Monday, August 30, 2010

21/A - PCGHS Librarian Anniversary 2010

Me holding the souvenir.
Theme was black and white.

First dance : o.c. dance
Spot Tan Xing!

Hui Ming's solo.

Form 3 singing.

Form 2(?) singing.

My wifey's dance.
From left : Priscillia, Tahrina, Ee Thean and Leena a.k.a. wifey.

Vaining time!
Wifey and I while I was make-uping them.

In front of the library.

In front of their backdrop.

The dancers with me in the middle.

Wifey looks drunken.

I, Tan Xing and Leena

I, Priscillia.

Leena, Hui Ming and I.

The food : chicken chop.
Quite nice except for the mushy salad.

The anniversary's lychee cake.
Quite nice.

Last but not least:
Me eating the cake.
I look wrinkly here.

Your mum reads my blog.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

24/J - PCGHS KRS Training Camp 2010

Qiu Yuan and I.

We were the emcees.
Just a breeze.
Cause there's no response from the audience.
I never ever get why no on gives response.
Now I know what emcees feel when no one care about them.
Pictures then.

Me being a rabbit.
Chung Hwa High School's girls' dance.

Qiu Yuan and Venetia emceeing.

Chung Ling High School guys.

PCGHS girls.
+ A guy. Who was stuck to his gf.

Chung Hwa High School's guys.

Qiu Yuan and I.

Station Games time!
We were a stationer(my 1st time!!)
Planned our route and etc.
Keep taking buckets of water.
My hand *sobs*....
And noone appreciates it.

First person to be punished with..... LIPSTICK!

Qiu Yuan trying hard to colour his lips.

His friends betraying him haha.

He was actually ok with it haha.

So cute his laughter :P

He was also very ok.
They so open haha.

Poor him all coated with flour.

Our last victim.

Qiu Yuan getting into it.

Presenting our KRS NEXT TOP MODEL.....
Contestant number 1 from Chung Ling High School.

Contestant number 2 (the right one) from Chung Hwa High School

Contestant number 3, also from Chung Hwa High School.

Contestant number 4 from Chung Ling High School....

And the winner is....
Thanks for being so cooperative.
*kisses* :P

People pouring water into their buckets.

It was a bumpy ride down the slide.

Haha priceless expression.

After everything.
Everyone was tired and nasty haha.

The overall champion was................
Chung Ling High School!
Qiu Yuan, I, Elaine, Chung Ling KRS' representative, Jia Xuan.

To all our haters:
I know you're jealous of us so eff off!

Your mum reads my blog.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Penang from the top.

Went on a heli ride.
Finally we've got some clearance to go around penang.
Wanted to take loads of picts.
But the pilot was screaming at me for what-the-eff ruining his heli statics.
Erm duh if a heli's gonna crash because of me taking pictures,
maybe you should go get another one.
So because of the endless lecturing, I only took pictures of a small portion of Penang.
Which is near my school♥.

My face when I found out about the heli ride:
Haha. A siasui pict of me.

While waiting.
I'm testdriving this DSLR.
Still not mastering it lol.

Penang's kinda hazy that day.

Pilot : "LYNNIE! ELLIE why don't you ask your friend here to put her cam down?!"
L : "Lynnie put your cam down."
I : "Fine I'll put my cam down."
Haha. It was hilarious.
Both L and I thinks that the pilot's not acting sensibly.
Hypochondriac ppl.

The pilot was maneuvring real low so I took an opportunity. Snap!
It's at the field opposite Adventist.

Then the pilot made a huge turn around adventist.
I : "wtf? Where's my school?"
Pilot : "Back there. Ellie ask your friend to sit still."
L : "Lynnie sit still"
Laughs. Fml.

Your mum reads my blog.

15/A - Shazleen's Bday.

Top : G.E.B.

Shazleen's 13th bday.
At her house.
The bday gal.
And behind her is the crazy guy(literally).
The bday cake.
My darling go.
Mm and I.

Cake-cutting time!
"I'm gonna kill Barbie!"
Eeks I'm cutting it off!
Ack she's eating the Barbie!
Bday gal and frens.
Nonie and bang♥.
My obek.
Nadiah and bang Mizan.
Abang Zaidis and abang Azini.
Go and I.
Your love.

Bdays make me reminisce the past.
I wonder if anyone's gonna throw me a sweet 16?
Someone sponsor me!
Your mum reads my blog.