Thursday, June 30, 2011


It's the last day of June!
There goes half a year.
And I still have 29312838 things from my resolution that I haven't do.
But I fulfilled a lot of stuff too.
So quite happy with my progress.....

Guess what?
There's no more band practice and yet I'm still busy.
Didn't even went to see the doct today!
Oh well. Not that serious ( I hope ) anyways.

Your mum reads my blog.
Wah still got 178 pictures to filter and resize wor....
And that's just for the Sports' Day!
There's almost 350 pictures for comp!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

:'( :'( :'(

It's ironic how I've been missing someone since he left two years ago and now when he's back the first thing we did is scream at each other.

"What kind of guy would I be if I were to leave when you need me most?"
A selfish one.

Your mum reads my blog.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Doing things out of frustration?

I can't seem to do things right these days.
I stutter.
I trip.
I'm not concentrating.

So maybe you should avoid me, no?

Your mum reads my blog.

Monday, June 27, 2011

PCGHS School Band 2011

Presenting.... PCGHS School Band!
Everyone look so happy lolz.

And kinda crazily excited.
I'm sorry if anyone's cutted off this pict ( I am! :( ) cause this is the original pict and I guess whoever it is that took this pict kinda lao beh pfft

Most of you may not know that I'm a part of my school's band.
No I don't play any instruments but I'm a part of the band's colour guard.
Which explains why I'm now awfully (but sexily :P) tanned.
Today I'm gonna introduce the oh-so-crazy and talented girls from my school's band.
These are our 'big four' (or so they call them).
Ee Teng, Rachel, Lee Xiang and Kai Jo.
They are uber fantastic and great leaders.
This is a sia sui pict of Rachel.
LOL she's gonna kill me if she sees this but eh she looks pretty being siasui. :P
Next is the sections.
And some individuals.
Sorry guys but we never ever have a proper introduction so I never know your names!
And I oso dunno which section you guys are in so really awfully sorry!
So sorry (x6546656) if I dunno your names!




Colour Guards!
I know their names!
LOL. From left: Yi Xin, Yun Ming, Vern, Joelle, I, Qiu Yuan, ET, Amanda.

Yay we look so pretty (albeit a lil bit over-tanned).
And yes no need for you to tell me I'm the tannest.
But got someone say I'm sexy leh (flattered). :p

This is a very epic pict of form-fivers cause we were all looking at this percussion girl that insisted on not taking picts LOL she's so cute.

And we all tried to convince her to take at least one pict but we epicly phailed!
I think there's some personal reasons on why she didn't wanna take a pict so I felt kinda awkward when they were forcing her to take pictures.
So all I managed to get was the picture of the top of her head.
But these four picts are epic cause there's lots of emotions from everyone including the girl who they were begging to raise her head and take a pict.

Oh well I actually thought she was crying or something like that kinda felt sad for her cause she was put in this awkward position.
The feeling must've been like me not eating pork and people disrespect me and ask me to eat pork (okay now that I wrote that totally felt like there's no connection to it but lol wth I'm sure she felt that way)
Last but not least....
Camhoe picts!
ARGH ♥ this pict of us we look so happy and the girls behind look like they're thinking "Shit they're so effing hiao" LOL
Qiu Yuan and I.
Joelle and I.
Yun Ming and I.
Oh wait look at that there's someone having a fight behind me. Epic!
Vern and I.
Ee Teng and I.
Vern ah Vern why aren't you blowing a kiss you save for your hubby isit?
That's basically the members that forms PCGHS school band.
My heart's kinda saddened by the fact that I no longer will have any practices with them since they're gonna have indoor practices only.
"This could be the end of everything, so why don't we go talk about it, somewhere only we know?"
It's great that at the last moments we were able to bond with each other and have some conversation together.
And for those of you who never know, my name's Lynnie!
And yes, I'm a Malay so don't go and gossip about me behind my back!
Your mum reads my blog.
Btw, this pictures aren't edited at all, just auto-fixed and resized them.
Resizing made it a lil bit blur.
So if any of you want the original version of your pict, do smail me at or
Or you could just save the picts straight from my blog.
And no I don't have Facebook so don't ask me to upload these picts on FB.
And yes the Sports' Day's picts are gonna be uploaded soon but gimme some time to filter, resize, and auto-fix 417 pictures, kay?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

We tried our best....

