Monday, October 31, 2011

2011 Sushi King Card Bonanza!!

Guess what? The Sushi King Card Bonanza is back :D
From 31 Oct til 2 Nov 2011, Penangites will be able to enjoy all the Kaiten Sushi at all Penang Sushi King outlets for RM2!
So to all you Sushi King lovers like me, do go and have brunch/lunch/tea/dinner/supper there!!
Cause it's definitely worth it.

Went there with you-know-who today XD
My bangs are long, thick and annoying me.
But I still look pretty, no? :P

We had the green tea, which is free and refillable!
Totally worth it cause their drinks aren't that nice and very expensive!!

Loads of Sushis went round and round the belt.
The chefs were much much more efficient than usual, and produce sushis faster than ever.
But I do advice you guys to not go during peak hours as I (think) it'll be crowded like hell?

So... Here are some of the sushis I ate.
The tsubukko sushi.
My fave of all the sushis.
I HAVE to have this every time I eat sushi.
No matter where I am.

Don't confuse this with the ikura sushi.
Tsubukko is small, small crunchy eggs; while ikura tastes NASTY!!

The Kappa Maki.
This is actually not that worth it cause the normal price IS RM2 haha.
If you want to make your trip worthwhile, you should aim for the pink/red plates.
The purple coloured plates are the most expensive, but usually it's not for Kaiten, so...
But I do love the Kappa cause of the contrast between the crunchiness of cucumbers and softness of the sushi rice.

Ebi Ten.
My fave, and the only purple Kaiten.
I ♥♥♥ prawns tenpuras!!
But I do find the tenpuras that is on the sushis are usually soggy and cold :(

Chuka Iidako.
Also my ♥.
I usually eat a plate of the sotong.
But since they don't have it on their Kaiten and I was lazy + the waiters were busy...
I had to settle with this.
It tastes the same LOL but I still prefer the sotong on its own.

The chefs were working harddd...

Oh oh oh.
Temakis are not included in the bonanza.
But there was one temaki that I can't not eat!
So I had to order it.
Waited, waited, waited....
And suddenly...
I see the chef handing a plate of temaki to the waiter!!!
And I was like it's mine it's mine.
He terus gave it to me haha. XD

It is the soft shell crab temaki!
It's nice!
The fact that I'm able to devour the whole crab give me this sense of shiok-ness haha.
I know I'm evil but wth right?

And it's RM5 nia!!
Definitely much much more worth it then the ebi ten!
If you not that kiam siap and willing to spend 3 bucks more, do take this :)

I usually order bentos and misos and garlic rice when I go to Sushi Kin, but this time I didn't.
Cause not worth it haha.
But on normal days, if you were to feast on sushis alone, you're not gonna get full + it's a waste of money.
So indulge in your favorite sushis in these three days!! :)

Oh ya the terms and conditions for the bonanza:
  • For dine in only.
  • One card member may only bring a maximum of 5 people.
  • Your dining time is limited to 1 hour only.
  • The RM2 promotion excludes Tsumami(appetizers), Temaki(Cal rolls) and normal-priced plates(no idea what :P)
  • Seat reversations are not permitted.
  • Incomplete parties will not be seated, so make sure everyone's there before you go in!
  • No vouchers are accepted.
  • And oh ya!!! REMEMBER to bring your Sushi Kin card!!

Last but not least....
Me with my mouth full with sushi.
It's always nice to go out on a date with that special someone LOL :)
Had a great time! :D
Oh and I (think) I'm one of the first few bloggers to blog about this haha.
Efficient leh, me?

Your mum reads my blog.
Me being rebellious means hell to everyone around me *winks*

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review : Organic Aid Cleansing Foam.

Whenever I'm not cleansing my face with oats, I use the Organic Aid Cleansing Foam as my cleanser.
It is non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic, which means that it won't contribute to the production of black and whiteheads, and you're (not) supposed to break out from it.
This cleanser contains Vitamin E, which they claim to be from wheatgerm oil.
Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant for protection against the harmful effects of UV rays from the skin.

