Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An eggy mask.

Great skin is important (to girls, anyways) and there's a mask that I vouch for that'll make your skin soft, smooth, glowing and moisturized.
And it costs less than RM1!
Excited to know what mask it is????

It's an egg mask!!!
Eggs are great not only when we ingest it, but when we apply it on our face too!
Egg whites tightens skin, removes dead skin cells, draws oil from pores, removes whitehead and helps to heal and nourish the skin.
Egg yolks removes dead skin cell, moisturizes skin, thus making it soft, supple and smooth.

First, separate the whites from the yolk.
This egg mask is divided to two parts : the egg white mask, which will give skin a healthy glow and the egg yolk mask, which will moisturize skin.
You can use it both at once too but I prefer it this way XD

First, the egg white mask.
Beat the egg whites till it froths.

Collect the froth (we're putting in on our face) and keep the remaining whites in the fridge.

Apply an even layer of egg white (either with your hand or with a foundation brush) on your face and neck.
I know some people don't 'mask' their neck but I think the neck is important too, so... :)

You'll know when the mask is dry.
Your smiling abilities will be restricted.
And the egg whites should be dry when you touch it.

Can you see how the whites are creasing my skin?
♥ the tight feeling!
Rinse off the mask once it dries up.
DON'T wait more than a minute after the mask dries up cause your face will go all red-ish after that. (no idea why but I learnt it from experience :P)

After rinsing, dry your face, and it's time for the egg yolk mask!
No need to beat the egg yolks for this, just apply it onto your skin.
But sometimes I love to beat it a lil just to loosen it up (but stop beating before it froths up!!)

When the egg yolk dries up, you'll look like an old lady when you smile LOL.
I guess this's how I'll look like 50, 60 years to come XD
Rinse the mask off and voila!
Great, healthy skin is in your hands.

With proper skincare, great skin should be on your fingertips (wait did I use this expression right?:P)
Use this mask once a week and exfoliate twice a week if you have oily skin and once if you have normal/dry skin.
Oh and do have a skin patch test first cause I heard some people have bad reactions towards eggs.
And I was told organic eggs are the best but hey, I'm poor... so XD

Oh and if you're wondering what you can do with the leftovers, you can either:
A) cook it
B) refrigerate it (it can last for up to 3 days) and use it on someone else
C) use it as a hair mask (that post's coming up soon!)

Your mum reads my blog.
Gimme something sexy! XD

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


No use protesting stuffs.
Life ain't fair sometimes.
You just have to live with it.

Your mum reads my blog.
Give me everything you have :)

Monday, November 28, 2011


I'm stoked for lots of stuffs lol.
Tomorrow's Chem and day after tomorrow's Bio will either be damn hard or damn easy;
watching all those movies that I downloaded but haven't watch;
going on holidays with friends and family;
changing my template... XD
No idea why I'm so happy today.
Maybe it's cause of the rm100+ massage I had this morning :P

Oh ya I feel like cutting my hair!!!
It's thick and messy and a biatch to handle.
I don't comb my hair, so every morning I'd go to school with this bush on my head.
And now I have to wash it every day cause the thickness makes my scalp sweat shit.
And it takes years (literally) to dry...
But lol mm wanna see me have long hair so I guess I can't cut it =.=

Oh oh oh I was just contemplating....
I have this friend, let's call her M, and I have another friend, N for short.
Well N recently broke it off with another friend (oh wait do I hear the name Lynnie??? XD), and she said M is the only person she can trust.
I didn't quite care about M and N cause wth I didn't have that much time to give a damn anyways.
But then the other day M was crapping about N in front of me.
And I was like huh? I thought you're great with N.
And M was like : Hell you're so lucky you don't have to listen to N being emo.
And that made me think how life is full of biatches.
And why M and I never quite get along well.
Whenever I hear N talk about how great M is, I'd be lol-ing cause hell...
Oh well who am I to care anyways since N is like wayyyy closer to M and surely won't trust whatever it is I'm saying about her.
I know... I'm overcontemplating stuffs again... What does it have to do with me, right?

Your mum reads my blog.
Oh look! The stars are shining! XD

For heaven's sake, just...

