Friday, October 29, 2010

My Sweet Sixteen!

Had it by the beach.
My first ever party, people!
Like, seriously ever since I was in standard 3 I was hoping for one.
It was a bbq-themed party.
Invited ALL my friends, but only a few turned out. *sobs*
But, still, it was FUN!
Let's let the pictures do the talking, no?

QY came over to help out with stuffs.

 I look so awkward lol.
With Son, Yong Chin, Ee Jin and Li Ling.

With Jo-Yee, Jo-Wynn(?), and Jason.

With da fam : QY aka. daughter, Leena aka wifey, and YX aka son.

 A group pict.
I look curvaceous :P

With Hao Hak, He Yue, and Viv.

So once everyone arrived, we played games!
First, dig-a-hole!
They all did real well, actually.
Despite the fact that the waves came in and crashed their hole LOL!

Then, we played fill the cup!

They were wet lol.

All cause of these guys.

Then, it's food eating time!!!
Other than the BBQ stuffs, we had roti jala, fried vermicelli and chicken curry.
Very malayana, right?

Tahrina, son, wifey, He Yue, Viv and Hao Hak savoring their food.

And of course if it's a by-the-beach party,
the bday girl will have a free jet ski ride., right? Betcha never been on a jet ski ride.

Looking kinda dumb.

Waiting for the jet ski.

 And off! we go.....

And here I am descending the jet ski stupid-shittishly.

The ex-6B-ians. (or what's left of it)

I love this pict of it.
But wifey cam-foed it.
With her I'm-eating-watermelon-but-I-look-drunk look.
Definitely her siasui pict.

They look so lesbian-ish.

A serious group pict.
(wtf Hao Hak looks like our bouncer or something like that)

Crazy group pict.
Everyone acts so steady.
Except for me and my crooked head.


Individual jump shots.....

Then, it's prize-giving time.

Now, it's my family's turn of pictures.
She looks shocked in this pict LOL.
But still pretty ☺

The marinator.
With his abs *whistles*.

Go with his friend.
And Kak Nonie cam-foeing.
Haha Go looks dumb.

MM Mok.
The vermicelli cook. ^^

Abg Aziny.
The barbeque-er.
If anything was uncook, blame him :P

Kak Nonie.

Obek Maat and Inab.

Abg Zaidis with Balqis.

Abg Mizan with Nadiah.

Abg Sandy.

Kak Jaan with Rayen.

The cake arrived.
It was nicer than what I expected lol.

 It's two-tiered.
The bottom tier was leopard-striped (the fierce side of me)
And the top tier was bubbly me (the bubbly side of me)
Big thanks to mm for sponsoring the cake.

 Trying hard to light the candles.

The downside to having a big '16' on your cake is.....
The '6' topples over!!!
It was kinda disastrous cause I was so scared that the 6 will fall on the candle and it will burn and poof!
There goes my freaking pretty cake.
But of course it didn't happen lol.

So the cake is all lighted up.
And it's time to make a wish.
♥ this pict awfully.
I wished for one thing.
(Well ok I admit it maybe more)

I love this picture too.

"Where's the knife?"
"Right in front of you!!"
Haha so blur.

See how the '6' is toppling over?

The '6' was worse here.
Lol cut cut.

I like mm's face here.

Kak Nonie and mm.

Kak Nonie and Kak Ayu with Norish.
Ahhhh she's so cute.

With da girls.
Wifey looks drunken.

A friendship wish.

I'm so happy I could SCREAM!!

Da family again.
With my 16 and QY holding the 6 LOL.

I look like a cancer patient lol.
Brings back old memories.....

Haha being crazy.

Yes she was buried.

Of course they have to feed the father.

Balqis and I.

That's it for the day.
OMG what a day.
And what a post.
It's so long.
Hope ALL of you ♥ it.

Your mum reads my blog.
And yes, she wished me happy birthday.