This cleanser is moisturizing
I mean, you know when you cleanse your face with some cleansers that'll make your skin feel 'stretched'? Those cleansers are too drying for you.
At the back, it claims that it is nourishing and gentle to your skin, and it leaves your skin clean, silky soft and fresh after each wash.
Oh and this cleanser foams up really great, so you really only need a small amount of it every time you cleanse.

Overall, this is a great product, with a great price.
Oh oh oh! It is never tested on animals and it's biodegradable (hmmm I thought I learned in Chem class that all detergents aren't biodegradable??)
It smells great - not the fake kind of scented smell, but a sweet, aromatic kinda smell.
I bought it at Guardian with the moisturizer (they were having a discount so I don't quite know the price).
But they are available in two sizes, the 2oz ones (RM14+) and the 4oz ones (RM21+).
Oh ya it's made in the US of the A!
But I heard this product was discontinued at the States so :O I hope they won't discontinue it here!!

I would definitely repurchase it (and I did cause Guardian was having another discount where the set included the cleanser, scrub, moisturizer and a towel - more on those some other day)

*I bought this on my own, so not being biased :) Plus, do remember that this is based on my skin, which is a combination type, so if you do decide to purchase it buy the small sized one first to avoid disappointment.

Your mum reads my blog.
When crap becomes krapu cause everyone was wasted :D

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yogurt greatness.

Yogurt is a main ingredient of my skincare regime.
I ♥♥♥ natural masks, and yogurt is a great ingredient for your skin!
Yogurt has unique antibacterial properties(which makes it a great cleanser).
It also contains lactic acid, a key ingredient that will soothe irritation, clarifies pores and softens the skin.
Plus, it has live, active cultures that treats acnes and eczema.

When buying yogurt, choose ones that contain live cultures (oh wait I think all yogurt does :P)
Some people thinks that organic yogurt is better, but I personally think organic is shit so :D

Daily Yogurt Mask
One tablespoon of yogurt is enough to cover your face.
Apply it with a brush daily on cleansed skin, let it dry, rinse it away and voila!
Clean skin is all yours.

The reason why I ask you guys to use a brush to apply it is so that you can have an even layer.
Using your fingers will make your mask end up looking blotchy like mine.
But either way is fine as long as the yogurt ends up on your face instead of your mouth LOL.

Oat And Yogurt Mask
Mix two tablespoon of yogurt with equal amount of oats, and you'll have your oat-yogurt mask.
Oat contains lactic acid, which helps heal blemishes and repair damaged skin.
It also is hypoallergenic, which means it'll help in alleviating rashes, allergic reactions, sunburns and other skin damages.
Plus, it is a GREAT exfoliant and it helps your skin retain its moisture!
Apply this mask weekly onto dry skin, wait til it dries and wash it up.
Ignore my hair + face + pajamas.
I just wanted to let you know that the consistency of this face mask should be thick enough that it won't drip all over you (unlike the previous yogurt only mask)

You can also create a yogurt-honey mask, yogurt-carrot mask, yogurt-lemon juice mask, yogurt-banana mask, yogurt-aloe mask, yogurt-cucumber mask....
All ingredients are used equally except for the lemon juice where it's amount is half of the yogurt.
For bananas and cucumbers, you may want to mash it up with a fork first.
Oh ya. I don't think there's a need to let the yogurt be at room temperature cause I like the coolness of the yogurt on my skin.
But some people say the 'things' in the yogurt acts better at room temperature so... you choose :)

I've been having breakouts these few days and thankfully, the yogurt has helped make all those bleaurghish things go away.
Do ignore my hair cause I'm too lazy to A) blow it dry, B) cut it, C) straighten it at the ends.

Your mum reads my blog.
I have no idea why but all this while I thought yogurt is spelled 'yoghurt'.
I know, wth right? :D

Hey babes.

