Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If I was a bad girl...

I'd drink Calsberg Gold every single day, smoking shishas in between, and even get drunk til the point where my cheeks are flushed and I can't walk a straight line. I'd have strands of highlighted hair, or I'd just dye my whole bed of hair a certain bad girl colour (think purple/pink/two toned). I'd change boyfriends every other day, not to mention spending the night with them ever so often. I'd sometimes smoke pot, going to pubs, dancing the night away. Night's my day, while the sun's my enemy. I'd not care about my future, and live for the present. I'd be the gossip of my family, heck maybe even my friends. I'll be labelled as 'the bitch', and parents'd want their kids to stay away from me.

But I'm not a bad girl. I don't drink. I don't smoke. I don't switch boyfriends like I do undies. And I certainly don't have one night stands. I have pure, black hair. I don't do drugs. Nor do I go clubbing. I don't care what people say, I don't mind being labelled as 'hard to get', 'innocent'. I made a choice: to love myself, to think about my future, my family, myself. And guess what? You have it too. You can choose to succumb to peer pressure, to indulge in all these things, and when you choose to do it, don't blame anyone else for it. It was your choice. Your decision.

And even if you do drink, smoke, do drugs, etc, don't be selfish. Don't drink and drive. Don't smoke at no-smoking places. Don't steal people's money just so you could get another dose of shit to smoke. Don't spread the STDs you have by having multiple partners.

Remember, you are who you're going to be. And the world's going to treat you the way you treat yourself. Respect yourself, and others will respect you in turn. If you're planning to stop, stop now. Throw away the cans of beer in your fridge, the cigarette in your pockets, the secret stash at the trunk of your car. Don't procrastinate. Your life'd most probably end tomorrow because of your irresponsibility.

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Now you do.

Monday, January 30, 2012

At-home facial.

I went shopping with mm at Queensbay Mall the other day and while we were at this Japanese beauty shop (it's called Magicboo) I came across something that made me.... excited!

It's a DIY Facial Mask Kit! There were a few brands but this one looked the sturdiest (+ the description was the clearest... it was the only one in Chinese XD) If you're wondering why I'd get excited over something so... simple, it's cause I ♥ DIY facial masks. And this'd make making all those masks an easier chore! I mean, no more shattered bowls and plates and now I can feel like I'm having more of a professional facial XD

The kit includes...
A face mask bowl where the making of face mask occurs. At the back, it states that this bowl is made out of flexible plastic material which = easy cleaning! Plus clay masks are much much easier to clean out when you're using a plastic bowl cause when you use a glass bowl the clay will sink into the 'pores' of the bowl, so...

A stirring stick/spoon that you use to stir masks and apply masks that are more of a solid kind (think mashed bananas, grapes, or sugar/salt scrubs, etc)

Measuring gauges of different sizes : 2.5ml (half a teaspoon), 5ml (a teaspoon) and 15ml (a tablespoon). This is great cause my face masks always come out a lil bit weird in texture because I tend to over/under add ingredients.

And last but not least...
A mask brush! I have been looking for this all over! People always recommend using makeup brushes but the ones that I see at Sasa/Guardian/Watsons all shed real baddd and I don't think buying an expensive brush to apply masks is worth it so I had always used my hands (which is bad whenever I apply liquidish masks... think yogurt, milk, etc). This mask brush is sturdy, and it doesn't shed (not that I'll know after trying but the bristles are really great), yet it's soft! Mask brushes are great when applying masks cause it'll help in reducing wastage of face masks.

This kit is NOT microwavable so if you want a hot mask maybe you can heat the ingredients up first before mixing it in the bowl :)

I bought this for RM8, and I know there's another one with a bigger bowl that costs RM10 (I don't need a bowl that big so I didn't buy it but it's blue in colour), and I also know that you can buy the brush individually for RM4, and 5 of the stirring stick/spoons for RM4! For all you international readers, you can get it at ebay for $2.08 (cheapest but different brand from mine).

Totally looking forward to use my mask kit to make a DIY face mask! Currently have pumpkin mask in mind... Will do a how-to on it soon! XD

Your mum reads my blog.
Happy Bday, ma!

Beaches = bitches... again.

