Wednesday, December 5, 2012

When you have a bad day...


Smile! Smile shine and bright. Wipe those tears away. Throw those worries aside. Because things are gonna be so much better if you look at them, smile, and say "you can't make me cry for you". :)

Your mum reads my blog.
Those whispers.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Decisions, decisions.


I was told to make a choice. I was to leave or to stay forever. To go on and start a new life or to look back and be bounded by the things that have been bounding me. To forget the past or be stuck in it. To remove all these 'acquaintances' or continue befriending them. I was so torn... until I came across this quote. Well it's not really a quote, but two paragraphs that woke me up from my indecisiveness.

"The man who refuses to judge, who neither agrees nor disagrees, who declares that there are no absolutes and believes that he escapes responsibility, is the man responsible for all the blood that is now spilled in the world. Reality is an absolute, existence is an absolute, a speck of dust is an absolute and so is a human life. Whether you live or die is an absolute. Whether you have a piece of bread or not, is an absolute. Whether you eat your bread or see it vanish into a looter's stomach, is an absolute.

There are two sides to every issue : one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil. The man who is wrong still retains some respect for truth, if only by accepting the responsibility of choice. But the man in the middle is the knave who blanks out the truth in order to pretend that no choice or values exist, who is willing to sit out the course of any battle, willing to cash in on the blood of the innocent or to crawl on his belly to the guilty, who dispenses justice by condemning both the robber and the robbed to jail, who solves conflicts by ordering the thinker and the fool to meet each other halfway. In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit. In that transfusion of blood which drains the good to feed the evil, the compromise is the transmitting rubber tube."

I realized that there are pros and cons to every decision I make, but the right thing to do is stand by what I've decided. And if I ever made a wrong decision, then I should be strong enough to admit it and try to learn from my mistake. But if there weren't a right or a wrong to my decision, only people trying to knock me down, then I'd have to stand firm.

Your mum reads my blog.
Try finding me, will you?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mood swings?

This week, I have been...

DSC08337editAngry. Like, seriously angry until the point where I go mad. The kind of take the pumpkin and throw it to you to smash your face kind of angry. My temper is actually a big weakness of mine. I'm short-tempered. Easily mad. BUT I forgive people easily, so... I guess that sorta compensates for it :P

DSC08750edit Sad. Well... Can't really explain this but it's your Lynnie kind of sad... If you know me well enough, then you'd know what I'm talking about :)

DSC08418edit A glutton. It's not like I've been eating a lot... But I'm constantly hungry. So I tend to eat more. But I've been eating lotsa fruits though! :D Just me trying to be healthy. I have to or I'll get fat soon ><

Flirtatious. Sigh... This is even more unexplainable than my sadness. It's not like I'm intentionally flirting with people!!! But I find myself subconsciously flirting more. Ohemgee I don't want me to turn into some horrible bitch! I'll seriously, seriously tone things down. But the thing is... how do you tone down something you don't even notice yourself doing???

DSC08372edit But the most important thing is... I've been happy. Amidst all the anger, the confusion, the sadness, the hungriness, and the flirtatiousness, I've been truly, truly happy. Like a lot of burden have been lifted off my shoulders. :D

Oh me. Oh my. Finals next week. I should study, no? :/ Oh well. It's December already! Three months since I moved here. Time flies so so fast. It's so exhilarating, trying to keep up with the pace things are moving. I guess it needs some getting used to.

Your mum reads my blog.
In the arms of an angel.

Monday, November 19, 2012


"Lynnie, can you give me a smile? Why? Because your smile can seriously make someone's day. I know it has the ability to make my day. Because those ten teeth are meant to be showed off, no matter their imperfections. Because your eyes lights up when you smile, with a light that could brighten everybody's day."

So I did. I smiled. What you didn't notice is how much my heart hurt, how much that forced smile used up every ounce of strength I have. Sigh. You say you can hear the happiness through my voice, you can see the happiness through my pictures. But have you ever wondered if the happiness is real? Yes, I'm happy most of the time, but then there are times when I feel sad too.

Can you stop using me? I'm not here just to hear your problems and help you solve them, you know...

Your mum reads my blog.
Blank features.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Take a look at this picture. The first thing you can see is...? My eye bags. *faints* At least that's what I can see. Ohemgee. It's. So. Terrible. Horrible. Worst than vegetables. Sigh. This is all because of my sinus. I read somewhere that when your sinuses are inflamed your eye bags would be worst. :/ Oh well. My eyes have been very dry lately too. Pfft.

So... today's the last day of my one-week holiday. Oh. Em. Gee. Time flies...Good thing I spent this whole week 'wisely'... Hanging out with friends, eating good food, shopping, more eating... :P At least I didn't just rot in my bedroom. Still have reports to do. And an assignment. Procrastinator ahoy! :P Oh well. Off to doing those things then. (I'd most probably end up watching movies on Youtube :P)

Your mum reads my blog.
"She puts a smile on my face."

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Review : Skinlite Oxygen Bubble Mask

I was looking around for masks the other day when I came across this sachet of mask. I've read a few reviews on face masks that foams up in some blogs but I've never got to try it so I grabbed it immediately :P

"Skinlite Clean & Bright Oxygen Bubble Mask 'Peach' immediately turns into oxygen-rich foam, revitalizing skin with oxygen as it deep-cleanses, exfoliates, and massages skin. The oxygen foam deeply penetrates into the skin to eliminate pore-clogging impurities, blackheads and dead skin cells, while it helps brighten uneven skin tones. Peach Extract moisturizes and re-illuminates dull skin. Papaya, Green Tea and Bamboo Extract leaves skin soft and supple."