And yet we didn't get it.
That made me think : Did we really try our best?
The ride back to school was filled with tears and sobs and eery silence.
I'll miss the practices, I'll miss the sun, I'll miss the morning jogs, I'll miss all the time we spend together as a group.
Most of all, I'll miss the fact that yesterday, for the first time since I entered CG, I felt that we were (finally) a part of the school band.

Your mum reads my blog.
Btw, ET, if you're reading this, your stuff are in the auditorium.

Friday, June 24, 2011


I need someone to talk to.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

When things don't go your way...

You really can't do anything to change it.

What happened to us?
One's dead.
One's dying.
One's missing.
One quit.
One's running away from everything.
I am one of those people.

He once told me "You can give up on everyone else around you but don't give up on yourself."
I feel that the grasp that I have on my own self is loosening up.
Still trying hard to get a grip on it.

Your mum reads my blog.
No worries, (I think) I'm strong enough to hold on.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm still emo-ing.

So bear with me, guys.

When I'm crying, who'd be there to lend me a shoulder?

When I'm sad, who'd be there to comfort me?

When I'm devastated, who'd share the devastation with me?

When I'm full of problems, who can I share those problems with?

When I'm screaming, who'd scream with me?

When I'm emo-ing, who'd emo with me?

When I'm heartbroken, who'd mend my heart?

Who is with me now when I need them the most?

I do these things to people every day.

I lend my shoulder, I comfort people, I share someone's devastation, I listen to someone's problems, I scream with them, I cry with them, I mend their heart, I make them smile....

And in the process, I lost a shoulder to lean on, I no longer feel comforted, I'm always devastated, I can't find an ear that listens, I can't find someone that screams with me, I'm always crying alone, my heart is breaking and chipping off, my smile is fading.

Can anyone help me find my smile back?



Your mum reads my blog.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When your heart's aching...

Who'd be there to comfort you?
My mind's really frantic today.
Even while we were waving our flags my mind was wandering away.
So many things happened in one day that I couldn't handle it.
Yesterday could've easily been one of the most heart-wrenching day of my life.

It's kinda ironic that sometimes there're things that you feel like telling your friends but then you're not able to tell them.
Everyone in CG was, like, what's wrong with you today?
And I'm like, I dunno what's wrong with me.
My mind was so frantic that I didn't do as well as I expected during practice session.

But it would've been bad for me to let my personal feelings overcome myself and cause CG a great load of trouble and embarrassment.
So I took a deep breath and push all the troubles into that corner (that's really full it's bursting) in my heart.
And I did well. (I think)
A lil bit of small mistakes but nothing unfixable.

There's something bothering me after raptai though...
Are the band girls racist?
Trying not to jump into conclusions but....

I look so tanned in this pict.
Actually I AM this tanned LOL.
Someone said that my tan makes me look hot.
As in the I-don't-give-a-damn kinda hot girl. :P

Racist or not, I hope the girls in my band realize that CG IS a part of band and there's no point in segregating us.
PCGHS Band, Add Oil!
Three more days to go!
Your mum reads my blog.

Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm sad.

Who knew that one line could potentially ruin my life?

"Lynnie, it's back."

What am I supposed to do now?


Your mum reads my blog.



Friday, June 17, 2011

Losing someone.

It hurts when someone you love leaves you.
No matter how long it's been, the pain will always be there.
They say time heals all wounds.
But I personally don't think it's true.
Maybe time makes it not hurt that much.
But it'll still hurt whenever you think about that someone.

It'll hurt whenever you think about the words that that someone said.
It'll hurt whenever you walk pass a place that you and that someone shared special memories.
It'll hurt whenever someone else speaks about that someone.
It'll hurt whenever you see someone that looks like that someone.
It'll hurt all the time.
You'll never stop hurting.

