Monday, July 5, 2010

27/ J - Sunrise Mackers

 Leena, Xin and I. Hui Ming where are you?

For the first time on my life (gasp!), I woke up at 7.30 a.m. on a SUNDAY cause of.....
The Newspaper In Education{N.I.E.} project.
We planned to go to Sunrise Mackers at 8am til 6pm.
And guess what? I had to wait ( as usual ) for Wifey, Hui Ming, and Yi Xin.
Well Xin can't be blamed cause she was with wifey(!!)
We mainly gossiped about so-and-so's boyfriend, crush, girlfriend ( as in so-and-so's a lesbian ), etc.
They say I know everything.
I thought I know nothing.
Had Mackers Pancakes for breakfast.
Wifey decided to be on diet.
Ming decided to drink coffee for breakfast.
The funniest thing was the more Ming drank the coffee, the sleepy she was.
Most prob cause the coffee was decaf. (URGH!)

 Yours truly, a.k.a. 'torso'.
While Xin and Ming were painting the front cover,
I was doing my comic.
Credits to wifey for this pict.

Wifey, a.k.a. hands after we were forced to go to the smoking area due to some kids' bday bash.
She looks like a rabbit. (Always is :P)

Xin, a.k.a. feet asking me to take a camhoe pict of her camhoe-ing.
In the background is my only pict(gasp!) of Ming a.k.a. brains.
Look at her smiling so sweetly. :P

At around 5, we're done!
That's our gender equality piece done by Ming.
The feature article was written by yours truly!
Everyone say very nice. *flattered*
There's another piece about global peace.
No picts though. ARGH! What was I doing with my camera?

Warning: Girls + camera? =pictures, pictures and more pictures!
Wifey as pro photographer : 1st attempt.
Not bad la. Haha.
I wanted to blow kiss but wifey was like, it's a kiddieland!
So I did a welcome pose.:P

 2nd attempt.
My 'omg I'm falling down the stairs' pose.
Bad bad 'pro photographer'.
I never noticed I have a double chin fml!

3rd attempt.
Me trying to act cool.
The kid's trying to steal my spotlight!

Xin, Wifey and I.
'Chin up, lad!'
My fat feet, Xin's long feet and Wifey's small feet.

Son's sleeping on mm's shoulder.
How sweet is that?!

I'm gonna end this post with a mad chio photo.
Shut your eyes if you can't stand the madness that I have!
Wifey : No! Lynnie grossssss!

Your mum reads my blog.
I'm so sorry but I can't seem to find my S-I-R part 2 picts. 
Gonna dig it out asap!