Anon, anon, anon.
I ♥ you so so much for defending me (and yourself).
But stop it.
You have a bleeding friend to cure.
So don't go and fight with someone you have always hate.
Cause seriously, you are better than that.
Plus, you make me look like I have biatches as friends :D

Oh oh oh.
In case any of you wonder how I got this minor, nothing to bitch about cut (anon knows how :P)
It was from Campbell's Chicken Soup can!
My beloved chicken soup...
Haha just joking *winks*

Your mum reads my blog.
Sushi next monday ah?
If you belanja me can ah :D

Friday, October 28, 2011

I liked those moments when...

I am busy sewing and all of you're busy trying to get my attention so that I'd talk to you guys.

And when I do this silly face you guys'd say wrinkles will form and make me laugh.
And that most of you think me using my saliva to wet the thread is something cute (!!)

Then, when some of you see me holding a needle in one hand and scissors in another, you guys'd stop talking so that I'd concentrate on whatever I'm doing.
And that when I talked to all of you and poked my hand, all of you'd go 'wth Lynnie' and sign out.

Most of all, I like the moment when you guys put a smile on my face.
When my IM box never stops blinking.
When my smails are always full.
So thanks, friends, for being such great friends.

Your mum reads my blog.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

22/O - Life in PCGHS : It ends tonight.

I think everyone in my school was excited about our grad night.
It was the last night of our secondary life, and most probably the last day of fun for us f5-ers.
Sweat were dripped, food eaten, drinks drunk, tears shed.

So... Let's let the picts do the talking, no?
Us S5C girls stayed at school after grad ceremony.
We're so united haha.
The preparation...
Look at the bunch drying their hairs at a corner.

Wei Hong being made up by Cheng Mann.

My hair was done by Xin Yun - our official hairstylist of the day.

Shi Ying was doing our makeup.
Oh look at Swee Yan at a corner feeling diabaikan haha.

Funny moment : Shi Ying drew my eyeliner on, and said open your eyes.
And I haha-ishly opened.
And the eyeliner smeared :(

So Woei Jai had to come rescue me XD

Captionless. Cause you and I know what happens next, right? *winks*

So once our faces are done, we rushed to the hall.
Camhoe time!!
Yi Xin and I.
(XW photobomb my lots of my picts!!)

Our finished makeup look.

Zi-yu and I. Walau eh who took this pict why so near!!!

Yi Xin and I.

Cheng Mann and I.
Thanks gal for menyatukan our class and thinking of such a great item!!

Us with Mr. Lau. :D

Our whole class... Missing some peeps.
Oh I have no idea why everyone's showing a 'C' and I'm pointing a peace sign.

Us five 'ballerinas'. Woohoo everyone so pretty XD

Leena and I.

TC and I.

Ms. Fook and I.

We had the malay food table.
The food was... meh(?)
Dunno how to say lah.
If it's on it's own then okay but then compared to the other tables.
Wat the buck!!!!
They have like sharks fin soup and this and that!!

Leena and I.

Hui Ming, Ferng Ying and I.

Qiu Yuan and I.

Look at the crowd!

Then we performed...
No picts of our performance!!
Can't even steal from FB haha.
Then... Camhoe again!!!
Swee Yan, Amanda, Cheng Mann and I.

Jia Xuan and I.

Swee Yan, Amanda and I.

Amanda, TC and I.

Pn. Hafeesha and I.

Leena and I.
This is after our tearful goodbyes haha.
So my makeup = meh.

Weee... Class polaroid.

Yi Xin and I.

Last but not least.....
Another crazy picture of me!
It was a crazily hectic day, but it was the funnest.
Thanks Mei Thung, Yi Xin and Leena for taking lots and lots of random pictures! (Yes I'm being sarcastic :P)

Your mum reads my blog.
Seriously, FB = mehness yang tak terhingga.