But as time goes by, you'll find that it doesn't hurt that much anymore.
The words that that someone said will be music to your ears.
The places that both of you went will be a sweet memory.
The praises someone else have for that someone will make you proud.
The face that seems so similar will make you laugh at your silliness.

So don't do those stupid things when it first hurts.
Just don't.
Because though you'll never stop hurting, there will be a day in your life where you'll feel something.
Where you can let go.
And that even though it'll hurt, you'll look back and know that that someone will always be there with you.
Until that day, keep going on with life.

Your mum reads my blog.
I'm falling in love with you.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lessons I learnt in a day.

I learnt a lot of things today.

I learnt that people, no matter how great they are, have a selfish side in them.

I learnt that no matter what it is you do, do your best, and push yourself further.

I learnt that people may not appreciate what you are doing for them.

I learnt that someone always drags another person into trouble.

I learnt that there's a point where your body can't stand the heat, the stress and the anxiety and this may cause you to have a blackout but you still have to push yourself to overcome your limits.

I learnt that pushing yourself to overcome these limits may be a little bit too much.

I learnt that there's no harm done in crying.

I learnt that the people who cares the most are the ones that will shed a tear with you.

I learnt that sometimes people are so ignorant and there's nothing we can do about it.

I learnt that people should let everything out.

I learnt that I should provide a shoulder for someone to lean on to.

I learnt that these days I kinda lost the shoulder I'm leaning on to.

I learnt that it's rare for someone to trust you so when they do, don't betray their trust.

I learnt that people always have different interpretations on stuffs.

I learnt that there's more to life.

I learnt that my life's getting shorter.

I learnt that there are some things that you can't tell people.

I learnt that there should be that someone that you can tell everything.

I learnt that it's best that I keep the news I received to myself.

I learnt that sometimes things may seem great, but it's not great at all.

I learnt that having a tan don't quite matter to me anymore.

I learnt that it's great that my mm supports me in everything I do.

I learnt that I'm getting tired and exhausted.

I learnt that everyone in band is getting tired and exhausted.

I learnt that we all have to push through and make ourselves proud.

Tired eyes.
Wet hair.
Having an epiphany.

ET, you know that you have us CGs behind your back.
You did your best and we know it.
And no matter what people say about you, know that we appreciate the fact that you were willing to spend time coaching us and pushing us to do our best.
But if someone beh shiok about that, then do whatever it is that you think is right and we won't mind.
Hold on. Stay strong.

Your mum reads my blog.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm falling in love.

With myself.
I am very tired these days.
And very busy.
And I don't have much to share.
But I read this somewhere.
Though there's only two lines in it, I find it very meaningful:

I woke up today.
And I find myself falling in love with you.

Have you ever wake up and realize that you're in love with someone? (I haven't, but someday I will :P)
What did you feel then that made you realize?
Were there fireworks and butterflies?
Or did you felt like calling that someone to tell him/her you like him/her?

Your mum reads my blog.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When you see someone you like....

What will you feel?
What will you say?
What will you do?

Will you be happy?
Will you be nervous?
Will you be excited?
Or will you be nauseous?

Will you say 'Hi'?
Will you stutter?
Will you not be able to stop talking?
Or will you be speechless?

Will you smile?
Will you act cool?
Will you do weird hand gestures?
Or will you cross your arms and ignore that someone?

Just curious.
How did you tell that special someone you liked them?

Btw, thanks for all the emails I received.
Really appreciate them.

Your mum reads my blog.
Half-asleep? Or half-awake?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dry skin = Wrinkles!

And you sure don't want them at such a young age.
So... what you need to do is moisturize!
A moisturiser not only mosturizes your face, it helps in decreasing the appearance of wrinkle and protecting your skin.
Plus, moisturizing before applying makeup is very important so that the makeup will stay on longer.

What I use:
Nanowhite Omega Day Shield SPF 50
Nutox Oxyfusion Moisture Emulsion SPF25
Sabai-arom moisturizing gel.

First, the nanowhite one.
It's a moisturiser-cum-sunblock.
I find it kind of drying on my skin.
It also runs easily and don't provide long-lasting coverage.
I think this will be great on people with oily skin.