Let it go!
I love reading people's blogs, how they'd write about life and let readers have an insight on what's going on with them.
But whenever I hear rants from people about their ex-best-friend, ex-bf, and stuffs, I just feel like saying just let it go!
Writing on your blog about how much you no longer need him/her is so not gonna work.
Cause the reason why you're writing about him/her the first place is that you can't get him/her out of your mind!

And what do you expect will happen from that post of yours?
That he/she will experience this great wave of remorse and go running back to you, asking you to forgive him/her?
I mean, whenever I read these posts, the only thing I can think of is the writer oozing bitterness and hatred.
And us readers know how actually they really can't let go.
I read this post a friend of mine wrote to another friend of mine.
It's totally a 'I don't need a biatch like you in my life' post.
The 'biatch' and I end up having a great laugh about it.
'Biatch' : Does she seriously think I need to be reminded how big of a biatch I am?
Me : Eh it's working what you're reading her blog lol.
'Biatch' : I read her blog so that every time I see her I can laugh at her in my head.
Me : Walau eh you're evil :P

And I always imagine how the writer would look when they write these stuffs.
I usually can imagine it real well cause I do rant in my blog sometimes.
So if you were to go to someone's blog and see that someone's blog post about how there's no regret, that life's better, that the someone they're writing about is a biatch or a son of a biatch, stare at that someone's profile picture, and imagine this : flared nose, twisted mouth, eyes rolling back and forth,.... And you'll get a great laugh out of it. Even profile pictures with the most beautiful ladies have succumbed to my imagination.
Oh and if you intend to write about that someone, I think the most effective way is to be straight forward rather than being sarcastic.
Cause sarcasm always make people go 'huh?'

I don't like writing about people in my blog.
You all know how often I'm misunderstood. (A friend told me this may be because I'm effing sarcastic but hey Lynnie's like the most sarcastic person in the world what to do ah?)
Bleaurgh whenever someone misunderstand me it makes me sick to the stomach and I totally hate it.
So these days I try to avoid unnecessary confrontations cause truth is, my heart can't stand that much pressure :P
Most probably a line or so to those people who I'm really beh shiok at (for exe. the gov XD)

Though I have to admit sometimes I really get a great laugh when reading someone's rant about someone else.
Cause they'd use every word imaginable to describe that someone, and some of the phrases are... laugh-inducing.
You'd be like gosh that person the writer's writing about would either really be a biatch or the total opposite.

Oh ya.
I do know how beautiful my life is without you :)
No need for you to constantly remind me of that.
(Haha saja wanna be sarcastic about someone let's see who perasan and misunderstand that two sentences)

Your mum reads my blog.
I suddenly don't want SPM to end.
I'm actually in love with this moment where everyone's studying their shits out and I'm blogging XD
Oh well if my results better than those people at least there's something for me to flaunt ROFL.
But if it's worse then I'll have to find a hole to bury myself in :P

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Review : Garnier Lightening Peel Off Mask

I bought and used this product a few months ago when I had a bad breakout cause of the meh moisturizer.
So my skin ain't as great as it is right now :)

If you guys know me, you'd know that I absolutely love face masks.
A few months back, I bought three Garnier masks, and I realized I didn't review them at all!
So, here is a review on the Garnier Lightening Peel Off Mask

On the cover, it states that this mask instantly illuminates complexion and contains pure lemon essence.
This mask contains 2 6ml satchets.

"This peel-off mask is a real "anti-dull skin" solution to gently remove impurities and dead skin cells that darken complexion. It instantly reveals a brighter complexion. You recover a naturally-healthy looking glow and skin texture is refined.

Put on a thick layer of mask, laid back and waited for it to dry up.
Oh ya this mask can actually be used for up to 4 times if you're stingy ( I am :P)

After about 15 minutes...
The peeling process begins!
This is the part where I love the most.
Oh ya I do have to remind you to be gentle cause you don't want to tug your skin too hard.

You know those masks that never comes off in one piece and is an ass to peel off?
Well, this was nice to peel :)

And the results....
The one on the left is before, the right's after.
Not that much of a difference :(
I do see my skin having a slightly brighter feeling but in pictures in looked like I became darker (lighting problems, maybe?)
My skin felt a lil bit softer but that's what happens with all masks, so...