The mask actually has a very thick consistency, sort of like condensed milk. What you do is to apply it on cleansed, DRY face. There's a warning on the back that says that wet skin (face and hands) may prevent the mask from lathering up. There was enough product in a sachet to create a thin layer on my face. At first, I was a bit skeptical because the mask was so thick but there was very little mask in the sachet. But then...

It actually foamed up! So you don't really need a thick layer. Thin layers will do. It foamed up really well, and there was this fizzy sound that the mask made that I loved :P Anyways, after the mask has done doing it's magic and foaming up, what you do is you massage the foam as if you would a cleanser. The foam is actually surprisingly dense, and won't drip all over. After all the foam disappeared, you'll have to wash the mask off with warm water. I hate the washing off part the most, because the mask is really hard to wash off. I recommend you applying this mask in the shower, but make sure your skin is dry first!

My skin did look a bit more refreshed and brighter after the mask. But in terms of deep cleansing, I don't think the mask worked that well. Oh well. I loved the fizzy concept though. One thing good about this mask? It didn't dry my skin up :)

The Skinlite Oxygen Bubble Mask is available at Sasa outlets nationwide for RM6.90 each. They're having a promotion now where you can buy two for RM10. :)

I'm sorry about the blurry pictures. The lighting in my room is really bad at night :/ And it's like 2AM now so... Double :/. Oh well.

Your mum reads my blog.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Do it like you should.

"You've got this life and while you've got it, you'd better kiss like you only have one moment, try to hold someone's hand like you will never get another chance to, look into people's eyes like they're the last you'll ever see, watch someone sleeping like there's no time left, jump if you feel like jumping, run if you feel like running, play music in your head when there's none, and eat cake like it's the only one left in the world!"

I must admit. I've been busy. Very busy til the point where I rarely get to speak with mm, my friends, etc. But the thing is, I'm living my life. I really am. So you should too. :) Because there shouldn't be any excuses for not living like there's no tomorrow every day.

Your mum reads my blog.
I thank you so much.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Nomadic feelings.

Have you ever listened to songs and have your brain wander around differently according to the songs you listened? My feelings are like nomads when I listen to songs. When the song is about love, I'd be feeling all romantic. When it's about life, I'd feel inspired. When it's about death, I'd feel all deep and shit. Which is why I have multiple playlists in my phone. Happy, Blah, and Emo. XD

Then there are songs that would transport me to places where I'd feel nothing. Where when I listen to I'd really be transported to this place where I can feel the nothingness in me. Where all the nomads no longer move, and stay still in a point. Where everything from the outside world is nonexistent. Where I wouldn't give a damn about what everyone else is thinking. Or what I'm thinking. Where I set myself free.

Now, as I'm writing this, I'm close to that point. The really, really liberating songs haven't arrived yet. Or I wouldn't be writing this anymore. Oh well. I love you guys! Just sayin'. :D

Your mum reads my blog.
Fly away.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I just realized how bitchy I can be at times. Time to tone down that bitchiness, I guess. Or I'd be hated by girls all over campus.

To tell you the truth, I really don't think I'm that much of a bitch. Thing is... I treat all my guy friends as like brothers, because I don't really fall for people easily. Even if I do fall for them, I will keep it in a still, secret spot. Anyways, because I treat everyone like brothers, I naturally will be close to all of them. I guess some people will get jealous. I didn't even think about that! My bad. I'll keep my distance :P

Your mum reads my blog.
Make somebody happy.

Monday, November 5, 2012


Jeez. I feel like a high school student all over. Having crushes on someone, people having crushes on me. Oh me, oh my, what have I gotten myself into? Grow up, Lynnie! I'm giggling like a 5-year-old, blushing like a 13-year-old and acting like a 12-year-old :P Oh well. I'm gonna get over it soon.

Ah. I just realize how bad I look. My eyebags, my pimples, my skin... I have no idea what's happening to me. Lack of sleep, maybe? Too many things to handle. Too many emotions to feel. Too many situations to process. I need sleep! I'm happy though. Really, really happy. In a way, all of these things are so exhilarating I feel like I'm living my life to the max.

Your mum reads my blog.
Give me your heart.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I've seen countless numbers of cold, heartless people in this world. These people lack the warmth needed to keep the fire in their soul running. They weren't loved, they didn't have a shoulder to lean on. The ice that built up in their heart wasn't picked away by concerned people. Their loneliness made slowly turned them cold. Their stare is so empty and hollow it'll make you shiver.

I'm glad I'm warm enough I give warmth to people around me. I look at these cold, heartless people and I can't help but want to reach out to them, and try to melt the ice away. Sometimes I get frostbite from doing so, but I continue on, not wanting to give up on them like everyone else. Sometimes my emotions get hurt in the process. Sometimes these people found warmth and forget me. I don't mind, really.

But recently I find myself getting colder. When people start betraying me, I realize how cold I can become, how cold I should become to face this world. I don't want to, though. I don't want to become these soulless, cold, heartless people. But circumstances... is not by my side. It seems like everyone is beckoning me to become a soulless person.

I'll stay strong, though. I'll keep finding the firewood to make the fire continue burning. Even when it turns into ember, I'll still continue providing warmth to people. Because that's how I promised to live my life, and this is how I'm going to live my life. Comforters are made for a reason, no? ;)

Your mum reads my blog.
The endless circle of life.