Second, the Nutox one.
I'm currently using this one quite a bit.
It's great in moisturizing though the texture is a lil bit runny and milky.
It has BNest Collagen in it (something that's common in most Nutox product)
It's not oily and not drying; and it's easy to apply.

Third, the Sabai-arom one.
OMG I ♥ this.
MM bought it at Pattaya for me.
And this is a GREAT moisturizer!
It really really moisturizes and it smells nice! (jasmine-ish)
Plus after I started using it my face was less oily throughout the day.
The only downside is that it comes in a jar.
And I finished it!
Is anyone going to Thailand? Can you buy this for me?

*I don't rely on moisturizers for sunblocking but that's gonna be on another post :D*

Someone asked me how to use the Nanowhite clarifying cleansing milk.
I understand why people will ask cause it's actually kinda un-soap-ish.
What I do is wet my hands (not face), put a pea-sized drop on my middle finger, and cleanse my face dry.
But I read somewhere that it's better if you were to use a cotton pad, apply the product (+some water) on it and rub it around your face.
This will ensure better cleansing.

Your mum reads my blog.
I've been all beauty-ish these few days, haven't I?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Homemade Facial Scrub.

I've been busy with band practices lately, and my skin is suffering from all the sun.
So what's better in scrubbing away dead skin then a facial cum body scrub?
So I decided to make a Sugar Tea Scrub!
Sounds nice, no?

What you need....
I'm using Dilmah's Jasmine Tea but any tea will do.
I love jasmine tea cause it smells nice AND it's not that pricey too!

White sugar works great but brown sugar is better at exfoliating!

And also any kind of oil.
I used olive oil cause I'm out of baby oil but olive oil makes the mixture smell weird so :D

Now.... It's Scrub making time!
Brew the tea in boiling water.
Just 1/3 of a cup will do cause you want a thick tea.
Leave it to cool a lil bit.

While waiting...
Prepare 2 spoonfuls of sugar in a bowl.

When the tea is brewed and cooled....
Add a spoonful of tea into the sugar mixture.

Add another spoonful of sugar.
This depends on you.
If you're using the scrub on your face and don't want it to be too harsh, you can skip this part.
But if you're planning to use it on your legs (which I was), you can add sugar to make the scrub thicker.
It all depends on your personal preferences.

Add a few drops of oil after that.
This is to make the scrub not that drying on your skin.
Mix it well.

The consistency of the scrub I did.
Gooey, kinda honey-ish.

Now what you need to do is wash the part you're scrubbing with warm water (to open up pores).
Then scrub for the first time.
Wait for 5 mins for the scrub to dry, then add another layer of scrub and scrub again!
This ensures that the dead skin are really scrubbed off!

This scrub could be kept in a tupperware (I use empty paint bottles) and refrigerated for future uses.
It will make a nice gift too!
Oh and not only does it scrub away dead skin, it helps in fading scars and moisturizing your skin too!

Have a nice time scrubbing!
Your mum reads my blog.
I should've posted a before-after pict, no?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

CNY Eve.

Granny, Mm, Bang and I.
Lol I know. I know. Very belated. But hey, :D

My hair was kinda off that day.
Plus my nose was still swollen.
So LOL the only decent pict of me.

His hair is waaayyyy shorter now.

Wth forced smile (always 1)

Looking pretty in her 30s (LOL!)

My fav food...
Yeah I know right wth crab cakes.
The food wasn't that tasty :(

But I ♥ the minestrone.

And it's full with veges like tomato, potato, and a whole lot of toes!

Out of 20+ desserts, the left one was the nicest!
The right one sucked cause I'm no fruit cake fan.
But the brownie was yowza-ish!

Granny and I.
LOL she don't like taking picts.

Funny moment of the day...
A black Cai Shen (God of Prosperity)
LOL so racist-ish lah them wth cannot hire a chinese to act as cai shen meh?
But still have to take a pict with him cause I take a pict with cai shen every year.
And this is my first malay cai shen LOL.

Your mum reads my blog.