Garnier Lightening Peel Off Mask is available at all drugstores (Guardian, Watsons, Jusco's beauty section).
I can't remember the price, but I remember buying it when it was discounted.
If I'm not mistaken I paid less than RM5 for it but the actual price is around RM6?

Oh ya, I was thinking of changing my whole template and my header.
Photoshoot for it may be after SPM XD
I know my background's been a problem cause not everyone can see the pictures.
But I'm learning the CSS stuffs so wish me luck lol.

Your mum reads my blog.
SPM makes my butt cry.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Loving my smell : Burberry Body.

First of all, allow me to say this.
I love my smile.
And my hair.
And my nose.
And my eyes.
And everything else about me.
So YOU should love me too.
Cause hey, why not love someone who loves themself?

Now, back to the main point of this post.
I don't usually apply perfume.
No idea why but I don't get why people have to smell... artificial all the time.
I received a package recently.
And haha I immediately knew what it is.

It's the new Burberry Body EDP Spray!
I'm sure lots of you have seen the ad for this perfume where Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is like oh-so sexy in a raincoat (and nothing else underneath :P)

This perfume smells peachy, with a woody undertone to it.
It also have a rosy, vanilla-ish smell to it.
Since I'm no perfume crazy girl, I really don't know how to describe perfumes.
But this do smell.... sensual. LOL.
The spray is long and cylindrical, and it has some carving on the top.
Very pretty :)

The fragrance is available in Parkson, Sasa and Burberry stores for RM310 (60ml) and RM395 (85ml).
You may get it cheaper online, so... ^^

Your mum reads my blog.
I really don't realize how beautiful I am in your eyes :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

What makes me beautiful.

I actually have no idea.
Maybe it's my smile.
Maybe it's my personality.
Maybe it's my looks.....

But to me, everyone is beautiful.
At heart, or on the surface.
Who cares if someone don't have the golden ratio?
Unless you're obsessed with looks, it really won't matter.

Your mum reads my blog.
Feeling sexy. And beautiful XD

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Being mean.

Being mean is never great.
Smile, people.
Cause life's too precious for you to pout at.

My Internet was down for two days, hence my lack of blog posts.
And also (not that it have anything to do with me not blogging :P) I'm having my SPM right now!
And there's only 4 more subjects to go!
Can you believe it?
Years of not studying, and our 'study' time is almost over.
New phase of life in 2 weeks+.
Gonna be busyyy!
But excited for it all.

Your mum reads my blog.
We've met before, haven't we?
Can't remember where... But I vaguely remember hearing you voice someplace...

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I wondered where I am.
Standing here, lost, searching for something unsearchable.
I wondered what I'm doing.
Opening my heart, learning how to fall in love over again.
I wondered who I'm seeing.
Someone that's staring at me, at the depth of my soul.
I wondered how I'm feeling.
That feeling long gone, hidden deep within me.
I wondered why it's raining.
Someone once told me rain represents tears. Disbelieved it.
I wondered why promises are broken.
I still remember how I used to believe in promises.
I wondered why things are the way it is.
Though I love how my life's sailing right now, I still hate those waves.

Sometimes I wonder too much.
Overcontemplating stuffs.
Overcontemplating people.
I look at people, and I try to dig into their minds, their soul, to know what they're thinking, to understand how they're feeling.
The slight squirm, the split second frown, the lost eyes, my eyes see them, and my mind decipher each and every one of these actions.
My brain's kinda like the lunatic freak in me lol.

Oh well. It's not like I can block myself from thinking, from wondering, from contemplating.
And it's not like these things are harming me in anyways.
In fact, come to think of it, it actually helps me notice things, things that people don't usually notice.
I guess it's a good thing, huh?

Your mum reads my blog.
We'll never know how we got into this situation.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Review : Crystal Collagen Eye Mask

I have no idea why though I have 8 hours of sleep every day, my undereye bags are still woots.
I think it's because of my allergies (people who blow their nose often will have undereye bags)
So I love those eye masks that promises wonders :D

I bought the Crystal Collagen Eye Mask at Watsons.
There were soooo many eye mask there and I don't know which one to choose so I chose this cause it's packaging is the most attractive XD
At the front, it says that it's moisturizing, pore minimizing and whitening.

At the back, it says that it is a sheet form transparent mask composed of ingredients including natural extract, collagen and purified water. Most of the essential ingredients are absorbed directly to the skin, unlike paper masks.