Friday, October 19, 2012


Sometimes there's no point explaining yourself. People who've been through what you've been through would actually understand without having to ask; people who are compassionate but have not experienced what you've experienced will try to understand; people who asked just for the sake for asking will not understand, and still have questions in their head.

How can someone who don't understand understand? They say it takes getting everything you ever wanted and losing everything to know what true freedom is. People who have lost, will understand what 'freedom' really means; people who are in the midst of losing will have a grasp of it's meaning, but can't fully understand it yet; people who've never lose anything will never understand.

When people I know find out about my life, they'd ask me how I feel. But there's no point talking to people who is in the not knowing. I can't explain myself to people who have no idea what it is like to seek safety in other people, to find home to be wherever you lie your head. It's not their fault, really. For them to be incapable of understanding. Because in a way, I can't understand certain aspects of their lives too.

The thing is, if you don't understand, don't judge. Seriously. If you've never been in that situation, don't even try to put yourself in that situation, because your perception of what happened and the reality of what actually happened may differ a lot.

Your mum reads my blog.
You terrified me.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Someone asked me the other day if I was lonely, if I was sad. My answer was how could I be lonely when I have this bunch of great friends surrounding me?

To tell you the truth, of course there are times that I feel lonely. Times where I miss my mum, my brothers, my bed, my room, the food in Penang. But then these times are so rare because a lot of my time is spent with my friends, hanging out, talking, doing nothing, doing everything.

I try to not let the loneliness swallow me. I know how bad it feels to be lonely, and I'm trying to avoid that feeling. Because I think it's like a hole, and when you jump into it, it'll be filled with dirt, and this bunch of dirt will slowly engulf you, secluding you from the outside world, pushing you away from everyone around you.

So, tell me, how can I get lonely? When all these awesome people are here with me all the time. Plus, mm and I chat almost every day so at least it seems like she's with me always :)

If you ever feel lonely, know that there's always someone for you. Trust me. Just look around.

Your mum reads my blog.
I found my people.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I was told by a friend of mine that this is the face of pure happiness. That the moment, captured, was just perfectly timed to portray how happy I felt. That the creases around the eyes, the squint, the upward curve, the cheeks, all show true, innocent happiness. To tell you the truth, at that moment, that time, I really, really felt happy. I was surprised, happy, touched, and I was ALMOST reduced to tears (but managed to compose myself :P)

But then, I am this happy all the time. Even the other day, my friends and I were on the Ferris Wheel, and I felt really happy. Which was weird. It was a childish thing to do, being on the Wheel. I was moving back and forth to make our carriage sway, and my friend was freaking out. And I couldn't stop laughing. Other people would think I'm this overgrown child that's a bit off in the head, but who cares? As long as I'm happy, right?

The thing is, happiness lies within yourself. You can be happy if you want to. If you don't restrict your emotions. I know of people who aren't brave enough to be happy. Who insists on being sad, just cause they think they don't deserve being happy. I think it's sad, really. For them to not be able to feel pure happiness. But then, who am I to judge them, right?

Managed to compose myself enough to pose for a picture, and was photobombed by Alexis' peace sign. Meh him. Anyways, yes, it was my bday. I know I said I didn't want to celebrate it, but everyone was celebrating it for me, so... :)

Your mum reads my blog.
It takes getting everything and losing everything to know what everything means to you.

Monday, October 15, 2012


I was asked to make a wish the other day. And my wish was simple. Selfish, but straight to the point. I wished for my wishes to always come true. Weird, I know. And I heard somewhere I'm not supposed to tell my wish to the world cause it won't come true but what the hell. LOL. I believe a wish is just a wish; it's what you do to make that wish come true that's important.

The reason why my wish was so odd is because I have a lot of wishes. I wish for world peace, I wish for happiness, I wish for clarity, I wish for wealth, I wish for self acceptance, I wish for a happy future, a happy family, I wish for a great bunch of friends,...

I hope they come true. I'm working on them, to make them come true. Every step I'm taking in my life is to ensure my life would be surrounded by all those things. There are some wishes, and dreams, that were smashed into pieces and ruined, but still, there's still hope.

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is keep wishing. Keep dreaming. Have faith. :)

Your mum reads my blog.
A star in a starless sky.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I certainly do hope so. I know, I know, it's my fault for not updating my blog, but do understand that things have been really, really hectic these days. Between midterms (that's happening within these two weeks), assessments (on again, off again), assignments (due date nearing!), projects (secretary me have lots of things to do), events (project leader, cap on!) and hanging out (this is a must), my schedule is packed!

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I have no time for myself and/or blogging, but when I reach home, all I want to do is lie on my bed, read, and fall asleep. The urge to blog is only there when I'm at uni, listening to boring lectures. Which is funny, in a way.

Anyways, I (hope) I'd be able to get back to my usual blogging routine, and be able to blog about everything that's happening in my life. A LOT is happening, and it seems like I'm being unfair because I didn't expose you guys to my uni life yet! My laziness is eating me :/

Stay tuned! Don't forget me! :D

Your mum reads my blog.
I wish for things.

Friday, October 5, 2012


{ I wrote this post in my diary while I was at the library in my uni reading books and observing people :D }
You know what I think is precious? Silence. I find it rare, to be able to have a moment where everything is so quite, it seems like time is not moving. It's during this moment that if you just sit still, close your eyes, your mind could, in a way, just roam freely, escaping from the boundaries that you, and the people around you, have set. And then, there's a possibility that your heart can fly higher than any bird or plane you have ever seen.

But if you really think of it, it's not the silence that you're feeling, it's the peace. It's that peaceful moment where your mind, body, and soul, is at one. Where you can just push away all worries, all emotions, and just breathe. Where all your bills, your work, no longer bother you.

