Monday, May 31, 2010

Dear Rylee Jane Morgan (1)

I received a letter for Rylee last week.
Was kinda shocked.
It was early.
Two weeks left before her anniversary....
It was from a great friend of hers who studied at CLHS.
Kinda ironic how online friends could be great friends.
But, well...

I didn't dare read it at first.
Cause obviously, it's for Rylee.
And I don't even know who the sender is.
But they manage to track him down through the stamp.
And I contacted him.
Just to have a chat.
Turns out there is a lot of things about Rylee that I didn't know.
It seems like he had some feelings for her.
And when I questioned him about him(just to lighten up the mood),
he just shrugged.
I guess Rylee had this thing about her that makes people like her so much, huh?(Unlike me.....)

And if any of you read my IM's display message,
you would notice I had written the first few lines of the letter.
The sender chose to remain anonymous and said that he wished that his letter would not be posted.
And I respected it.
But I did manage to get his permission for the first few lines.
For anyone who didn't read it, here goes:
'Dear Rylee, it's been a year since I last spoke to you. I miss your voice, your laughter, your tears.'
Reading that first two lines made me cry.
He requested that he do not want me to read it to Rylee on the anniversary, but today.
So this morning I went to the statuette.
Skipped school.
It's been a long time since I went there.
It's almost a year.
Can you all believe how time flies?
Throughout the whole route, I was crying.
I don't know why I'm so emotional.

By the time I finish reading the letter, it was soaked.
With my tears.
You can't imagine what I felt.
I can't imagine what he felt when he wrote the letter either.

When I checked Rylee's mail,
I found out that there's two more letters for her.
I guess the friends that she chose are really true friends, no?
They didn't forget their promise to her.
Neither did I.
Even though it was so hard for me to pick up the pen.

Your mum reads my blog.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Of Sushis and Kings.

Went to Sushi King.
I mean, like, since the start of their curry promo,
which is like, 3 weeks ago.
I have this addiction to their curry thingy.
More precisely, their curry potato thingy.
You know how much I love spices and potatoes, right?
Plus, mm is a sushi lover too.

Though you do have to admit,
Sushi King is kinda cheap.
So go weekly is also ok.
Since, like, if you go to that high-end Japanese restaurant at KL,
you have to pay for flight tickets(if you ain't a KL-ite).
Then you order the fish roe.
And find out that it's 18 bucks.
I mean, like seriously?
18 bucks for 2 fish roe sushi?!
You should look at Dan's face when the bill came.
Before : Nvm nvm I belanja you after all you so tired after helping me.
So we fly to KL.
After : My god how can eating sushi be this expensive for the love of god I'd rather go have it at Japan.
All the way back to Penang.

Food of the day:
Curry garlic rice.
Prefer the normal garlic rice.
The potato thingy.
Must haves: Miso soup & Chawanmushi

The remnants of what's left.
Topped with a dessert spoon.
Insider info : the green tea ice cream they use is from magnolia.
Oh wait.
Was it King's?
Forget d :P
After all, it's an insider info.

Trying to suck in my cheeks.
To look thinner.
Sorry for the low quality picts.
Only had my phone camera around so ^^

Your mum reads my blog.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Exam and movies.

Exam sucks.
So let's not talk about it.
Not planning to study no more.
Cause well.
Dunno la.
Don't wanna discuss this stuff since it's not confirmed.

Watched IP-Man 2 yesterday.
Kinda jubba jubba.
As in, fun.
Worth watching + sacrficing sleep for haha.

Something funny happened.
Go bought the Motorola Droid recently.
The US version of our Malaysia version.
I'm not great at phones so lol.
And this kid, who I think just finished watching Iron Man 2 when we were buying tickets.
He saw my go's phone.
And guess what?
Iron Man! Iron Maaaannn!
Shock the guts of both us.
Like, seriously?
That kid's so into Iron Man.

Haven't watch Iron Man yet.
Feel so lousy cause I didn't even watch the first movie lol.
But whatever.
Ip-Man is really nice.
The guy's like Damien.
Smile no matter where he goes.
"I smile when I'm mad, sad, fat or dead."

Your mum reads my blog.
Nitex everybods.

Bleeding my brains out.

Having a bleeding nose is unfun.
Having people trying to convince you to do a CT ain't fun either.
Neither is having to take the exam while nosebleeding.

But I'm a strong woman, no?
So even if three tonnes of blood flow out of me, I'll still live :P
Not that I have three tonnes of blood.
If I do, I'd freaking weigh three tonnes.
And be a world record holder for the heaviest woman alive.
And after I bleed all the three tonnes of blood out,
I'd be the world's fastest person to ever lose that much weight.
Dream on, Lynnie!

Go is having doubts on buying me the E-PL1 :(
He say better buy a DSLR.
I don't want a DSLR!
A DSLR is not only fat, it's used by everyone, and I don't like the fact that people from my school,
CLHS, Convents and etc are den-ing(showing off) their DSLR.
And snapping all around.
DON'T gimme the crap that E-PL1 is a sort of DSLR.
It's a friggin CSLR!

And if I wanna use a DSLR, I can just borrow it from my rich friends.
Who have, like, the Leica S2.
That no one's ever gonna buy for me.
Not that I want it.
But wtf 21k in dollars for a camera.
An amount that some people don't even earn per annum.
Better gimme that money to go and pamper myself.