The mask.
I had a hard time taking it out cause it was stuck to the plastic wrap!
I had to dig it out and put it on this clear thingy. So the tear you see on the top mask is because of my nails digging into the mask that was stuck :P

Me before putting the mask on.
I know... I know... uneven eyes wth. It's worse at night.
Anyways, you can see my bags are woots! My allergy's been worsening these few days so it's even wootsier!

The mask adhered to my skin really well, and I didn't have a hard time putting it on.
It's big enough to cover my bags well, and it didn't move around even when I did those silly expressions I always do LOL

I waited for about 35 minutes (15 minutes more than the recommended time cause the mask was still oozing essence).
Even after 35 minutes the mask was still moist and I was thinking of putting it on the whole night :P

My bags shrunk a little but that was it.
There were golden glitterish residue on my bags that helped make it looks like it's gone (In person, not in pictures).
The residue made the tops of my cheeks brighter in pictures! XD

I can't expect much from just one use but :/ not sure if I'm gonna repurchase it.
Maybe I'm gonna try all the other masks and see which one's the best.

The Crystal Collagen Eye Mask is available at Watsons for RM6.90 per pair (which to me is kinda pricey LOL)
They have a pink version for those pink-lovers out there!

Your mum reads my blog.
Mathematics was meh. If they say it's the hardest level then the easiest level would've been solvable by little kids. ==

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Us dumb peoples.

Look at my happy (but tired) face.
I kinda laughed all the way through Sejarah because the questions were LOL.
Kiss my ass, KBKK!
I guess the government had to produce these kind of questions cause all of us are too smart to answer stuffs straight forwardly.
Or maybe cause we're too dumb in terms of facts remembering.
Tomorrow's MM!
My fave XD.
Told YX and Leena I wanna get 100 they were like LOL.
Maybe can leh?
Wish me answers! XD

Your mum reads my blog.
Dance dance dance.
Haha talking bout clothes make me go ==

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Nothing to say.
Haha English dried my brains out.
Not cause it was hard.
It was so meh I rotted.
Seriously rotted.
I flipped the paper and I go :O
And I started laughing.
Cause damn it was tut punya snap fingers easy.
Wait I shouldn't be saying this later I don't get A+ people say I hao len.
Oh well.

Your mum reads my blog.
Sejarah tomorrow.
I thought it was Math until someone told me it's Sejarah.
Haha foolish me :P

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ultimate boredom.

I'm pretty sure this is how I look like just now.
I was freaking bored.
And it wasn't like the exam was that easy, it was quite pfft-ish actually.
And yet I was bored.
I was rotting.
In the brink of extinction.
Totally moodless.
It was very blah... First day of you-know-what.
I never have period pains, only mood swings haha.
My family knows first hand not to kacau me whenever I'm having my period.

Tomorrow's BI.
Even worse punya bored.
I heard we could hand in our paper and leave early but my school don't let us do so!!!
Is it true? (Not that I'd do that cause it looks real haolen-ish :P)
Anyone know what I can do to amuse myself during the exams?
I tried thinking of those funny moments but whenever I were to smile/laugh the examiner will walk to my place and stare at me LOL.

Oh and I saw someone crying today.
I wonder why?
Too stressed out?
To everyone who's reading this : stress comes from within you so don't stress yourself out people!
Just take this as a normal exam!
But importance X9238724 :D
Everyone was like Lynnie why you so calm?
And I was like what do you expect me to do? Scream? Cry? Go crazy?

Your mum reads my blog.
Oh ya I keep wooo-wooo-woo-hooo-ing during exam hope I didn't ganggu anyone.
Especially TX XW SY who's sitting around me :P

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Review : Montagne Jeunesse Vibrant Fresh Face Tonic

I ♥ Montagne Jeunesse's products, so when I was so happy I received them for reviewing purposes :D
Today I'm gonna talk about the Spa Facial Face Tonic.

I don't usually buy the sheet masks cause I think it's not worth it, plus I never really see them sell sheet masks individually.
On the cover, it says that this sheet mask is 'bursting with natural orange and vitamin C'.
And it's 'anti stress'.
And also this is a 5-minute mask.

