Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sports Day!!

I was a stupid shit commander. (Yeah I know you all talk bout this behind my back)
But no one asked you to choose me what.
And you all still chose me to BE your commander.
So I deserve the post.
SO stop saying this, that, that, this.
It has ended after all.

After marching, camwhored A LOT!
Then went to Choral Speaking.
Quote wifey : Haiyo why everyday also got choral one?
She's training to be someone's wife lol.

Guess wat?
TC belanja us pizza.
Not that nice.
The pizza, i mean.
But it was nice for teacher to buy, like, 4 boxes for us lol.
She also belanja the pancaragam girls,
which needed, like, 13 boxes! *Gasps*

Tiny lil dots^^
Tinier lil backside :P
I like this camera. What's it called again?
If you zoom it, instead of saluting, I look like I'm scratching my head.
*Hoping it ends soon*
Wifey & I. *Sweating so hard lol*
Qiu Yuan and I. Salutes to everyone!
Ee Teng and I. I know she's cooler la.
Vivian and I. Choral speakers!
All in all, it was a fun day.
Leg sore.

Your mum reads my blog.