Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When friends go crazy together.

{Automated post #2. At Ipoh now!!! (Or I may be on the way there :D)}

YX, Leena and I.

Quite some time ago, my friends and I got together to do our NIE project.
Headed to Leena's house after band practice.
When I reached there, instead of doing our NIE, we end up gossiping and camwhoring LOL.
But I ♥ moments like this.
Now that everyone's gonna be busy studying for trials and SPM, it's gonna be a while until we get together again.
Despite our lack of attention towards the project, it was shortlisted! :D
But don't think we'll win lah one day punya effort.

Not much to say, actually...
Just pictures to show.
This is what happens when you give three bored girls a Mac.
ARGH I want another outing!!!
If you guys wanna study we can do a study outing :P
Though we all know the last thing we'll do is study haha.

In love with this pict.
Cause it looks like I'm peeking into my future.
And that there's hope emitting from my face.
Well these pictures were taken before my emoness started so LOL I was radiating happiness haha.
Oh well.
Your mum reads my blog.
OMG my cuzzies are so cute!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Presents? Hmmm....

{This is an automated post. Why? It's Raya. 'nuf said.}

Few days ago someone asked me what I want for my bday...
And I said it's the thought that counts.
"If you understand me enough, you'd know what I want :)"

Then I remembered.
I NEVER talked about what I received for my sweet sixteen!
Or did I? *Browse through history....*
That's almost a year ago!
These are what I received for my bday.

Thanks everyone!

Mm and I. Like sisters nia ^^

Ripping-wrappers-off time!

Oh oh oh this a gift from my Granny LOL she gave it to me days before my party and me and my bro finished half of it on that same day :P

Bedsheet by Kak Yati.

CK wristlet by Kak Jaan and family.

TD bear by (recalling) Yong Chin, Li Ling, Ee Jin, Yue Wan, Hong Ning,.....
Got few more but I kinda forget sorry ya guys!!

This is also by them.
LOL it's a piggybank cum lamp.

Toilet bowl (what's this for anyways?) by He Yue.

Ferrero Rocher by Tahrina.

Perfume by Kak Yati's sister.

Handmade card by Jo-yee!

Shirt by Kak Nonie.

Shirt by Kak Jaan's friend.

I'm not too sure about this but I THINK it's from Vivian (?)

Necklace from wifey. Double hearts :P

Necklace from Hao Hak. The letter 'L'.

Other than that, I received a leather jacket from bang, a photo album from Go's friend, some ang paus, a great birthday gift from mm (which is my bday party YAY), a phone accessory from Ee Teng, a shower gel (lurved it!) by Selina, a flower by *coughs**coughs*, and some other things....
It seriously was a fun experience though I'm not gonna have another party soon!
Cause rare moments like this are what makes a party special.
I THINK my next bday party will be when I get married. My bridal shower haha.
I wonder how many of my friends will still be my friends at that time?
Oh well...

Oh oh oh oh.
Maybe I'd like to get....
A box of sheet masks cause errr since you like staring at my face so much at school you should give me something to make my face soft and smooth :P

A Montagne Jeunesse mask will be cool too! An assortment of it will be even better :P

Or maybe a lip balm cause I know you noticed me applying lip balm at class *winks*
How I know? Cause I heard you say my lip balm smells nice HAHAHAHAHA.

Or maybe a lovely Coach bag cause you always think that materials count. (I don't!!)

I'm so excited!
It's one month 13/14/15 days to my bday (okay I didn't do the math so lol guess nia)
Not having any plans. Just staying at home.
Cause nothing else matters more than a sincere wish from the heart.
Oh btw, Happy Bday, you know who!
LYLAS, and meet you at school!

I'm most probably stuffing myself with food/collecting green packets/playing with my nieces/just LOL-ing right now.
Selamat Hari Raya!
And if I hurt anyone's feelings/made anyone mad, I apologize from the bottom of my heart.
And Ellie, I promise this : no more tears, no more trying to make these lives intersect. :)

Your mum reads my blog.
I may regret asking this cause you always misinterpret the things I say but : Are we still friends?