Not that I dunno how to use a DSLR lah.
I mean,seriously?
It's just that I don't like the idea of me carrying the camera everywhere and not being able to take a decent shot of myself SECRETLY.
Without everyone staring.
Dunno la bout my go.
Maybe one day he'll suddenly say don't wanna buy me a camera no more.
Then even worse :(((.

Don't ask me why it's so blur.
I was bleeding my guts out while holding a camera in one hand,
a bleeding tissue in the other,
and my wrist blocking my nose.

Fooled ya.
Not scary at all leh.
Don't mind my fat fingers lol.

But seriously,
I do admit that a DSLR takes a nice quality picture.
What with their vibrating shutters and all that stuff.
I mean, I get that the S2 ain't a DSLR.
And cause I don't ALWAYS use a DSLR,
And I shouldn't just judge the camera from its looks and all.
But it seems to me that the DSLR is so widely utilised,
that one day it's price will plummet down the hill.
Then everyone would have it.
Then it would be unfun anymore.
E-PL1 also got all the vibrating shutters and stuff ah!
I know the pixels aint that good.

Which should I choose?

Actually the cam I have now is ok ah.
You can focus on stuffs and all that.
Imagine me doing this in public with a DSLR.

Your mum reads my blog.
Auntie get me some decent tissues that won't tear apart this easily, will ya?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

PCGHS Ranger 14th Annual Campfire

It was on.... erm. Can't remember the date.
It's theme was The Universal Driveway to Aliens’ Downtown.
And as usual, KRS caused the most trouble (again).
Sorry ranger girls.
For having to fight with the teachers because of our KRS gals.
And thanks whoeveritis who lent me your trousers^^

Cause the teacher caused some probs,
I didn't get to see the first-half of the campfire.
A teacher went totally out of line and said,
Malays shouldn't wear trousers like that.
Like, wtf?!
You're a fucking chinese teacher.
Goddamnit whaddya know about our Islamic laws?
And what rights do you have on what I should wear?
Fuck her.
Stupid PCGHS teacher.
If I fucking know her fucking fuck name I would've sued that fucking fuck teacher.
Like seriously?
Freaking racist.
Stupid bullshit teacher.
Goddamn racist teacher.
It's not like I'm wearing shorts that show of my butt damnit.
It's over my knee la stupid.
Argh everytime I think of that fucking teacher it makes me so worked up I'm gonna punch the freaking dummy.

Back to the camp.
We were performing for KRS.
Who don't have anyone else who can perform except for us two.
Stupid shit KRS people.
No one want to perform then when we perform not only u dun support us u complain that it's always us.
Why don't YOU get your ass out of the chair and go freaking perform?

And while we were changing, guess what?
The button on my shirt popped out lol.
Right in the middle of my breast punya button.
Sucks or what?
So we decided to wear the KRS tshirt.
And danced.
Forget a few steps HAHAHAHA.

It wasn't a fun one.
But it wasn't an unfun one either.
Your mum reads my blog.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bdays are always fun?

Most probably..
Celebrated Nadiah's 4th bday.
Was HOT.
The weather, I mean.
We ate, ate and ate.
Took lots and lotsa pictures too!
Bday gal and her cuz.
Bday gal and family.
Ginormous bday cake.
With edible everything except Barbie and the bridge.
Crazy detailing of edible flowers, butterflies and mickeys.
I know there are crazier bday cakes.
And I've ssen crazier ones.
But for a 4-year-old.

And obviously there'd be a tonne of kids at the bday party.
And as usual, Aunty Zureen would be their go-to-aunty.
Any of you who dunno, I'm Zureen.
Like, seriously.
Nurlynnie AzZUREENnie.
Ever notice that?

A jockey's son. Both mum and baby hates camera :P
Rayen. the frowning one.
Took this pict while his grannie is feeding him milk.
Balqis the hairless one.
Syazleen the tanned one.
Lynnie the cheeky one.
Stole the mask from the bday gal.
Fun day.
Exam soon.
Stupid shit.
No mood studying.
So decided not to study.

Ranger campfire will be updated soon.
Anyone have any picts of us dancing?

Your mum reads my blog.

Friday, May 7, 2010

19/A - Choral Speaking comp.

SOMEONE ask me to update.
And I finally succeded in overcoming my laziness to blog about this that happened ages ago.
As you all most probably know,
our oh-so-wonderful Choral Speaking Team won our kelompok comp.
And we get to represent it.
We beat St. George's and one of the Convent school men!
Who would've expected.
But we won fair and square.
Cause I think maybe St. George's were not that prepared.

Then it came to the 19/A competition at CLHS.
The competition started late(as usual).
And before comp, we camwhore lor!
With my camera.
Go is thinking of buying me an Olympus E-PL1.
Hope he would!
Ee Teng ( The oh-so-fab conductor ) and I.
He Yue ( The very lol one ) and I.
Her signature laugh? Ha-hah!
The form 4-ers.
Which could also be said as the backbone of the team.
Behind us are the form 2-ers and the form 1-ers.
Didn't get to take any very pretty group picts cause TC dun let. Hmpph!

And when the results came out,
guess what?
We got 1st runner-up.
We beat some convent school but lost to another convent school.
Which I will admit is real good.
The conductor slapped, like, 100 times.
Wonder how did they go?
Dengar kata the convent school who got 2nd runner up tak shiok with us.
Truth is, we're better.

Your mum reads my blog.
P.S. I think there are lots more picts but it's not with me.