Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cross my fingers ^^

I support kim wei wei!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Have you ever had a day......

Have you ever had a day when everything just feels wrong?
When life feels meaningless?
When all you do is cry and weep?
When your sadness suddenly overwhelms you?

When you're tired of smiling to make people's life happier?

When even blogging about it don't make it better?

When thinking about love only makes your heart weep more?

When you can't even write your feelings in your diary because your hands are trembling so hard?

When roses no longer make your heart leap with glee?

When chocolate makes you reminisce and relive the memories you had in your head?

When cupcakes makes you feel like vomiting?

When folding stars make you realize how lonely you are?

When you want to scream as loud as you can yet you just can't do it?

I'm having that kind of day now.....
 I have no idea why I'm feeling all this.
For the first time since her death, I miss Rylee so much.
I wish she's here.
Joking with me about how I'm so emotional sometime and so happy at other times.
Teasing me about how everyone call me the smiling girl cause no one ever see me cry.
I miss her.
What should I do?

All I want to do is cry.
But my tears are dried out and all I feel is a deep hole in my heart.
Your mum reads my blog.
Sorry for being so emotional.

*Disclaimer : None of those pictures up there are mine*

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beaches = Bitches II

I totally forgot about this part II post.
The jump shots, like I promised.

Wifey and I.

Very ♥ey dovey, no?

Us three.

I have always wanted to take footsteps lol.
The heaviest 1 is mine haha.

We comped running.
And of course I was like OMG I CAN'T BREATHE.
So I stopped to take a pict of their beehinds haha.

Captionless pictures:

It was a fun dayyyyy...
JY's gonna come back from Aussie soon!!
Another reunion, I suppose.
Hope it's not potluck :P

OMG I look like a cancer patient here LOL.
Reminds me of the old days....
Wait I should stop sighing since I survived!

Your mum reads my blog.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My new blogskin!!!

My previous template was an eyesore with it's bright colours and stuff....
So I decided to create a new blogskin!!!
Searched the IT for some information...
And found something useful about editing the template HTML, etc.
But just couldn't find the right size.
 What should I do????

THEN I found out that we could've just change the background with the new blogger Design things.
After hours of figuring things out, this is what I came out with.
I know the size is not perfect.
But I have a tonne of things of different sizes and YET I still can't figure the size out.
So can anyone tell me what my background size should be to make it pretty as a pea?
Even though actually I'm quite proud of what I made so far^^
 My proud face.

Your mum reads my blog.
DO leave some comments on how I can make my background fit into my template ^^
Btw, I'm using  Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0.
And I'm still an amateur so no harsh comments LOL.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I inherited 14 Million Dollars!

Ok I know this picture is BIG.
Like, really BIG so please click on it to see it ^^
I inherited 14 000 000 US DOLLARS!
Or 14 258 000 to be exact!

You know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna call Mr. Berrister Jay Mchenry and tell him that OF COURSE I agree to receive the 14 million USD.
I mean, who's so dumb that they're gonna deny a chance to receive money, right?

So I called him.
And guess what?
He said that the lady who wanted to give me the money, Mrs. Mellisa Lewis, had not paid the full amount of state tax, and if I want to receive the money, I would have to pay $16000.
Which is, like, RM 50K.
So I tell him I would think about it....
Thinking about it..........
I decided to ask for some advice.
My mm, my bros and my friends all tell me not to...
I wonder why?
They must have been VERY jealous.

50K IS a lot of money.
It's all that I have in my bank account.
BUT~If I pay the 50K, then I'd inherit 55 million Ringgit Malaysia!
I mean, OMG!
I'm gonna be instantly rich.

The next day I bank the money into the account that Mr. Mchenry gave me.
And I called Mr. Mchenry to make sure he received it.
All these calls are making me waste my credit :(
Mr. Mchenry said he will check his bank account and ask me to wait for his good news.

So I waited.
And waited.
And waited.
And I called him.
Again and again and again.
And no one answered!
So guess what I did?
I made a press conference.
Telling everyone in this world how I regret being so foolish and losing all my money for my wedding preparations to someone that didn't exist.
And everyone pities me and try to help out.
*Do ignore my ugly face*
Are people really stupid enough to do that?
Wait that's a stupid question to ask.
OF COURSE people are stupid enough.
If they aren't, we won't be seeing all those silly news about them, won't we?
It really annoys me when I see people crying about how their money was scammed to the brink of extinction.

Like, seriously?
Who's fault is it anyways?
I do think that it's the VICTIM'S fault.
I mean, seriously!!!
Are you dumb enough to believe that some random people will give you 14mil (in USD!!!) through an EMAIL?!
Like, wtf?

When I received that email, I thought 'wtf do they think people will believe in that?'
And then the next day I flipped through the newspaper and guess what?
There was an article about a stupid lady being 'robbed' off her money.
16K somemore!!!

Gosh these articles are an eyesore.
Seriously, people?
Money don't just come in an email, k?
You have to freaking work hard to get it.

And seriously, if I had all the money in the world I'd rather donate it to some charity then sending an email to some random people.
So, wise up people!
And be a grown-up!

Oh before I go...
I kinda miss my old hair.
These bangs are killing me LOL.
Your mum reads my blog.
To the people being scammed:
Your mum told you so, suckas!