Sunday, April 24, 2011

I gained 4.4 pounds!

During my trip to Langkawi.
All because of seafood, seafood and more seafood!
Oh ya and also buffaloe meat!
So today I'm gonna blog about what I ate!
The chicken rice was nice.
But expensive and not worth the wait!
We waited for, like, 1 hour!
For 6 plates of chicken rice!
And it costed RM70+
Totally ripping off those ang-moh. (And unsuspecting ppl like us wth)

Seafood tomyam and fried Kailan from a Chinese Seafood Restaurant!
Didn't get any other picts cause mm's fren was there and kinda awkward so LOL!
But the seafood was YUMMY! And the price (dunno) LOL!
Squid and some kinda beef with rice.
The squid was rubber-ish (not fresh!)
The service was okay nia (unlimited drinks but self-service :D)
The price : slightly high for a roadside food stall.

And last but not least....
Buffalo meat! At the buffalo farm.
Very nice. Very refreshing pepper-ish sauce and very milky mash potato.
The meat is slightly untender (or liat as Malaysians say it).
But that's how buffalo meat's supposed to taste like, so.... :)
But the meat smells like lamb meat.
Can't beat horse meat LOL!

Did I make any of you hungry?
Hope I did :P

Your mum reads my blog.

Friday, April 15, 2011

White sands? Black sands? SANDS?!


This is what a chalet looks like LOL!
Two single, with a window-seat-bed ♥!!

And with a great kehutanan view!
I wished our chalet were by the sea.
But then they were renovating so... :)

The beach there was FUN!
Pantai Pasir Puteh a.k.a. White Sand Beach.
Walking through the white + hot sun to get to the beach.

Mm and I.

Laughing very hard cause mm scared of water LOL

Wish you were here :)

Next up...
Pantai Pasir Hitam - Black Sand Beach.
Big contrast LOL

The slightly black-ish slightly yellowish sand.
Bauksite? Fire? Or something else?

Mm and I.
I love the beaches there!
So clean even tho the sand's all black.

I was dead tired.
Like, seriously.
I still am now LOL.

Your mum reads my blog.
Oh btw no there's not gonna be a bikini shot of me til much much later *winks*

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cherish it. That special moment. Every moment.

Heard the song 'What Are Words' by Chris Medina.
The lyrics touched that special spot in my heart.
Brought tears in my eyes.

It made me wonder.
Do we cherish every moment we have with someone special?
Or do we take it for granted?

When a special person were to leave this world tomorrow,
will you be reliving every moment that you had together?
Or will you be regretting not being able to spend more time together?

Are we too engrossed in our own stuff that we do not realize what's around us?
Are we not being selfish when the reason for our ignorance is being busy?
Or is being busy a way of life?

And when you stand somewhere, all alone, are you going to remember all the special moments you had there?
Or are you going to wonder, why this place seems to mean a lot, but you can't recollect what it means?

And when you close your eyes, will you be able to imagine every emotion your loved ones had?
Or will you only roughly remember his/her features?

As Chris Medina sang it,
"What are words when you really don't mean them when you say them?"
If you promised someone to be by his/her side forever, do just that.
If you promised someone that you'll love him/her forever, love her more than you do now.
You'll never know when that person's gonna leave you.
And that person do, you'll wish that you loved them, cherished them, and gave them everything they had.

Your mum reads my blog.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Of celebs, airports and chalets

Spot that guy! LOL It's Shahrukh Khan!
At the Langkawi airport.
Which was (surprisingly) empty.
More on that later.

My family and I went to Langkawi a while back.
Spot your house!
I spotted mine :)
Motion sickness OMG! Thank god I had the window seat so not that bad.
After 20mins+, we finally arrived (yay!)

First thing we do, rent a car.
The car rental guy(who was real friendly) told us that Shahrukh Khan is landing in another 15 mins!!
We were so excited (wth the only celebrities I ever saw were JM!!, and some local stars)
SO we decided to wait.
Camhoe a bit while waiting.

Suddenly... I SPOT HIM!!!!
I was like 'Can I take pict ah go?'
Go : 'Go larh you dumbass'

He was so.... reserved?
There was no paparazzi, reporters or whatsoever.
Security was minimal, and there was only 1 police car waiting outside the airport.
Later I found out after reading the news that everyone was pissed because he's so secretive.
And oh ya oh ya did you heard the fan who spent dunnohowmuch to get his pict?
Woots I got it for free lah!

So after I got over the starstruck-ism (and after we followed him with our rented car to his hotel :P),
we went to OUR hotel. Berjaya Langkawi Resort.
5-star hotel, babeh!
The lobby.

After checking in, we rode the shuttle bus to our rooms.

And I'm out of webspace(again!).
Pardon me while I go and figure this whole thing out.
Your mum reads my blog.
And though my blog's dying, it's still holding on!