Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gossips and secrets...

When girls get together in their PJs...
They gossip, laugh and share secrets LOL!
Oh ya oh ya they camhoe too!
Yeah so basically this post is full of us doing crazy stuffs...
IF you don't like girls camhoeing, kindly visit this.

Haha wth YX looks blur QY acting cute and I'm looking sharp!

Gossip #1 : Someone has a bf!!! Wth not gossip lah everyone know d LOL.

Ignore my overly excited face....

 Haha ♥ this pict

Gossip #2 that made me and YX GASP! : Someone kissed someone xoxo :P

Haha we were planning to watch this ghost movie on my TV but changed plans cause we can't stand two ghost movies in a day.

Gossip #3 : Someone's first kiss was stolen (guess who? :P)

Dunno where QY was staring at...

Ignore my chicken wing arm haha.

YX looking sleepy, QY looking cute, me looking overlyexcited.

This was so spontaneous.
I accidentally set the timer to 3sec and I was like AH SO QUICK
YX was like HUH?
And QY was like HAHAHAHA.

Gosh we were so sleepy.

Spontaneous pict LOL.
Someone said something funny and we burst out laughing.

Ya I know I don't usually edit my picts but since QY and YX thought it was a fun thing I thought why not LOL.
Ohohoh 1 more gossip....
Someone's still single...

Your mum reads my blog.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Gurney Plaza, AGAIN?!

Was planning to visit the various museums in Penang,
but unfortunately, it was RAINING *sobs*.
So we headed down to GP.

Had lunch at Nando's...
Qiu Yuan and Yi Xin.

 Go♥ who was kind enough to wake up at 8AM just to drive us around~

Watched the movie "My Soul To Take"
 Ticket-seller girl : This movie is above 18.
Me : Yeap.
T-s girl : Yeah it's above 18.
Me : Uh-huh.
T-s girl : So this is for people above 18.
Me : erm..... (WTH) yeah I know.
T-s girl : Okay above 18.
Three of us : wtf?!

Headed down to Leomag's for their scrumptious waffles.

After about 15 mins of waiting.....
Left : Belgian Chocolate with a bite mark :P
Middle : Kaya
Right : Honey

She looks like a hammie LOL.
Looking excited...

Last but not least...
I know wth so excited eating waffles.
Ohohoh btw yeah I know my blog's turning to a camhoe blog wth.
But wth.

Merry X'mas everyone.
Your mum reads my blog.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fruits and water....

After the trip to Taman Rimba, we headed to Tropical Fruit Farm and Teluk Bahang Dam!!

Tropical Fruit Farm..........
I know I look kinda stupid-ish here.
We paid RM20+ to go up Tropical Fruit Farm and have a taste of the fruits.
Unfortunately it was raining HEAVILY so we didn't have the chance to tour the whole farm.
But we still had FUN!

The lotus leaves at the waiting station.
It's not that obvious but the rain was POURING!
Like, people were wearing raincoats and everything.
But we were too kiam siap to buy a raincoat so we were.... cold LOL.

After the van driver drove us up DANGEROUSLY at 120km/h right beside the valley,
we safely(thank god) arrived at the fruit buffet place.
Let's see....
There was Starfruit, Red and yellow watermelon, passion fruit, Nangka, Egg fruit, Nona, honeydew, some weird banana and some other fruits I can't name it all LOL cause I don't even know their names.

Erm Nona, Nangka, Papaya, watermelon and.... MANGO(my fav)!

Passion fruit, pink guava, starfruit and longan.

What's left of the passion fruit.....
It actually grossed me out *do disgusting facial expressions*

Can you believe this is my first time eating Longan?
I didn't even know Mata Kucing was made out of it....

 The guide uncle told me that they call it mata kucing cause it looks like cat's eye.
I actually don't see the similarity I thought it looked more like an ovum LOL!

Qiu Yuan

Yi Xin and her passion fruit LOL!

Me and my pink guava.
The pink guava is basically guava but pink in color.
It has a less dense guava taste than the normal guava.

Our complimentary juices.
Left is Qiu Yuan's pink guava + honeydew juice.
Nicer than the normal guava juice.
The one in the middle is mine, pineapple and Cherimello(?) juice.
I asked the juice maker what is the fruit and he answered @&$#*#mello.
So I asked the guide and he said Cheri@^$@$*.
So I assumed it was Cherimello LOL.
The right 1 is Yi Xin's papaya and (?) juice.
LOL don't quite remember but it had a strong papaya-ish taste.

Haha failed autotimer.

Teluk Bahang Dam....
Passed through it lots of times but never stopped and walked across it before....
Qiu Yuan with Yi Xin.

Qiu Yuan and I.

Yi Xin and I.

It was raining hence the bigass umbrella lol.
The fog was "consuming" the mountain so we ran back to the car LOL.

Your mum reads my blog.
Stay tuned for the sleepover!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bikinis, Hot Babes and Bare Legs...

YX, Angela and I at Taman Rimba Pulau Pinang.
Not quite the sexah girls, no?
If you expected naked girls or anything else, click here.

Us welcoming you to Taman Rimba.
Left: when we arrived, right: when we're leaving.
Haha my overly excited face.

All group shots thanks to Go.
I look busty *winks*.
 This shack was WRECKED!
The gov. should do more to maintain places like this, no?
Uncaptionable pictures (us being weird silly)

All thanks to Go.

Uncaptionable pictures ( Scenes & Strangers ):

Last but not least,
Your mum reads my blog.
Stay tuned for the continuation of our Penang trip!