Though there's something I'd like to admit : I'm not a silent-lover. It's rare that when I'm met with a silent moment, my heart will soar. To tell you the truth, I'm afraid of it, in a way. I'm afraid of the awful loneliness that comes with the silence. For one to be able to embrace silence, it takes more than being in a room where everything's still. It takes courage.

As I'm sitting here, in the library, where there's almost zero noise, with my earphones plugged in, and music resonating from my phone, I tried. I tried to calm myself down, to meditate. But I failed. I couldn't do it. I guess in a way, it's a silly fear. I love quietness, but I hate the awful silence in my heart. Oh well. Weird me.

Your mum reads my blog.
I'm trying so hard to understand you.

Friday, September 28, 2012


I really really do find it strange, how fast things change. How fast people can (and will) change. Changes are usually the most astounding when you don't see it coming. It actually do takes time for things to change, but people like me, who are victims of obliviousness, usually find it weird and would think things change in a split second.

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday. This friend is a friend I've known for about 8 years. We were never close, the occasional 'How are you', but recently our friendship sort of 'rekindled', and we got to know each other better. Anyways, this friend said that he's surprised how much I've changed throughout these 8 years. Which is funny, because I really don't see myself changing that much.

He then proceeded to making a list of befores and afters, and I realized this : I've changed. It's inevitable, especially when you're growing up, to change. You may think you didn't change much, but you do. From serious to funny, from childish to mature, from boyish to girly, you change. I've personally changed so much that looking back at my high school years, I see myself as a stranger, an entity that I don't have any association with.

And then I studied this friend of mine, and I realized, he's changed too. When we were in primary school he was crazy. Like, really, really, crazy. A pain-in-the-ass, even. But now he's this very serious person who girls love to date and guys like to be friends with. He's now a playboy, with all his suaveness. But there is still parts of him that's still there. His lame jokes, for instance. Never fail to make me go 'meh' with his sense of humor lol/.

I think I'm still in the process of changing. You may see me ten years later, and go 'Lynnie, you've changed. A lot.' The point of this post is that we should embrace change. It is a part of us. Looks change, feelings change, attitudes change... We adapt, and in that way, we change. Nothing wrong with that. :) So ten years later, if I see myself changing, I'd hopefully be able to read this post, and see if I can agree with it :P

Your mum reads my blog.
I'll be here patiently waiting.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Whip your hair.

Ah. My hair is at that awkward stage where it's too short to be tied up and too long to not make me hot again. I hate it when my hair's like this. I wake up in the morning and instead of going down and inwards my hair is pointing outwards. I think I complained about this a few months ago when my hair was at this stage. Foolish me decided to have a hair cut. Now I decided to let it grow out, so yes, it's at this awkward stage. And it's going to BE at this awkward stage for a very. long. time.

Anyways, I heard from my friends that once my hair gets longer I could no longer only use Johnson's baby shampoo as it doesn't provide enough 'nutrients' for my hair. Is it true? I only ever use the baby shampoo, and so far, so good. My hair does not split at the ends, it's still very thick, and very black. It's frizzy, but I think that's natural (cause mm's hair's waayyyy frizzier).

I never use conditioner either. I mean, once in a while, in Penang, cause Go uses it so it's just lying around. But it's not in my hair routine. Nor do I use hair masks. You know... those deep conditioning treatments. I think the reasons why I don't have to use these products is because I never dyed my hair. Not planning to. My course won't let me :P (That's just a lie. Truth is, I'm too much of a do gooder).

The point of this post is... I use baby shampoo to wash my hair! People keep asking me what I use, so... Johnson's Baby Shampoo (the orange coloured one) is the answer! I wash my hair every day, or every other day if I'm lazy. I've never dyed it, and the last time I ever used a conditioner/treatment for my hair is about 2 months ago.

I don't think I have good hair. Just a thick bed of it. What I think is if you dye / bleach your hair, you'd HAVE to take extra good care of it. You don't want to have a ruined bed of hair, don't you? :)

Your mum reads my blog.
Four, three, two, one.

Monday, September 24, 2012


My last four days have been crazy! I had to emcee on Thursday, had a talk, a briefing, a dinner and a concert on Friday, a team-building outing on Saturday, and video-making on Sunday! All these happened throughout the day, and required me to wake up early. To think that on Thurs and Fri I had classes too! For a moment there it seems like my life is this whole piece of messed up thing, and I'm close to falling over the cliff from overworking myself :P

But then of course that didn't happen. I finally have a breather today, and things seem to fall into place real perfectly. If you ask me, I'd rather be extremely busy and productive than have nothing to do every day. I know having to attend lots of things sounds tiring, but trust me, it's much much better than lying in bed doing nothing all day.

It really taught me how to manage my time well. I restarted my checklist (used to do it to make sure I didn't forget anything, stopped because I was too lazy to write things down), and now my life (and my budget) is in order :D One thing I learnt from my seniors is that uni is a time to develop yourself, and make yourself more valuable (in terms of the job industry). Some people don't join activities, and only go to uni to study, which is NOT what you'd want to do. You'd miss out on SOOO many things :/

Anyways, sorry I haven't been blogging that much lately. I go to school at 8/9, come back at about 4/5 (sometimes much much later), and by the time I got home, I'm so tired I sleep right after showering. No time for blogging at all. Plus, the IT here is sooo bad, but that's no longer a problem cause Go came to fix it (yay!).

Your mum reads my blog.
Stop whining, will ya?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wipe your face clean!

