Thursday, September 23, 2010

If you're fat, I'm obese.

No this is not the typical oh-my-god-I'm-so-fat post.
I don't think I'm fat.
In fact, I have a wonderfully perfect BMI.
And fat ratio.
And except for that one smaller kidney, I'm happy to announce that I am wonderfully healthy *cross my fingers* after the surgery.

Erm back to the point.
It seems to me that people in our society is obsessed with being skinny.
There are tonnes of girls in my school that is WAY thinner than me, but they keep saying omg I'm fat!
And everytime I hear them say that, I'll say : so if you're fat, what am I? OBESE?

Most probably this problem is worse in my school cause we're an all-girls school and everyone compares everything with each other.
I mean, I know a lot of girls in my school that skip their meals just to get that perfect figure.
Why do they do this?
I mean, I wouldn't give up ice cream and chocolate for a perfect figure.

There's this girl in my school who is bullimic.
She literally would eat lunch with everyone at the canteen and throw up 10 minutes later.
I am not a great friend of hers.
But I caught her in the act a lot of time.
I mean, A LOT.
At first, I immediately think: dang she's pregnant!
Turns out she's not. (obviously)
She turned into this daylight walking skeleton.
I mean, her collar bone was digging out of her skin!
I keep feeling that I should have this 'intervention'.
But we're not in good terms so there was nothing I could do.
(except for sending anonymous letters to the counselling teacher)
But people eventually found out.
And she went to counselling and well, seems to be much much healthier.
No bones were portruding out of her.

I hate it when me and my friends go out.
And I would munch on stuff.
I mean, wth who skips dessert?
And they would be like, Lynnie shouldn't you cut down on your food?
And I go, WTH?! Jeez YOU all should eat more.
I mean, I do get that people are concerned about me.
But it seems like people would rather have me look like a skeleton than a curvaceous human.

I just think that people should love themselves more.
Just like me.

Your mum reads my blog.
My blog's moving out of its track, no?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Everyone's a racist.

Yes, that includes you.
Admit it.
How many times have you come across a blog in some other race's language and you automatically hit the 'x' button?

I do admit that I could be a little racist.
Especially when I associate a race to something someone do.
How many times have you said :
Aiyah Malays/Chinese/Indians/Indonesians/Westerners always acts like that.
Or something like that.

Everyone have that racist moment,
when you meet someone on the road that's driving real nasty and you said that Indians/Malays/Chinese sucks!
When you come across something and immediately think Malays/Indians/Chinese acts like that....

Actually all my life I've been facing really racist people.
Being a Malay studying in a Chinese school while speaking English is really hard to do.
I hear Malay people say I'm 'Orang Putih Celup' (basically means fake westerner wannabe)
Chinese says that I'm 'Na Ge Hei Ren' (that tanned girl)
People also say that I don't like my race, I'm embarrassed about my own race, etc. etc.

It's kinda pathetic.
And I always just let it be.
It's actually a great thing for me cause since I faced racism when I was in kindergarten, I'm technically immune to it.
But of course there's that corner in my heart where I hope people wouldn't judge me for what race I am.

This guy asked me for my handphone number once.
And I gave him my e-mail add instead.
And then recently I had 'Raya-ing' as my PM,
and he blocked me!!!!
I mean, seriously?
One of his close friend (which is also my close friend) told me he did so because I'm a Malay.
See how racist people can be?

I was chosen as a debator for my school's English debate team.
And this girl, who obviously was seeing green, said that the teacher chose me because I'm a Malay.
How frustrating is that?
Lots of similar events happened.
When I was chosen to go to an international conference,
when I was chosen to represent my class for BM debate and Sejarah Blog comp....
I mean, they even say that teachers like me more because of a Malay.

I thought in this 21st century, people would be more open.
But no.
People are getting nastier.
A lot of my schoolmates goes on and on about how a Malay/Indian acts.
One even went to the extent of asking me whether any Chinese would want to date me since I'm a Malay.
Hate her to the brink of extinction.

I know you must be saying how I shouldn't say that everyone in this world is a racist just cause I had a few bad experiences.
But think about it.
Deep down in your heart I'm sure there's a spot where racism exists.
Chinese this, Malay that, Indians this, Japanese that, Sarawakian this, Indonesians that.
Admit it, people!
We're all racists.

Your mum reads my blog.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

8/S - Gurney P.

This time it's with Leena and Yi Xin. As you all know, Penang is small and well, there's only 2 major malls we could go.
GP and QB.
QB is a lil bit unfun, hence, my gazillion times going to GP.

Met up with Leena and Yi Xin.
Went to Chopper Board.
Yes I'm not fasting.
At Chopper Board.

Wifey and Yi Xin.

Yi Xin and I.

Wifey and I.

Kissey kissey.

Then we headed to GSC.
Actually wanted to see Going The Distance or Piranha.
But both 18+ so we decided to see Grown Ups.
Funny max!
Us at the Ladies.
I look like I'm wearing earrings, no?

Maxi bought from KL.

Then, (like always) we bought ice cream from Mackers.
Never get sick of Mackers' ice cream!
Vaining failed lol.

Ice cream, anyone?

Wifey thinks my pose is too hilarious.

"Lynnie, are you eating the ice cream or kissing it?"

I love winking but could never master it.

And cuz no one is kind enough to want to help us take a group picture,
self-timer it is!
My chicken wing hands.

I guess we're just not good with self-timers.

Yi Xin and half of me.

Yi Xin's siasui pict.

Wifey looks like she's doing something unholy.

Trying to be curvaceous hahahahhahaha.

They look so lesbian-ish.

Then we proceeded to none other than fitting room.
Girls being vain.
Hate us? click here.
No it's not spam.

It looks edited, right?

♥ this pict.

Leaning tower of heads.

Trying to be high class.
Obviously failed.

Wifey is avoiding me :(

Lovey-dovey us.


We look more like mother-daughter than father-son.

Wifey and son.

Erm seems like none of us looking at camera.

Look at where my son's staring at.

Sexy-back. Yeah!

I kill you!

Itch on my shoulder.

Four Lynnies.
Can you handle the HEAT?

I've been had!

Guess what?
I saw Mei Thung again!
So you yuan men!
I mean three times I go out three times I see her.
Overall the trip was fun.
Though there was not much for us to talk about.
I wonder why?
Everyone was staring at us though.
Kinda awkward.

I'll end this post with.....

I'm gonna eat you!

Your mum reads my blog.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

6/S - Gurney P. with Syaza.

GP's basement.

Went to GP to watch Step Up 3 with Syaza and her cuz, Nana.
Not a bad movie.
The storyline was a bore.
But the moves, hell yeah!
Unfortunately GP's GSC was so outdated they can't have 3D.

Nana and Syaza.

Peace everybody.

The two unfasting girls were hungry so off to Leomag we go!

It was tempting me.
Lynnie, Lynnie, break your faasstttt~~~~

Both of them were embarassed(!!) to eat at public.
So we headed out.
Look at her.
And my stomach was grumbling all over.

Camwhore while they were munching away.

Syaza acting pretty.

Syaza acting cute.

Nana being camera shy.

Nana and I.
I never look good looking up.

Syaza got hold of my cam and she keep snapping away!


Spot the ring, peeps?


Syaza: alah one more je....
Me: ok-lah one last pict.

I'm going crazy!
Syaza : ok-lah aunty tak fun. :(

Headed to Sushi King for buka puasa.
Syaza and Nana.

Trying hard not to smile.

MM came.
We buka puasa.
And we left.
Before I leave......
A smiley face for all of you.

Your mum reads my blog.