Just a 12AM thought.

 It's past 12AM. Anyone still awake?

"Sometimes the people we are waiting for are waiting for us as well.
Heroes can't save the day until they have someone who needs saving."
I personally think that in life, almost everything relies on circumstances.
When a special moment pass by us, it's our decision on whether or not we want to grab it or to let it pass.
Some people are scared to take chances, thus losing a special moment.
Some people took too many risks that they no longer have a moment they'd be able to call 'special'.
These special moments should be cherished, and when let pass, mourned upon.

"It takes a strong person to say sorry, and an even stronger person to forgive."
I can't help but agree with this.
It is the hardest thing to do especially if that someone who's apologizing hurt your heart and soul.
Some people never forgive : the pain, the hurt accumulates in their body and there will be a day where they can no longer accept it and when that day comes, they'd blame everyone for the pain that they're feeling, not realizing that maybe the problem is not with everyone, it's with themselves.
I try to forgive. Things that I don't think I'd be able to forgive, I'd forget.
I don't see the point on holding on to a grudge, killing yourself slowly just cause you can't let go of the pain.

"That crying girl may look silly, but she's the brave one."
Crying. The thing that, unfortunately, I love to do.
Though I do think it's normal for us to cry.
When my friend said she didn't trust me, I cried.
When I find this world very unfair, I cried.
When things don't go my way, I cried.
But crying don't necessarily means I'm a weakling.
It just means that I have enough courage to express my feelings.

Trust me, I look even more horrendous when I cry :D.

"If you're alone, I'll be your shadow.
If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder.
If you want a hug, I'll be your pillow.
If you need to be happy, I'll be your smile.
But anytime you need a friend, I'll just be me."
This quote struck me when I first read it.
It isn't a heavy, irrational, complicated quote.
It is light, understandable and simple.
Yet, the depth of its meaning is, well... deep.
My band teacher, who is someone I really really respect, once told me that being a friend is the hardest thing to do.
At that time, I didn't get what she was saying.
But as time goes by, I realized what she meant.
Sometimes we try so hard to be a friend, we lose account on what a true friend is.

I am tired, sleepy, worn out and sore all over.
It's Raya!
Where's the fireworks??!!!
Your mum reads my blog.
Nurlynnie Azzureenie Abdullah, keep up the good work!

Monday, August 29, 2011

KRS Anniversary 2011

 With QY.
It was held two weeks ago at Little Cottage 2.

When we went there (we were late cause there was band AGM lol) it was packed!
Full to the brim!



We didn't even have a seat (at the VIP section :( ) 
So we went and sat with this form four girl who was kinda cute LOL.
By the time we went there, everyone headed on to their main dishes so we took the soup while waiting for the crowd to clear up.


We had nothing better to do so we camhoed while eating haha.

The food. Sausage, corn balls, spring rolls, friend vermicelli, fried rice, money balls...


Oh I wasn't fasting that day cause it was my *coughs* time of the month *coughs*

Naim (our KRS tcher) was giving a speech.

Then it was prize-giving time.

Blurrer LOL!

My prize and I. It was a photo frame!

QY with her prize.

Then we had MORE prizes!
QY and her... clothespin!!!  (wth LOL)

Me and my essence thingy. I know it looks like I'm eating it but I'm not!!

Jia Xuan (our pengerusi she's so great!!) and us.

Half (maybe a quarter) of the form-fivers.

A clearer pict.



Us again.

Your mum reads my blog.
The last day of fasting!
And guess what?
I lost 4kg!
Mwahahaha though I'm sure I'll gain it all back tomorrow with all the rendang and ketupat and nasi impit and nasi minyak and ayams and udangs and daging lembus and daging kambings and daging kudas!!!
But still.....
An earlified Selamat Hari Raya to the Muslims reading, and a happy holidays to all you non-Muslims!
Ohohohoh I'm so eager to meet my cute lil cuzzies and my granddaughter and my babies!!!
:D So happy!!!