Have you ever had days when you came home late and is too lazy to remove your makeup and wash your face? Or days when you are out and about and got all sweaty (what with the weather nowadays) and ended up looking oily during your dinner date? Well, today I'm going to talk about the facial cleansing wipes, something I think everyone SHOULD have.

The one I bought is from Guardian. From what I heard, the ones from Simple and Neutrogena are good, but they're just a tad expensive for me. Not only does this work well, it doesn't burn a hole in my pocket! Plus, I think all of them serve the same purpose, so why splurge when you can save, right?

"Guardian Facial Cleansing Wipes are free from paraben, alcohol, fragrance and oil. It is enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Extract and Chamomile Extract to cleanse, tone and moisturize skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Specially formulated to gently remove waterproof mascara and all traces of make-up. Suitable for everyday use or travel."

The cleansing wipes are thick, and doesn't tear easily. It's fragrant-free, so it doesn't smell like anything specific, which is great. I use it all over my face to remove traces of oil and makeup (if I have it on). I've tried it on my Maybelline The Falsies waterproof mascara, and it removed it really cleanly! I walk to uni every day, and on days when I want to look all prepped up, I use this after I've sweated out and apply moisturizer afterwards.

I've tried the Simple one before, so I can compare both of them. What I could say is that both of it works the same (to me). Neither broke me out (I've read people saying that using cleansing wipes broke them out). And both of them removed all traces of waterproof mascara well. But if you ask me which one I'd head for, it'd be the Guardian one, only because it's wayyy cheaper than the Simple ones :)

One tip : NEVER EVER sleep with your makeup on. It would ruin your skin. Place a packet of cleansing wipes by your bed so that you could just remove all traces of makeup before you sleep. It takes less than 5 minutes, really! And also, do place the packet with the flap facing downwards. I find that if you don't do that, the one you take out first would usually end up drier, so doing that would ensure the piece you're going to pull out is moist and filled with goodness :D Also, put one of these in your makeup bag and you can forgo your cleanser and toner!

The Guardian Facial Cleansing Wipes are available at Guardian stores nationwide, retailing at RM5.90 for a packet of 10 sheets and RM9.90 for a packet of 25 sheets. I got my 10 sheets one for RM2 because of their PWP offer :D Very worth it, no?

Your mum reads my blog.
Baby, you're the best.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Because I'll always love you. And I'll be there forever and a day. :')

Hello~ How is everyone doing? Fine, I hope. I've been crazily busy. Which is fun, in a way. I like having lots of things to do. I know a lot of people don't, but being busy is one of the things that makes you look back and go "wow, I did a lot of things." I spent the 8 months of 2012 doing close to nothing, rotting in the way. I was all mossy when I started to uni.

But it's safe to say that the moss is all gone now. No more mossy Lynnie. :D It's now busy Lynnie. Busy, fun, crazy Lynnie. Ah. I perplexed. By the fact that I met soooo many new acquaintances in just three weeks, and I'm going to meet so much more. I've been attending talks, events, meetings, lectures, practical classes, theoretical classes.

I'm trying to make the most of my uni life, actually. Squeezing everything into my first year, which I was told is the least busy year. So hopefully I'd get enough done during my three terms to make me succeed in the future XD Just kidding.

Ah. I need money. Maybe I should work at Famous Amos. I'd get to eat cookies every day, no? Which would be FUN! I mean, my stomach grumbles just by smelling the cookies. Imagine being able to 'test' it out every day. FUN-ness to the brink of extinction!!! Oh. I'm trying to be skinnier (cause all the moss increased my weight) but it seems like I'm getting fatter :P Have been eating a lot lately. AHHHHH!!! I need a pool.

Anyways, just an update on my life. And a song that I'm currently listening to. And loving. And addicted to. LOL

Your mum reads my blog.
I've been thinking.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Flutter your eyelashes.

{Do ignore the pimple. :P} So I love people who have long eyelashes. I personally am not blessed with long thick ones, so there are some things that I do to make it look prettier. Today I'm going to share with you the things that I do to have longer, fuller eyelashes.

1) Curl your eyelashes. I can't emphasize how much of a difference this makes. A lot of people have long lashes, but like mine, they drop down instead of curling upwards. That's where the eyelash curler plays a part. DO curl your eyelashes before applying mascara, or you'll risk pulling your lashes out when you curl it. Even without putting on mascara, your lashes would look pretty just by curling it.

2) Prime your eyelashes. I find that priming my eyelashes before putting on mascara gives the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes without making the mascara clumpy. And by priming, I don't mean by using the white mascara. What I mean is by taking liquid eyeliner and filling in your lashes with it. It sounds funny, I know, but trust me, it makes a huge difference when you apply your mascara. You can also just use an eyeliner on your lashes if you want a very natural look.

3) Line your waterline. This is something I don't do because I have ultra sensitive eyes that'll tear up the moment the liner touches my waterline. But if you don't, do line it! At least the upper lashline and waterline. This will give the illusion of thicker lashes. If you want to keep it natural, don't make a thick line. Only the waterline and as close to the lash line as possible.

4) Use two different types of mascara. Preferably two different formulas, where one should be waterproof and the other one isn't. Use the non-waterproof mascara first. You can also use a lengthening/thickening combo, where you first use the volumizing mascara before using the lengthening mascara. This won't provide you with a natural look, but it does make it seem like you're wearing falsies :)

5) Highlight your inner corners! Okay so I've been looking at videos on youtube and I came across this makeup artist (gossmakeupartist) and he had a video on how to make your eyelashes look longer and fuller. And most of the tips he gave was the ones that I wrote down and have heard of before but there was one tip in particular that made me go 'wow', and that is to highlight the inner corners of your eyes. You may think it don't make a difference but it makes your eyes pop and you won't even need any eye makeup after that. With the long lashes and your inner corner (and brow bone) highlighted, you're good to go!

