them that he had some personal problems.
Regretted not asking him about his life.
Instead I went on and on and on about me. (Selfishness : Weakness #3)
I have so many weaknesses, no?
Forgive me, will ya?

Snapped this pict. (Secretive : Weakness #4)
Don't be angry with me for taking this pict ys!
Maybe we should go out more together.
I had a really great time!
I hope you did too!

So many weaknesses, so many regrets.
Your mum reads my blog.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ahoy! Artists!

We all know you're doing just fine somewhere.
If god exists, may He/She bless you.
Kays I'm being weird.
Oh whatever.
Happy Bday!

~Your mum reads my blog~