Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Review : Sasatinnie Natural Conditioning Kohl Pencil

If you were to shop at Sasa, you'd most probably came across the brand Sasatinnie - Sasa's makeup brand. I've been looking for a kohl pencil and this one seemed to be a great choice. The kohl pencil I have is the Sasatinnie Natural Conditioning Kohl Pencil in Kohl Black.

The Kohl pencil is very thick, even after sharpening. It's also very brittle (time for it to go into the fridge!!!), which is why in the pict it looked as though I didn't sharpen it - I did, but it fell apart when I tested it on my hand. 

(Ignore the middle and the bottom one) The third one from the top is a single line, while the first one is a buildup of a few lines. The kohl have a creamy texture, and not completely waterproof (which means that you it'll smear when it comes in contact with water but it won't be removed - you still have to use a remover). As you can see, the colour's really black, but because the pencil's so thick, I couldn't make a small line with it.

The liner on my eye. I actually prefer it winged but it turns out the only picture I took of me wearing it is the one without a wing, so... :) It glides on my lid smoothly, so application is quite easy - no hassle of having to draw multiple times. But I wouldn't line my waterline with it because it'll be HARD to take off. But what I do with this eyeliner is I'd use it as a mascara - I know, weird, but in the picture above I'm not wearing any mascara, only the liner drawn on my lashes and it looks amazing, right?

The kohl pencil retails at all Sasa store for a price of RM13.60 each (I got the price from the website - I think there's going to be a difference).

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So I've been busy the whole day today cleaning up my bedroom (or what I may call my personal storeroom since I'm not sleeping there XD) and I'm captivated by the amount of junk treasure I have stowed away in the corners of my drawers =.= Lots of things to donate and lots of things to recycle too! Totally revamped my bedroom wall and some of the furniture arrangements. Not much of a difference, but I'm thinking of painting my furniture... Cause what I'm having in my room now is 'inherited' by my brothers so it's all blue-white colour... BORING! It's not like the paintwork sucks, but I just want a lil bit of vah-vah-voom in my bedroom! But I'm worried that my painting skill'll suck, and I'd ruin the furniture. Thinking of sticking some vintage-y wallpaper on my headboard, and the sides of my drawers... It'll save me the hassle of painting :) Not sure if I should go all feminine-ish with pink wallpaper or modern with black and white ones... Ideas, people?

Oh well... Back to my spring cleaning! I started at around 3.30 and until now there's still loads of junk on the floor... Getting lazy hahahaha.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Fit = Better absorption?

{Girls only ya! Unless you're a perv ^^}

Have you ever had those days when you're having your period and don't feel like going out because you're scared of leakages? Or if you'd fumble around with your undies and be cautious with the way you're sitting because you're scared your pad'd be senget-ed, which'll then cause you to leak all over? Are you still looking for the perfect sanitary pad that'll give you a great fit and a comfortable period?

Why not try Libresse? With their motto 'Absorption is Nothing Without Fit', Libresse pads comes with 2 unique features - SecureFit and DFC (Deep Flow Channels). The SecureFit system offers a body designed front (keeps your pad in place so it won't get lower and lower), narrow neck (so that you'll have comfortable fit between your thighs which means that you won't feel like there's something between your legs) and a "split rear" at the back (which ensures close fit to your booty - less leaks, gals!). The DFC feature quickly channels fluid into the pad, and the pad folds at strategic points to keep the pad intact! Who knew so much features were created in a sanitary pad to ensure more freedom and confidence for us girls during that dreaded time of the month?

Still worried that Libresse may not be the best choice for you? Head on to their website to get a big package of samples that contains one Ultra Thin Wings, one Maxi Wings, two Maxi Night Wings, two Libresse Slim Wings, two Maxi Non-Wings, and four pantiliners : two each of Super Slim and Slim. With all the samples that's sent to you, you'd surely be able to find a pad that gives you the perfect fit!

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brace yourselves.

Cause the world's gonna get tougher. And so is life. Strengthen up, and barge forward :)

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Friday, February 24, 2012

A sad song?

Sometimes what you perceive as something sad may actually be something that's going to make you happy. It's like when you listen to a sad song, and at first it's going to make you weep and cry, but when you hear it over and over again, you'd realize that just like you, there are hundreds and thousands of people who cried and weep when they hear the song, and you'd be comforted by that thought.

Ultimately, it's how you make your brain think. If you force yourself to be happy, to smile wide even though you're rotting inside, what'll happen is you'll stop rotting, and the smile will get more and more authentic. But if you were to be sad when in fact there're things that could make you happy, then your heart'll start to rot.