And if things don't work out with your lashes, there's always a pretty lipstick to the rescue :) And your confidence. And your smile. :D

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Monday, September 10, 2012


I was reading the book Pride and Prejudice, and I came across this thing about vanity that was in the book. "Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us."

After reading the quote, I thought about it. And I realized how true it is. I think everyone should have a sense of pride, to think of oneself highly enough to not be self-doubtful, but also humbly enough to not get in over our own heads. Vanity could not be put aside, though, as what others think of us is equally as important as what we think of ourselves.

Everyone is vain, in a way. People always try to mask their vain-ness by trying to make it seem as though being vain, like being narcissistic, is a bad thing and that they never do it. Bullshit. If an action compelled you to think of what others would think of you when you do it, then you're being vain. Don't try to talk your way out of it ;) Being vain and being narcissistic is two very different things. But the line is always blurred and people always mistake these two for each other.

Being vain is being conscious of what others would most probably think of us. Being narcissistic, however, is thinking that others think highly of us. You could say that people who are narcissistic have a high ego, while people who are vain may not. Pride, however, is to me, quite shady. Shady as in there are people who are proud of themselves and yet are not egoistical, while there are people who is a complete proud asshole.

I am vain. I admit that. I don't mind what people think of me, but I do contemplate what people think of me. I would like to think that there are different levels of being vain, and I am at one of the lower levels. I think it's obvious by the fact that I don't think of what I wear, nor do I really think of how I look/how my hair is placed. But nonetheless, I'm still pretty vain. I walk down the streets and sometimes wonder if my not caring what I wear would make people think of me differently; if my not making up would make guys not think I'm pretty. Hey, I'm a girl. And though I'm confident with who I am and how I look, sometimes there still are insecurities.

I used to be one of those people who go all "Me? I'm not vain. Vain people are people who stare into the people and fall in love with themselves." But now I know better. The question is : do you? I hope you do, after reading this post of mine. :)

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A regrettable choice of words.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


So lately I have been having these loooong conversations with people. And not just long, pointless ones. It's long, meaningful ones. The ironic thing is that the 'long' part stems from having nothing to do (at least I don't, anyways. Not sure if I'm eating the time off of all my friends :P). But I love it. I am not the kind of person that sits and talks craps all day long. I used to do it with my friends all the time. But I didn't like it. I'd rather talk about Romney and economy and relationships and moving and family than gossip.

Yesterday I talked to my friend through the phone (mine was on speaker after 5 mins of talking haha) until about 2(?). Most probably later but I think by the time we said 'bye' we were half asleep :P We talked about everything. Which is funny. Cause when we were in high school together we hardly spoke to each other, nor do we call each other and/or text each other. But now that we're both in uni we find a lot in common. We talked about her and her boyfriend, me and my forever single status, her family, my family, her uni, my uni, classes, etc. And I actually loved it.

I read somewhere that a good conversation is as stimulating as coffee and just as hard to sleep after. Which is true. A great conversation makes you contemplate things. It makes you see things in a different perspective. It provides you with a different view in life. There are people who seem to be talking nothing all the time because they don't engage in stimulating conversations. And that's actually really, really sad.

But then having a good conversations takes two (or more) people. And these people that you're engaging with would have to be people whom you can talk to (no duh!), people who you can get along with, and people who shares the same interest you do. At the end of the day, you can talk about all the meaningful things in your life, but if that person don't see the meaning to it, it would be equally meaningless.

Do you guys share the same thoughts I do? About conversations? Because I actually put a lot of thought when conversing with people. I'd analyse what I've conversed about after that, which puts me in a position where I could see how that particular person thinks as opposed to how I think. I have a tendency to be so blunt sometimes I say the wrong things. So the analyzing part is also great to see if I've (accidentally) offended someone.

Anyways, have a happy weekend! Mine would be a busy one. Today was extremely busy. But fulfilling and meaningful.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012


You know what would be a great? A portrait of myself. That sounds so narcissistic. But I'd love to see how I look in the eyes of others. I've never had someone paint a portrait of me before. I recently finished reading 'The Swan Thieves' (which, fyi, is one of the best, breathtaking book I've ever read), a book about love and betrayal and all those complicated stuffs that's all revolved around a painting.

I'm always in awe when I stand in front of a real good portrait. Something that's so lifelike you feel like reaching out and you'd want to know the story behind the painting. I'm not good with art, and I don't really appreciate the eclectic form of art, but when it comes to portraits, I find them so mesmerizing. I mean, have you ever seen a portrait where the eyes conveys so much emotion, where the wrinkles tells you stories?

I've never had myself painted before. To see myself being drawn on a blank canvas. Now that would be interesting. I heard the posing would be tedious, no? You know what would be the greatest? If I were to visit Paris and sit in front of the Eiffel Tower and have someone paint me there. LOL. That would be a nice experience. Though I don't mind just sitting there in a studio and let a good artist paint me. And mind you, the 'good' in the artist is really important. I'd want a real, decent portrait. Not a cartoon version of me. XD

This is such a random post. I reread it and I think it made me sound crazy and very narcissistic. Oh well. You either love me or you hate me, right? ;)

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Rain. Rain. Rain.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


{Because I love you guys so much to autopost everything I have in mind :D}

So the other day I was on my way back from KL to Penang. And I saw too very inspiring sights. Tried to take a pretty picture of it. It was more breathtaking in real life, but hey! at least I tried. We were hyperspeeding through the highway so you don't really expect me to take a steady, still picture, no?