Jia Ying came back from Australia a few weeks ago, and we (wifey, baby, baby's wife, JY, me) went to GP for a girls' day out (I'll blog about this some other day!). After that, we wanted to go out again but GP was meh and QB was too far away for some of the girls so I decided to go to the beach!
And this time around, we even went swimming and rode a crazy ride XD The pictures will show you guys how much fun we had (welll... partially cause I took hundreds of picts but only 5% of it will be here :D)

While waiting for the bus. We missed two buses cause I had to go pee :P. Ohohoh I managed to convince them to trust me in guiding them cause like I said, even if we were to get lost, we'd still be in.... Penang! XD

In the bus. The bus stopped at the red light and I was like quick quick camhoeee!!!! So it turned out blurry but it's one of the few group pictures of us. I regretted not bringing my tripod!!
Went down to the beach behind Sandy Bay Paradise. I actually planned to go to the beach in Taman Negara but plans changed and here we are!

If you know me you'd know I suck at jump shots. Cause I jump rope so I don't jump high.

Ignore my stupid face but concentrate on the lovely wave effect! XD Anyone wanna go photoshoot with me? :P

This is where auto-time came to the rescue. Look at the kid on our left and the couple on our right! It's like a transition LOL.

We were lying down and posing when JY started talking about how worms will climb on us from the sand and stuffs so I was like OKAY let's stop taking pictures XD

A group picture of us taken by the water rides uncle. Ee Thean, Jia Ying, Yi Xin, I, Leena.

The ride we were on! We actually wanted to ride on the banana boat but the guy convinced us to ride on this and since it costs the same + I've never rode on this before, why not? It was fun, but I wished I was thrown into the water. Okaylah I'm crazy XD.

Look at us! A dot! I actually expected the guy to take like hundreds of pictures but he only take 15+ pictures =.= That's what continuous shots are for, people!
It costed RM15 per person (discounted price). I think the normal price is about 30 per person? Not that sure but I know banana boat is cheaper. Btw, if you're interested in riding on this, HAGGLE! Cause the price on the price list are usually 200% profit price, so actually, they can reduce half the price. And if you're europeans/ang mohs, it'd be great if you have a local friend with you cause they'd usually not haggle with ang mohs. Oh the rides are cheaper at the beach along Batu Feringgi though.

I have no idea why YX's and ET's lips are the same here (maybe they got ESP or stg). We headed to Paradise's washroom to clean ourselves and the whole experience was.... LOL-ish!

We took the bus back to Belisa Row where we went to Buckstar's to eat muffins while waiting for JY who went for her dental appointment. Took lots of pictures there but err... LAZINESS took over me :)

After JY finished her dental, we went to Matsuki to have lunch... and camhoed again XD. This is us looking drunk. If you're wondering why I'm blowkissing it's cause I'm so drunk I'd kiss people... Get it? XD

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Burning holes.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nokia N9.

I've got a new phone... that I bought (okay lah maybe Go contributed a lil but stillll!!!!).
But I haven't hooked my sim into it yet :/
No texts for 3 days? No probs XD
I think I'm the only person that can live without a hp for days lol.

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Fairy tales. Happy endings. Ghost stories. Sad endings?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

23/J - Happy CNY, peeps!

My CNY's the same every year, waking up late, not bathing, bathing last minute, going to granny's house, eat the snacks there, collect angpau from granny, go to uncle's house with granny....
BUT there's a twist this year : I was wearing a cheongsam! I had always wanted one, and granny bought one for me! ♥ it so so much! What do you think of it?

Our whole fam kinda camhoed a lil XD
Granny and I.

With granny and mm. The three ladies in the family XD

Bang, mm, granny, I, go. No one else was there so self-timer to the rescue!

With me in the middle. Never liked being the middle person in pictures :/

The two 'heroes'. XD

After we were done selca-ing, we headed to my uncle's house (which is right above mine XD).
The road was a mess, and there was a huge queue in which we were stuck about 30 mins in.

And by the time we arrived and dropped granny at uncle's house, we were so hungry we terus headed to Sebai-sebai (our favorite Thai restaurant)....
I didn't take any pictures cause everyone just digged in once the food arrived.
But this fish was the best. Can't quite remember the name, but it's the only fish dish that has a Thai name.