So, tell me, do you choose to start rotting, or would you choose to stop the rotting that's happening?

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Of soy sauce and assassinations.

Soy sauce. If you were to live in Penang, you'd most probably see a lot of soy sauce factories strewn about in near Sungai Pinang. The unmistakable salty scent of soy beans fermenting, the familiar sight of clay barrels containing these fermented beans, and the eerie darkness of the dark liquid. I'd dare say that almost every household'd have a bottle of soy sauce.

For some people, soy sauce is the key ingredient in making their dish palatable : while eating sushi, frying stuffs, eating porridge,... Heck, even yesterday, during my friend's bday party, there was a bottle of soy sauce lingering around for people who'd like to eat the hard-boiled eggs with it. I personally could live without it (I think I'm the only person who eats sushi without the soy sauce + wasabi :P), but I do know some people who loves it so much they'd have every dish with it if they could.

So, you may ask what does soy sauce have to do with assassinations. Well, here's the answer.
Like the character in Assassin's Creed, the Food Standards Agency recently announced that a lot of the soy sauce marketed out there contains a cancer-causing chemical, 3-MCPD which will not bring any harm to people like me, but it's what'd be a silent killer to all those people who ♥ soy sauces. If you were to buy from major retailers, it's okay, but if you were to consume the Taiwan/China/HK/Thai brand, do be aware of the fact that there's a possibility of you having cancer because of it. Read the article that was published about the dangers of soy sauce here

Anyways, even if you don't consume soy sauce that often, do balance out the level of saltiness and sweetness of your food intake. Too salty, and you'll have kidney failure, high blood pressure, etc coming your way. Too sweet, and you'll have diabetes. Moderation is the key, people!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Living my life.

My posts are getting shorter and shorter LOL.
Well... I've been getting busier and busier (what with my new-found love towards Kingdom Hears and all those what-nots)
So... :) Do continue reading my blog!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Memories. Faces. Conversations. Thoughts.
My mind seems to be vague about all of this.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Review : Biore Nose Strips

My skin is not sensitive; but I do have one problem : 'strawberry' nose. Because I'm allergic, my nose is always mucusy, and the wiping action caused my nose to be filled with whiteheads. Plus, it's prone to pimples! I used to use the white coloured nose strips, but I never get the 'satisfaction' of a clean nose, so today I'm going to do a review on the Biore Pore Strips (black-coloured).

Basically, the Biore Pore Pack removes blackheads completely with Witch Hazel Extract formula; sebum clogged in pores can be easily removed; and your pores will become less noticeable. You can see how the pore pack works at the picture above.

On the pore pack will be cuts wear you should tear open first before using. Wet your nose thoroughly (the pore pack won't adhere to dry skin), and apply the pore pack on your nose (it should cover the entire nose area). Leave it on for about 20 minutes (not too long or you'll have a hard time taking it off), then slowly peel it off, working from both sides to the tip of your nose. IF you were to leave it on too long and find it too painful to remove, wet the pore strips; it should be easy to remove afterwards.

The results....
Can you see the whiteheads? There's actually more, but it won't show on camera. You may find it gross, but staring at the whiteheads is very addicting XD After you peel the pore pack off, apply some toner and moisturizer. I love doing an ice mask after that, just to make sure the pores will go back to its original size, instead of being enlarged. DO NOT use this more than twice a week cause it'll end up increasing the size of your pores instead!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Boobies : Determining your bra size.

{This is a girls only post. Boys, you've been warned!}

In case you don't know, a bra is the most important thing when you dress up - it can either boost your confidence and make you look good OR make you slouch and make your boobies look weird. Buying a comfortable, high quality bra that don't dig into your skin and/or irritate your skin is important, but the fit is even more important. A bra that's too small will make you feel uncomfortable, and will suffocate your boobs, plus, you'll be spilling all over! A bra that's too big will cause you to keep pulling the shoulder straps throughout the day. is a great website for you to know what's your cup size and band size. It's really simple - measure what's needed when you finish showering and you'll get the correct size immediately. But keep in mind that bras in different styles MAY make you have a different band size, but the cup size usually won't differ. The most important thing when buying a bra is to try it on, and see if whether the band rises up your back (that's a bad sign), whether the hook (on its loosest) is too tight, whether you can fit two fingers under the band...