This is the first picture. A burst of sunlight through the clouds. At that time, the sun was setting and the sky was quite orangey and it was getting darker. Then I looked up and saw it. How the clouds were blocking the last rays of sunlight and the rays seem to diffract through the clouds. It just awed me. And you guys know how much my mind love to wander, right? This made me think about how we should push through and not give up whenever we meet hurdles in our life. I know, I know. My mind's just weird like that.

And then minutes before the sun was setting I looked to my left and saw this. Oh. Em. Gee. No, it's not cause by the tint on my window. What is it, even? You know how when you drop oil onto water and it turns all rainbow-ish? Imagine that on the clouds. I was mesmerized and Go was all 'meh'-ish. Apparently I'm easily impressed :P I rarely ever see this! And it's not just one. There were speckles of it. And the sun was setting which makes it even prettier. You could see the orange sky on the bottom right of the picture.

{Okay. So I just googled things and I found out that the phenomenon above is called a cloud iridescence. It's quite uncommon, which means that I was really lucky. Oh. Em. Gee. I. Love. Being. Lucky. Where's my four leaf clover again? :D}

I think this post just goes to show how weird I am. Oh well. Haters gonna hate ;)

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Graphic prints!

{This is an automated post. If this is posted it means I'm still deprived from a good Internet connection.}

I love graphic-printed tees. It makes a statement. I'm not a fashionable person. I'm fine with tee shirt and jeans. And sneakers. Or maybe slippers. So a graphic-printed tee usually help in at least giving my outfit a wee bit personality. I'm not an accessory lover either. Earrings, meh. Bracelets, sometimes. Necklaces... Can someone gift me a very pretty necklace? XD

So the outfit above... Is something I wore just for fun. I found the skirt hiding somewhere in my closet, and was fairly surprised I could fit into it (I lost 8kg! Applause, anyone?). So I was like "I MUST wear this skirt today!" Then the first thing I saw in my closet was... the tee shirt. So yeah pair it up, I do! The flats was a raya gift from my brother. 

In case you're wondering...
Shirt : Aishop (it's an online shop :D)
Skirt : Brandless. I think it's 5 years old already :P
Shoes : Payless.
Bag : Charles & Keith.

Of course a selca shot is necessary. Just to show you guys my million watt smile ;)

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Lightened charcoal.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Promise Yourself.

"Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.

To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet.

To make all your friends feel that there is something in them.

To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true.

To think only the best, to work only for the best, and to expect nothing but the best.

To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.

To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.

To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile.

To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.

To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

To think well of yourself and to proclaim this fact to the world, not in loud words but in great deeds.

To live in faith that the whole world is on your side so long as you are true to the best that is in you."

I personally believe everyone should have something they'd live by. Some form of quote, or maybe a list of values, or a poem. I came across this poem a long time ago, and I have it in my phone, my diary, my documents... And this is what I live by. I may not live by it wholly every single day, but I try.

I do have to say that there's one line I don't really agree with, and that is the seventh line, which is to forget the mistakes of the past. Yes, we should forget it, but not before learning from it, and analyzing it thoroughly to ensure we won't repeat the past and make the same mistake. Then only can we move on and achieve greater achievements :)

I had a chat with my friend about the values one should possess in life recently, and I gave him this poem, and he went all "Not bad"-ish (this is the part where you're supposed to imagine the Barack Obama face and his meme :D), and gave me this list of values that he says he lives by. Which is intriguing. And one question popped into my mind : Does one's personality influence the value that one lives by? Or does the value that one choose to live by influence one's personality? My friend couldn't stop LOL-ing just cause I thought about this. I'm weird like that :P

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Review : Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation

So yesterday I went to 1 Utama to shop for heels. And foundation. My course requires us to look professional, prim and proper, so my lecturer was like "I know some of you don't like makeup, but at least put on some foundation and/or lipstick". Don't get me wrong. I love makeup. I just don't love to wear them out. Too much of a hassle. But I realized I never really had a decent tube of foundation (I've been leaning towards BB creams for no reason :P) before... So why not, right?

I wanted something cheap (cause I'm so totally not gonna use it all the time so no point buying an expensive one), but good. The BB cream from Maybelline was okay, but the coverage that it gave me was so little I didn't quite like it. And the BB cream from The Face Shop was also so-so (too thick for my liking, actually). I was looking for a foundation that sets well, and gives sheer coverage that won't make me look cakey and/or oily.

So I was walking around Watsons to look at the products they have and I came across this. I was actually leaning towards Loreal and Revlon but the shades of the foundation they had was either too dark/too light, and the coverage was very heavy. And when I was at the Rimmel section I loved their Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation but it was sold out! :( And so I looked down and came across this : the Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation.

"Up to 12 hours natural shine control, for a fresh matte finish. With chamomile to help calm, cucumber to help clarify, and cotton to help control shine. Talc free, oil free, paraben free, fragrance free."

The texture of the foundation is a bit runny. I don't really have a problem with that but I know of some people who would. When I tried this out at the back of my hand I fell in love immediately. It felt so light, almost as if it was powdery, and the coverage was just like I like it. Enough to cover that little mole on my hand, but not so that it looks cakey. Plus it had a matte finish!