At the back, 'Montagne Jeunesse 5 minute miracle Face Tonic for an instant lift, so that your skin looks fresher, feels softer & stress free at anytime!'

 I was excited to try it on!
Cause haha it's been a while since I last masqued my face :)

Haha I know don't look like the lady in the satchet.
The mask is have a very strong orange smell (so strong it turns me off)
But it's big enough to cover my whole face and is strong enough to not tear up when I was unrolling it.
It was soaked with essence, but not dripping, and even after 5 minutes the essence did not dry up so I left it on longer :P
But when I first applied it, my skin tingled a bit, I guess it's the acidic elements cause of the orange and stuffs.
I think it won't be that suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Me after removing the mask.
Actually not much change to my skin except that it's really cool.
And that it got a lil bit firmer.
Other than that, ....
Didn't expect much so I was okay with it as long as it didn't break me out.

Montagne Jeunesse Spa Facial Face Tonic is available at Watsons and Guardian.
Price unavailable, but I know the liquid masks costs 5.90 a satchet, which is really worth the money cause you can get up to 3 uses from it!

Your mum reads my blog.
BM tomorrow!
Stress-free day (maybe haha :P)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Looking up.

I look at the moon.
That round moon.
A constant thing in life that ironically always changes its shape.
I thought about the people around me, how though they say they're constantly beside me, they always seem to fade in and out of my life.
I thought about life, how sometimes it is round and whole, and sometimes it feels like it's missing a piece.

I look at the star.
The dots that surrounds the moon.
Again, I thought about the people around me, how some of them seem to be there for me no matter where I am.
And I thought about life, how companions is inevitable in it, how each and every person is surrounded by another person.

E called me just now.
Talked about Rylee, talked about our past, talked about our future.
Talked about our life, what's happening...
And it seemed to me that as far apart as we are, I don't feel the distance.
And then I thought about a friend of mine.
And how I always felt this distance between us.
I guess it's time.
Time for me to let go of her.
Time for me to no longer try to understand.
I released the rope that I've been holding on to all this while.
And I felt liberated.
I felt free.

Your mum reads my blog.
Don't tell me you like me when you know better than to do that.
And babes, stay strong, know that I'll always be there for you.
Don't fret over it too much, concentrate on our coming exam :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Review : Lip Smacker Paul Frank Lip Balm

I was asked to review the Lipsmacker Paul Frank Lip Balm recently, and here's my thoughts on it.
The packaging is simple, with the usual PF monkey on the bottom.

At the back, it says that this lip balm is REALLY (lol I've never seen something that's claimed as really) moisturizing, and so being the lipbalmaholic that I am, I am excited to try it on!
I received the lip balm in Mika's Sweet Cream, but this lip balm is also available in Julius' Strawberry Banana.

I guess the cat is Mika, cause the Julius one have the PF monkey on it haha.
This tube is simple, with your normal cap and screw bottom, the screw is quite tough, which is great, cause the problem with twist balms is that the twister always spoils, and it'll be hard for me to apply it.

That's me smelling the lip balm.
I know, I know, everytime I smell something it looks like I'm gonna eat it XD
This lip balm smells vanilla-ish, and it has a very sweet scent to it.
It smells like cake with lots of cream on it.
Very not my type but the smell is not overpowering so it's okay.

The lip balm is (surprisingly) thick and creamy.
It glides on smoothly on my lips, and is not sticky.
And it is really moisturizing! It could even compete with Vaseline (in my opinion :D)

And that's me 30 mins after wearing the lipbalm.
Talk about staying power!
I don't lick my lips, but I love drinking water, and compared to the Burt's Bees one, this one still stays on even after I drink water! Which is a great plus point!

Lip Smacker only use natural oils (castor, wheat germ, sesame seed, beewax, candelila wax) for its balms, so to those of you who are allergic to petroleum jelly, this would be a great alternative!
These things moisturizes our lips, and can even help fill in the fine lines on our lips!

The Lip Smacker Paul Frank Collection (which have lip balms, lip pots, lip glosses) is available at Guardian, Watsons, Jusco, Parkson, and Sasa.
It's sold at RM12.90 per tube which contains 4 g of product, which would most probably last about 2-6 months, depending on your usage frequency.
Oh and this product is made in the US of A!

Your mum reads my blog.