I bought both of the bras above at La Senza with the expectations that I'm a C-cupper, but it turns out C is a lil too big for me :P So I had to downsize to B, and it felt great! I was impressed by the salesgirl - she took one look of me in the bra I was trying and said I should be wearing a B cup bra. I just went to and it turns out I'm a 34B - so she was right! My shirt instantaneously look nicer when I'm wearing these bras underneath it, and because the underwire don't dig into me + the fabric is really smooth, I think it's worth the price! (I bought it for 2 at RM89, with an RM15 discount)

Bad bras really do kill a great dress. I've seen a lot of people with their bra bands riding up high, and their boobs spilling over - and it's not a great sight. It's funny how girls are bothered by transparent bra straps and lacey bra but they never notice how their shirt looks when they wear a bad bra. So girls, DO get professionally fitted, or just go to to have an online measurement, and head out to buy some brand new bras!

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feeling beautiful.

Not just on the outside, but the inside as well.
What made me feel that way, you ask? ♥, people. ♥.

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Friday, February 17, 2012


I'm working with kids right now, and I learnt that it's important for an adult to listen to what children say, or they'll never say anything to you if you continue ignoring them. Sometimes these kids'll go 'Lynnie sister!!! You listen or not???' And I'd be 'Yes, listening! Listening!' And they'd be very happy cause I'm listening to what they have to say. It's ironic how things this simple'd make children happy. Sometimes, I think us adults ask for too many things and we expect too much out of something/someone. Don't you agree?

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review : Beautymate Bright Up Nano Eye Mask

I bought a box of the eye mask when I was at KL cause mm was complaining about her dark circles. We were sleeping late and waking up early hence the dark and baggy undereye. I was looking around at the Guardian at our hotel building and they only have this and the MJ ones so I decided to buy this cause we can get a sheet mask free of charge :)

There were 7 pieces in a box, each of them individually wrapped. On the cover it says Beautymate Bright Up Nano Eye Mask 'eliminates dark circles and tightens eye zone'.

At the back : 'Japanese Nano Technology : The newly imported nano technology combined with a close-fitting mask cutting can effectively release essence nutrients into skin cells to bring you a unique skin care experience. Research has shown that Vitamin B3 can interfere the transmission of melanin up to the dermal cells, thus help to minimize dark circles and signs of tiredness. Yeast extract also helps to prevent the formation of dark circles and improve skin texture. Algae extract can enhance blood circulation and stimulate metabolism, keep your eyes healthy and energetic, bright and fresh. Effects : Enhances blood circulation, whitening, moisturizing.

This eye mask was LOADED with essence. And it kinda surprised me cause the essence is milky, not transparent. The two eye sheets were thoroughly soaked, and to avoid it from moving around, I wiped the essence of the sheets, and after applying the eye masks, I massaged the essence around my eye. And after that, there's still a lot of essence left - what a waste!
Can you see the essence smeared around my eye? Like any other masks, apply this mask after you've cleansed your face but before you put anything on. They say to leave it on for 15-20 minutes but since it was really wet I took it off after about 35 minutes. After I took it off, I found out the essence dried up on my skin, so I just washed it off with water - but the directions said to wipe it off with a cotton pad (which I assume should be moist with water/toner so no difference with washing it off).

The results were impressive! My dark circles were reduced and so did the puffiness. I mean, it's really obvious if you were to compare this pict and the first one. Plus, those tiny wrinkles (yes I do have them XD) around my eyes were slightly reduced. I'd use it in the mornings the next time cause I always wake up with puffy eyes.

The Beautymate Bright Up Nano Eye Mask is available at Guardians, Watsons, Sasa and Jusco Wellness stores. I can't remember the price (somewhere around RM39.90?) but I know you can get a facial sheet mask worth RM5.90 when you buy a box of these.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

If there could be a song.

"When I'm happy, if there's a song that'd describe the happiness I'm feeling, if it'd add to my happiness, if it'd make the people around me who's hearing the song happier, it'll be great.
When I'm sad, if there's a song that'd explain how down I'm feeling, if it'd numb some of the pain, if it'd make me feel like people'd understand the sadness I'm feeling, it'll be great.
When I'm confused, if there's a song that'd portray the confusion I'm feeling, if it'd clear my mind up, if it'd make me have a clear vision of my life, it'll be great.
When I'm wrong, if there's a song that'd construe the guilt I'm feeling, if it'd help me live with my wrongdoings, if it'd make the person I did wrong forgive me, it'll be great.
When I'm alone, if there's a song that'd elucidate the loneliness I'm feeling, if it'd stop the desolation from eating me up, if it'd make people appear around me, it'll be great."

