Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A belated bday post.

Erm yeah I'm aware of my weird swollen nose.
I don't know whether it's obvious to your eyes but it's obvious!
I knocked my nose on the side of the door and this is what it became!
So that's my explanation for why my nose is that swollen so don't ask me why my face looks disproportionate!!!

Celebrated mm's bday on the 31st of January.
At Vintage Bulgaria.
After me forcing him to smile he gave me this wth.

Happy 35-year-old bday mama! LOL!

Mm and I.

Food time! (cause who wants to stare at my swollen nose, right?)

Blue Caracao (fave after Esprit and coffee)

Mushroom soup with a lil bit of cream! Tasty!

The fluffiest bread I've ever eaten in a restaurant!

Go's dish.
I find the spinach a lil bit salty but it goes well with the mashed potato and cobbed corn!

Mm's fish.
The fish was still juicy inside but don't quite like the sauce (though it's very nice).

My dish.
The best of all three.
Very special, right?
Very nice too!
Can't quite describe it cause it's too nice LOL.

And here comes the best part of the dinner....
Creme Brulee!
Seriously, it's the best I've ever had.
The one I had it's chocolate but it's also available in vanilla.
RM7.50 (roughly) for one but it's worth it!
It's even better than a Haagen.

The sugar layer was well caramelized and warmish.
The chocolate layer below was satisfyingly cold (not frozen) and creamy and chocolatey and just....plain...pleasure!

Lol at me and my nose!

Your mum reads my blog.
Happy (blated) bday ma!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Mates = Friends = Companions!

Qiu Yuan, Xin Yi, Vern May and I.
Lol they were busy eating.

I like this pict though it's very dark and lesbian-ish wth :P
Leena strangling me for molesting her.
Yi Xin, Leena, (omg wth mind blank on her name), Tahrina, Jia Huey and I.

Photo phailed!

Ee Teng and I.

LOL not a mate but still :D
Teacher Teresa Chai - our band teacher

Last but not least....
Kinda happy for no reason.

Your mum reads my blog.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Clogged pores = pimples, people!

Clogged pores are caused by dirt so we have to clean it away always!
But sometimes you may not be cleaning your face so well that pimples are popping out of NOWHERE~
So what you need to do is : tone, tone, and tone!
Toner not only removes impurities that you most probably didn't wash off after cleansing, it maintains your face's pH and helps prevent blackheads AND whiteheads! Great, huh?

Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner and Nanowhite Refining Treatment Toner.
I still haven't find a perfect toner hence the different brands.
Used to use the toner from Garnier (green bottle) but it didn't work that well cause it claims to be hydrating but it was drying my skin out!
And I totally hate dry skin :D

The Neutrogena one is great for people with sensitive and oily skin cause it's alcohol-free!
But I do sometimes find it kind of drying. (Though it says that it won't strip skin's natural moisturizers)
But it's really great at removing dirt and impurities.

The Nanowhite one is great whenever I feel like my skin isn't that dirty (in the morns)
It claims that it works to open up pores for skin for treatment after that but I don't usually tone before applying masks so don't know about that :P
I think this is great for dry and normal skin typed people.

I don't apply toner with my bare hands cause it feels like it's defeating the purpose cause your hands may be dirty.
So I use half a cotton pad.
Some people recommend using cotton balls but I find cotton balls absorb lots of product which = wastage!
But don't over-tone your face!
Just a few drops will do!
Like, seriously.
Over-toning will cause you to have opened pores.
Which for no reason no one likes so..... :)

Your mum reads my blog.
Wth right so random I'm suddenly a beauty guru.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A taste of Japan.

The oh-so-pretty(:P just jk) president of KBJ 2011

My writing.
I know, I know it's like some random 5-year-old's writing.
But hey, I'm still a 5-year-old what :D

Me demonstrating how to wear a Yukata.

The array of yukata our club have.

One of my Yukata bearing girls.

OMG I look so curvaceous!
With wifey.
Yumi and I.
Yes she's Japanese and ya I know wth right LOL.
My trusty vice-president :D

My vice-treasurer, F2 wakil and secretary.

LOL my Yukata was torn at the back (still haven't sewn it up)
But ♥ it cause the prints make me look taller and thinner :P

Last but not least....
No idea why but I like this picture cause I look like I'm being authoritative while holding some black money in my hands (yeah I know wth)

Your mum reads my blog.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Cause no one's ever fully perfect. *winks*
L decided to turn me into her training doll.
And I took some picts cause QY if you're reading this imagine having this make-up when we're competition-ing!
Don't know if it's obvious but there're glitters on my lashes!
Ignore my blood-shot eyes cause I'm actually a lil bit sensitive with make-up(which explains why I never make up LOL)

Left eye(your view) is had silver shadow on it so it LOOKS bigger!
But right eye had more glitz :D

Not a great training doll cause my eyes were watering and running over everything.
If you really looked you can see red rims around my eyes!
It also explains the lack of products on my eyes cause L was so frustrated she couldn't finish it (wth sorry babes!)