It tastes sour+spicy, like tomyam but wayyy nicer than tomyam, and it has this pineapple-like vege that's very crunchy. And the fish was so fresh it was still swimming when the dish was served XD

To those of you who celebrate CNY, happy new year!
And to those of you who don't, happy holidays (or what's left of it :P)

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Falling into a vast ocean :)

Friday, January 27, 2012


Went shopping with mm today!
Six non-stop hours of shopping made me smack my head on the wall XD
Had a fun day though... so no complaints :)

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You're not lost. You never were.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Of laksas and ice-kacangs.

Every Saturday, mm and I'd go to the night market in front of Tesco Extra to eat some delicious food, watch people's behavior and chat about... everything.

Our first stop's always the Laksa stall right beside the road. It costs RM3 per bowl, and is quite delicious, with just the right amount of fish meat and vegetables.

See the fish meat? Oh and be sure to ask them to not put chillis if you can't stand the heat cause their chillis are really kao!

Then we'd visit the Ice Kacang (shaved ice) shop which is ALWAYS full. Wanna know why???

Their Ice Kacang is really really delicious! I ♥ the gula melaka (brown sugar) one because it's really special! It's RM2.50 per bowl (with ice-cream). There's also the rose-flavoured one and the sarsi-flavoured one. And they also have chendul (which I've never tried).

The great thing is this bowl of shaved ice is filled with nuts! Peanuts on the ice, peanut butter in the ice cream.... It made me nuts!! XD

Then... it's time for my weekly dose of kacang putih (I can't remember what it's called in BM but it's steamed chick peas). The thing on the furthest right is what I usually buy. But if I'm late (say... 8.45pm) the kacang will be sold out! Just proves how nice it is :D

I occasionally buy this home made crackers. Not all the time cause I think it's kinda expensive (RM2.50 for a packet... and it won't even last an hour). They sell prawn crackers, fish crackers and sweet potato crackers. ♥ the prawn one, never tried the fish one, and the sweet potato one is kinda like an acquired taste.. you either like it or you don't.

Jack fruit. Have you ever eaten a jack fruit you bought from the supermarket and feel all bloated and dizzy after eating it? That's cause you aren't eating the fresh one! Jack fruits that are freshly eaten will not cause any bloatness (is that even a word???) or any dizziness.

You could also get a bowl of 'sharks' fin' in the flavors original, spicy and super spicy. It costs RM3 each and seriously, for something that cheap, you really can't expect them to have real sharks' fin in it, right? I had it once and it tastes... okay :)

And you can also get kitchen tools, toiletries, etc for a cheap price of RM1 each! The quality'll surely suck, but hey, who's to complain? XD
There's a lot of stalls at the night market, namely food (cakes, fruits, breads, drinks, muar chee,...), clothes, and some other random stalls. There used to be a stall that sold fake My Beauty Diary masks and I wanted to buy one of it just to make a comparison but the last time I went there the stall was nowhere to be seen, so :(

Anyways, do you ♥ night market as much as I do, and if you do, what do you love about it the most, readers?

Your mum reads my blog.
Sending my love all the way from home XD

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

22/J - CNY Eve!

My family celebrated the eve of Chinese New Year at the Paradise Sandy Beach Resort.

All dolled up and ready to go eat!

Took some pictures cause we arrived early and the buffet haven't started XD
Granny and mm.

Go, bang, granny, mm and I.

Now, for the food....
Let's eat!

Sharks' fin soup.
Which only had 5% fins.

The marinated squid (♥!!) and mushroom salad.

Sotong kangkung sans sotong xD

Duck, chicken, beef, prawns,...


Fried rice...

Ice cream!!! And a whole lot of whatchamacallits!
There were lots of appetizers, food, desserts... The food wasn't bad, there were some that was nice, but there were also some that were downright horrid (if you consider the 'top-notch' chef the hotel claimed they hired).

Then I selca-ed again...
Mm and I.

Go and I.

Bang and I.

The three noisemakers in our house XD

Granny and I.

Then the god of wealth came. (Ignore bang LOL)
At least they didn't come up with a black god of wealth like they did last year!

It's the dragon year! Huat ahhhh!

And last but not least....
Cause epic pictures made my day! XD

Your mum reads my blog.
I see you. You see me. :D