Friday, June 25, 2010

21/J - Dear Rylees.

Can you believe it?
It's been a year.
I went to her statuette.
At 5.30 a.m. lol.
My heart was pounding.
We went there, cleaned its surroundings.

D : "You ready, Lynnie?"
Maybe. I don't know.
So we sat down.
And I randomly chose one of the letters and start reading.

Receiving all those letters made me realize something.
Rylee was loved.
By all of you.
She had always been complaining that no one seems to care for her.
But she never realize how many people did not want her to go.

And I was trembling when I got to my letter.
Which obviously was the last letter.
I was torn between reading it to her or keeping it for her.
Reading it to her means that I am acknowledging her death.
And you all know that I've always had doubts about it, right?

But in the end I took a deep breath, open up the letters and start reading.
And start crying.
D was like, it's okay, it's okay.
And I was like, it's not okay! It's freaking not okay!
Why is she doing this to me?
Why are you guys doing this to me?
But I did managed to finish reading my letter.
While trying to suck up my tears and snots lol.

Oh ya, it was raining.
So thanks D for holding up the umbrella while I was reading all those letters.
I was soaked by the time I finished.
And sneezing all over.
And I still had to go to school!

So we went to Rylee's house.
I changed and wore Rylee's shirt.
With the yellow school ribbon.
And they were like eh you form two isit?
Then I was like omg I didn't notice.
So D had to drive me back home to change haha.
I'm getting clumsier and more forgetful :(

Your mum reads my blog.
Sorry for the lack of updates!
Having a cold right now and need as much sleep as I can :P

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spell It Right! Part 1.

Wifey, Swee Yan, Joey and I entered this comp, erm, few week ago.
When isit? Can't remember.
Accompanied by teacher Jessica Leong.
Who came with her daughter.
Her daughter's so cute! And big too! :P

Everyone (except me) was late!!
Like, LATE.
And I was like, where are you where are you where are you?!!
Then when they arrived I was like phew!
"Great! You all arrived"
In my heart? *Goddamnit you guys gave me the worst heart attack in my life ARRRGGGHHH*\
I'm not gonna point fingers at anyone.
But it was really fmlish. LOL.

So after everyone gave their I.C. to teacher she went and register our team.
And guess what? We're the first group.
Why do all these things happen at once to crack a hole in my heart??!!!
001, 002, 003, 004.
I'm lucky 002.

So we were asking each other last minute spelling.
Wifey made us nervous by saying maneuver? manoeuvre? mannnuuuuvvvererererere?
Then the emcee came up and start cracking up jokes about how Penang ppl don't seem to be so excited.
I told you so!
Penang ppl so stiff lol.
PCGHS was the only girls screaming mwahahahaha.

Wave! Wave! The camera's on us!
Scream! Scream! AAAHHHH!!!!

Then the competition starts.
And we're still not sure about the maneuver spelling(uh-oh?)
Then it's Wifey's turn.

Morning Leena.
Your first word for today is wretch
The definition for wretch is **
The sentence is**
Spell wretch.
Wretch. W-R-E-T-C-H. Wretch.
I'm sorry but your spelling is incorrect. (WTF?)
The correct spelling is R-E-T-C-H.
So Wifey's gone.
And last year's primary state champion lost during the first round too! (sia sui or not?)

Then it's my turn.
Nurlynnie? Am I pronouncing your name corretly? *Yes*
So Nurlynnie, your word for the day is....
Garish.(erm garish? watisit?)
THe definition of garish is... bla bla bla.
(Omg what the heck is garish)
In a sentence, blablabla.
Please spell the word garish. (erm wtf?)
(whatever just give it a try)
Garish. G-A-R-I-S-H. Garish.
Congratulations! (omg yay phew jeez I hope the next round would be easier)

Then it's Joey's turn.
Joey can you step forward a lil bit please? *Like this? Okay.*
Joey, your word for the day is linear. (omg that's so unfair I got garish and she got linear)
Bla bla bla. Please spell the word linear.
Linear. L-I-N-E-A-R. Linear.

Then it's Swee Yan's turn.
Swee Yan, your word for today is senile.
*Psst Joey! I don't think she knows*
*I think she knows la*
*No seriously look at how she stands!*
*Oh ya hor. Cross our fingers*
Please spell the word senile.
Senile. S-Y-N-A-L. Senile.
(Omg she got it wrong!)
Unfortunately bla bla bla.

Second round begins(shit there's still a lot of people).
Nurlynnie, welcome to round 2!
Your word for this round is noxious. (Nauseous, easy lah!)
The definition of noxious is bla bla bla ( Eh nauseous punya definition like that one meh?)
In a sentence, bla bla bla (OMG I don't think the word he gave me is nauseous omgomgomg what should I do?)
Please spell the word noxious.
(omgomgomgomgomg! shit maybe this is right!)
Noxious. N-O-X-I-O-U-S. Noxious.
Congratulationsblablabla. ( DAMN another hard word for me)

Then it's Joey's turn.
Ms. Yeap, your word for today is furor. (wtf she got another easy word again so unfair!)
The definition of furor is blablabla. ( If she don't know this I'm gonna faint )
In a sentence, bla bla bla. ( Don't you DARE leave me alone, JOEY!)
Please spell the word furor.
Furor. F-U-R-O-R. Furor. (phew she got it right)

So third round comes rolling.
Welcome to round 3. For round 3 your words will be harder (wtf harder?)
Your word for round 3 is flaxen. (wth you say this is harder than noxious and friggin garish???!!!)
(damn why isit that they give me flaxen? isit like nauseous and noxious? TRICK QUESTION AGAIN??!!)
Please spell the word flaxen.
Flaxen. F-L-A-X-E-N. Flaxen.
Congratulations. (WTH YOU SAY THIS IS HARDER?)

Then Joey's turn.
Your word is actuary. (Finally she got something harder than me)
The definition is blablabla. (Jeez I hope she can spell it)
Please spell the word actuary.
Actuary. A-C-T-U-A-R-Y. Actuary.
Congratulations. (woohoo)

Then it's the forth round. (omg there's still tonnes of competitors)
Now, moving on to a higher grade of word(SERIOUSLY)
Your word is abstruse. (WHAT?! what is that word?)
The definition of abstruse is blablabla (Omgomgomg I got this far I don't wanna lose!)
When used in a sentence, ( OMFG! FML! I don't get it )
Please spell the word abstruse. (Cross my fingers)
Abstruse. A-B-S-T-R-U-S-E. Abstruse.
Congratulations. (Phew!)

I can't remember what's Joey's word.
And the vid's not clear.
But she got it wrong(boohoohoo :()

Moving on to the last round.
(Omg only me and her left)

Alright, your word for this round is querelous( wth? I don't get it)
*Mind filled with sad thoughts so much that I didn't listen to anything else*
Please spell the word querelous(sigh)
Querelous. Q-U-I-R-O-L-O-U-S. Querelous.
Jeez. Of course I got it wrong.

But thank god the other girl got the word wrong.
Dunno what word pun I was busy hoping she got it wrong(evil me)

So the next round comes rolling in.
Nurlynnie, your word for this round will be rubidium. (Yeah!)
The definition of rubidium is blablabla.
Blablabla please spell the word rubidium.
Rubidium. R-U-B-I-D-I-U-M. Rubidium.

*name*, your word is turpitude(damn she got an easy word too. Not another round. Jeez.)
But her nerves got into her and she spell the word wrong (poor her).

More at Part 2.

Your mum reads my blog.