My yukata bearing pose.
And don't mind that hole.
Coming up on the next post!

Your mum reads my blog.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Are you who you are?

"We're friends. But I don't trust him."
Are you a friend?
Are you an acquaintance?
Or are you just a passer-by, an element of life?

Do you want to hold on to our friendship?
Do you want to leave?
Or do you want us to stay where we are, in our own cocoons?

They say that your closest friends are usually your enemies.
Is it true?
Are you my enemy?
My foe in life?
Someone I ought to fight, even though I refuse to?
Or are you that shining sun?
The ray that's making my life a tad better?

Did I mistook this friendship?
Or did you misunderstood what friends meant?
Am I the ignorant one?
Or are you the selfish one?

In my life,
Are you the one to walk in when others walk out?
Or are you the one that will lead others to walk out with you?
Are you the one that is there for me even though you'd rather be somewhere else?
Or are you the one that's never there when I need you to?

There is a question that I've asked myself a thousand times.

Is this the end?
Of our friendship?
Or is it the start?
Of our fight?

Bio exam in 20 mins!
Brain juice almost finish d LOL.
And write this kind of stuff in between stuff somemore.
In the wc nonetheless.
No lah just joking.
Your mum reads my blog.

Monday, May 23, 2011

When the stars ain't shining....

Fold one!
At L's house.
Crazily gossiping while folding stars.

Guess what?
I found this pict LOL!
Taken two years ago LOL!

Still exam-ing.
Three weeks d...
SO sien.
Still not planning to study (wth LOL)

Your mum reads my blog.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!

Gonna do something for a change and talk about our face today :)
First thing first, I don't have a flawless face. (God bless those who do)
Second, seriously, what suits me does not necessarily suits you.

First of all, you need to identify what type of skin you have.
Oily, dry, normal, T-zoned, sensitive, or blemished?
Then, you should shop for the cleanser that suits YOUR face the most.
What's good on your friends might not be good on you.

Oily skin works well with gel cleansers;
Dry skin works well with creamy, moisturizing cleansers;
Normal skin works well with almost every cleanser (LOL);
Sensitive skin works well with foaming cleansers;
Blemished skin works well with oil-free cleansers;
T-zoned skin is quite complicated and I recommend using two cleansers for the two section of your face.

These are my daily cleansers:

Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser; Nano White Clarifying Cleansing Milk, Nutox Oxyfusion Wrinkle Away Cleanser.

Why THREE types of cleanser?
Because the Neutrogena one is real good in deep cleansing but sometimes it could be too drying so I only use it after school when my face is oily.
The Nano White one is moisturizing but has no deep cleansing values at all so I use it in the mornings.
The Nutox Oxyfusion one is great when my skin feels clean but unclean (can't really describe the feeling) so I use it whenever I don't sweat in school.

I do think that using different types of cleansers for different occasion works for me, and I don't waste that much money cause my bros use this too. Yes you heard me right, they use my cleansers LOL.
But it really comes down to how your skin feels with a particular cleanser.
If it's the right one ( not drying, but cleanse really well ), then congratz cause you just found the perfect cleanser for your face.
But if it's never the right one, you just have to keep drying.
And yes, soap bars for face is NOT drying at all so you should try it :)

I'm still experimenting with moisturizing cleansers, wrinkle-free cleansers, gel cleansers, deep cleansing cleansers so if you guys have any suggestions, do tell me (as you can see, both my Neutrogena one and my Nutox one is almost squeezed dry).

Your mum reads my blog.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Of coffee, Mackers, and hot guys.

At KL.
Gloria Jean's.
Can anyone buy, like, 360154 cups of Very Vanilla, deep freeze it then drive to Penang and give it to me?

Exam season is on!
And yet my study mode is off LOL.
Thursday, past midnight...
C : Eh Lynnie you sleep d or studying?
Me : Neither sleeping nor studying.
C : Wanna go Macks?
Me : Sure,sure.
Spicy Chicken McDeluxe is the way to go!
The best of the best of Mackers' burger.

Planned to study with him but then ended up gossiping and stuffs.
He is impressed by the fact that I don't study.
Seems like everyone is.
Duh not that I don't study then get good results ah.
I don't study and my results like shit so okay what.

Okay so I finished the coffee and Mackers part.
Now for the hot guy...
Yi Xin's request LOL.
Did you know how hard it was to get a pict of him?
Since you ask for it, here is how C looks like.
It's a pity he didn't came to my bday party :(

Your mum reads my blog.