My face before the foundation. Notice my pimples and freckles on my cheeks? And also my forehead (it's not really visible here but in real life it's quite obvious)? And another problem I have with my face is that it oils really badly. Like after about an hour or two my T-zone area will be oily and shiny. Which don't make me look good at all :/

Me after the foundation. The lighting's the same. It's funny because my blemishes don't really show in pictures so it's really to compare. But the pimples and freckles on my cheeks is almost covered, and the area around my nose (which is always red cause of my allergies) isn't reddish at all. And my forehead looks much much clearer.

There are three things that I dislike about this product. One, the lack of SPF. So, as you all most probably know, I love the sun. I walk to and from uni, under the hot sun everyday, and even with an umbrella, I still get tanned. I was hoping to find a foundation with SPF in it so as to not look like a charcoal but oh well. 

Two, how fast the foundation dries up. I apply the foundation like I do my BB creams, first at the back of my hand and then on my face. But what I find is that with this foundation, by the time I put it on the back of my hand and dot my face with it, the one on the forehead would already dry up. So now I applied it on my finger, rub it together and apply it on my face directly.

Three, the smell of the foundation. I don't like things that smell. Either good or bad. Be it lipsticks, lip balms, foundation, eyeshadow, blush... I find it off-putting. The foundation smells like how compacts smells like. You know how compact powders always smell the same? That's how it smells like. 

I am in their tannest shade, 402 in Golden Beige. I actually thought I'd be in their 300, because with all the other brands, I'm usually in the second most tanned shade. But with this foundation and also the Lasting Finish one, I am in the darkest shade. So I guess it doesn't cater to anyone whose skin is tanner than mine? Do keep in mind that I'm more tanned (and more to the yellow side) than I look in pictures :)

I bought the foundation at Watsons for RM27.90. It was a discounted price, not really sure about the original price of the product. Rimmel products can be found at Watsons, AEON Jusco, Giant and Parkson outlets nationwide.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Food, glorious food.

So today I'm gonna talk about the thing I love the most : food! Mainly food from two restaurants. Las Vacas and IKEA.

Las Vacas Meat Shop, Mont Kiara
We came here right after arriving at KL and moving all the boxes into my room. Go came here once with his friend and he gave it his thumbs up so I was pestering him to bring us there. Well... Let's let the pictures do the talking :D
When I stepped into the restaurant I couldn't stop laughing. Cause it literally was a meat shop! Rows and rows of meat in coolers greeted us as soon as we stepped in. The walls were lined with sauces and olive oils and pictures of cow parts. You could come in and buy meat. They had all kinds of meat. Sausages, kobe, steaks, wraps...

We had cooked food, of course. The menu was simple. A few main courses for you to choose from. They have burgers, appetizers, etc. Ah! I regret not taking a picture of the menu :(
Beef wrap. When I ordered it, I actually expected something like a pita bread that has beef in it. But it turned out to be carrot and long bean wrapped in beef. It may look sad but it's tasty. It really is. The beef is juicy. The sauce tastes good. The vegetables are tender. Yummy! They sell it in frozen form too :)

This is me. Looking extremely tired. Hey, you can't blame me! It was a 4-hour drive. And I was hungry. And just... tired. :P

Go's chicken burger. Their burger is nice. The chicken is juicy. And the bun tastes good. And the sauce was nice. With a good amount of vege. And the fries are good too! (I'm crazy about fries. In case you didn't know :P)

This is Go. Savoring his tasty food. 

This is bro's lamb burger. It tasted good too. But with the aftertaste that comes with lamb.

The burger here is weighed by grams. If I'm not mistaken, it starts from 100g, and you could choose between that or 200g/300g. I don't know which one did my bros choose. But other than burgers, they had lots of other food too!

Need I say more? I guess IKEA is well-known for it's food. I just thought I could show it to people who've never tasted it. We went there to buy some stuffs for my room. (A mirror which I broke the second day after putting it up :(... Anyone wanna sponsor me a mirror? :D)

This is the breaded chicken cutlet with coleslaw and fries. The chicken wasn't bad. But the portion was too much for one person. The crust is very thick, and so is the chicken itself. So by the time I finished this my stomach was about to burst. And you know what they say about too much of a good thing, right?

Chicken wings! I love their chicken wings. It has a hint of spiciness to it. And it tastes good. Crisp. But I love Pizza Hut's wings more :P

Meatballs! I think this is their signature dish. When we mention IKEA people would instantaneously think of their meatballs. I actually don't quite like it :P I love eating the fries with the sauce though. But the meatballs, not as much. I have this thing with chicken balls and meat balls. Don't like them as much as I do fish balls and crab balls XD

Go's chicken and pasta. He said it was good. Didn't even leave me a bite :( But bro said it was good too. And mm also said the same thing, so I guess it's really good. The sauce is flavorful, and the chicken is tasty, and it's just the right portion.

Mm's salmon. She said it didn't tasted as nice as she expected. Because the sauce had close to no flavor at all. But at least it didn't make her stomach blow up :P

I'm craving for IKEA's cake though. The one with the Daim. Is it seasonal? Cause I've been to IKEA a whole lot of times and not see it anywhere :( Can anyone get it for meeee? :D

So... This is it. :D Are you hungry yet? Cause I certainly am! Just looking at these pictures can make my stomach grumble. Oh well. I'd have to drag someone to go have some wings and beef wraps! :P

That's me. In case any of you forgot :P I hope my auto-posts are keeping you guys entertained! I will blog whenever possible, and the upcoming (un-auto-posted) blog post will most probably be about my orientation. Which was tiring. But extremely fun! :D I didn't take any pictures, so I'll dig around Facebook to find some :P

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