I remember writing this once, while waiting for my brother to come drive me home after band practice. A friend of mine read it, and her comment was : "Well... I don't think there's going to be a song so magical. But I can tell you what's going to be even magical than a song like the one you wrote. A friend." I cogitated deeply after that, and I have to agree with her. In my search for those perfect songs, I forgot about my family, my friends, the people who'd help me whenever I need them. And now, I cherish the people who've been through everything with me a lot more than I used to. I was stupid, but at least I realized it before it was too late.

Have you?

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Things that made my Vday.

This box of love letters; because it's what I love, and what I have every year during the big V.

This nicely-wrapped gift.

Because accompanying it is pretty bow made from a pretty ribbon.

Also, it's contents made me drool, and suffer because of my gluttony :)

This big Carlsberg glass of orange juice; because it reminds me that there's always gonna be someone who wants me to get my daily dose of Vitamin C.

This IKEA pencils; because it made me laugh, poked my fingers, and made me wanna go back there.

This faded jewellery box.

Because the content means a lot.

This heart-shaped card; because it's filled with love and kisses.

This shot of chocolate mousse; because though it represents my love for chocolates, I can only afford three spoonfuls per meal or I'd have serious nosebleeds.

This box of nose strips; because it reminds me that someone cares about the way I look.

This hot pink ribbon hairpin; because it makes me look so girly.

But the thing that really made today a great Valentine's (though I don't have the picture to show you guys) is a hibiscus flower that a particularly silly boy plucked for me because I was whining about the absence of presents this year. And the jokingly-said 'I ♥ U sister' that another silly boy said to me. They made my day a hiatus, but it's worth it ♥ :)

How did YOU celebrate your Valentine's? With a kiss, a hug? Flowers, chocolates, cards? A proclamation of love? Or alone, like I did?

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Bday dinner!

Not mine, but Mm's and Bang's. We had it at How Kee Seafood Village at Bukit Tambun (in case any of you'd want the address : No. 1617, Jalan Besar, Bukit Tambun, 14110 Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.) - a great place to go if you want great seafood without burning a hole in your pocket! Plus, the service is real great, the waitress was smart enough to know what we want just by our descriptions AND the food came real fast. Not to mention the mouthwatering dishes XD We went there on a Friday but we went there late (like around 9+) so there weren't that many people around. But if you were to go there during public holidays, do give them a call (04-5882736) to book a table - especially if you come in big groups.

Mm, Bang and I. Bad quality cause it was taken by Go who's impatient at everything XD

Go. And also the person who belanja-ed us for the dinner :) Someone getting richer by the day LOL. Oh btw, if any of you have any computer/laptop/handphone problems or if you wanna buy a new comp/lappie/hp, do contact him!

After about 15 mins or so, our food came!
Mixed vege. It tastes like your day-to-day mixed vegetables, quite good cause the cauliflower was still crispy.

Balitung (a shellfish where you have to suck the meat out) with sambal and dried shrimp. ♥ it to the max. I love shellfishes but I know a lot of people who don't so it's an acquired taste.

Sambal prawn in bamboo. The dish was lovely - spicy but not overpoweringly so, and the prawn was still sweet and fresh. There were around 10-12 prawns (can't quite remember but I know they'll cook according to the number of people eating so no worries)

Salted egg crab. I ♥♥♥ the salted egg crab but it turns out Bang don't like it... He says it's not as nice as the one mm always cook LOL. It's actually just crab cooked with salted egg and curry leaves. The nice thing about this is that the crabs were coated with egg yolks so well that you can just eat the legs! It's worth a try if you haven't try it before. It doesn't taste salty at all... It tastes sweet!

We also had a fish dish. Ikan merah (literally translated to red fish) but I didn't took any picts of it cause Bang is a huge fan of steamed fish and when the fish came he digged in right away. Hey, it's his bday dinner, after all.

What's left on our table XD Btw, DON'T order the chinese tea - it's real bitter and tastes bleaurgh! But the dishes that I mentioned just now +bleaughish chinese tea +barley to compensate for the bitterness of the tea +six bowls of rice (cause four bowls aren't enough) costs only RM108!!! (that's around 27 ringgit for each person - which is very cheap if compared to how much seafood costs here in Penang.) It's worth the 30-minute drive there!

My family awlays have a lil bit of a thwarted bday dinner LOL cause we don't eat cakes. I mean, the last time we had cake was when I bought one for mm during Mother's Day... The cake rotted and was thrown down the chute. Our clan ain't a fan of cream and stuffs like that, so... :) But it's not a bad thing... It just means more room in our stomach for good food XD

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