Friday, March 30, 2012


In case you all haven't noticed (though I think it's very obvious :P), I revamped my blog! New background, new layout, new wordings,... I know it's been a while since said I wanted to change the background, but I could never find one that I like, and *sighs* since my blog don't have that much visitors no one'd wanna sponsor me... lol. Anyways, I thought, why not do it myself? And after a lot of trials and errors, I finally found a way to create the background! I find that it's not up to my par after I looked at it, but it's okay... I'd most probably do some adjustments here and there as I become pro-er at this editing thing. :)

So... how do you like my new background? Any comments? What about the wordings, the arrangement, etc? I changed the arrangement and the width a bit cause I want my horizontal pictures to fit in XL (previously I could only fit L-sized picts which makes my horizontal pictures look... ugly).

If you see any imperfections, do tell me and I'll try and change it :)

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sheila Sim's experience with SK-II.

Remember my post about SK-II's new ambassador?
Well, Sheila's commercial is officially launched, and it's regarding her 14-day transformation with SK-II. You must see the commercial to believe how SK-II transformed her skin within just two weeks!

"I never thought great skin could ever be mine, until I tried SK-II. Even today, I'm still amazed at how much my skin has improved. My skin has become crystal clear, and all it took was just 14 days." Her transformation is amazing, isn't it?

Here's another video of how Sheila Sim knew SK-II was the one for her.

"I felt different when I used SK-II. I felt like I don't have to worry about going out and concealing my imperfections."

Want to see more of these videos by Sheila Sim chronicling her journey with SK-II? Visit the SK-II facebook page {} / {} for more videos!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


There are things in life that you can't decide immediately, things that needs to be pondered and meditated on. These things are things that after it's decided, you can no longer turn back and change your mind, nor could you regret your decision.

I personally believe that in life, there's inevitably going to be tonnes of things that we'd regret, but if we were to live in regrets, then we won't be able to move forward. Take my SPM result, for example. Do I regret not studying? Maybe. I do believe that if I've put a little bit more effort in it I'd do better. Am I regretting things that can no longer be undone? No. I'm not letting what society (the M'sian society anyway) says about results and everything else deter me from achieving what I can, and will achieve.

So if you pondered about something, if you think you've think it through, and that you came up with the decision, stick with it. Don't let what others think or what you perceive as what others are thinking change the decision that you've already made cause you may regret not listening to your heart. :)

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Monday, March 26, 2012


"I know what you're about to say. I read what you watched. It's ironic how I love you so much I'd be able to guess what's on your mind even when I'm 12 hours away from you. Are you going to tell me you hope one day you'd be able to love the way I love you? If you are, then I hope one day when you find someone whom you'd love as much as I love you right now you wouldn't do to him what I'm doing right now : letting you go."

William W. Purkey once said "you've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, love like you'll never be hurt, sing like there's nobody listening, and live like it's heaven on earth." I danced, I sang, I lived, but have I loved? The fear of getting hurt is most probably making me stray away from giving my heart to someone, and though there are times where I wished I would've been braver in terms of taking chances with my life, I don't regret a thing. I don't think I'm prepared to be in love, to date, to be someone's girlfriend. I'm not willing to take the chance, to jump into a hole which depth I can't estimate, to open my heart and soul to something so very uncertain.

I've got years and years and years of life to live and I don't see anything wrong with not dating for the time being. If I've hurt anyone's feelings, then I'm sorry, but who am I to betray what I believe in just so I could fill what I presume as a hole in my heart? How am I supposed to know if loving someone'd make me feel less lonely? How can I be assured that at the end of the day my heart would be more of a whole than it is right now?

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunshine ♥

Went out with Amanda and QY yesterday cause it's been a while since we last went out. At the beach (my great idea :P You guys know how much I love the sun and the water, right?)

If you're wondering why we're wearing life vests, it's cause we went on the Great Big Mable! I think I'm addicted to this ride LOL. It actually is a last minute decision which explains why we look a bit overdress for this ride... But who cares? As long as we have fun XD

Us after the ride... The business-minded uncle totally didn't take any pictures of us during the ride... Gosh so much hate!

QY and I. We look pretty XD

My current facebook profile picture ♥ Our crazy hair... And Amanda's crazy smile XD

Duck face ahoy! I couldn't resist pouting my lips though I know it's banned in a guy's world. :P

Then we went to Popular in Looking Good cause they're having their annual clearance... We lost track of time and we had to rush to Gurney P.... to watch The Vow ♥ The movie kinda make me wanna cry... I didn't but I know lots of people did. It's a great movie! You should go and check it out :)

After the movie... Arcade it is! 
The car-racing thingy... Which I always win (I sound so cocky :P)

Amanda and I on a very angry horse... I guess we're too heavy for it XD

And last but not least...
QY and I with Amanda behind us :D. Too bad it's only us three. It was a fun day nonetheless. Talked about lots of stuffs. It's been a while since we last chatted :)

Forgive me for my brief descriptions. I'm currently munching on loads and loads of Dunkin', so.... :D

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

"You is kind. You is smart. You is important."

If you've watch the movie 'The Help', you'd know what the title's all about. Just finished watching it. Gosh that movie took my breath away. It's very heart-warming. I actually cried my way through it. Oh well, you all know how emotional I am right? Plus it's the time of the month again... Which explains why I almost cried watching 'War Horse' yesterday. Gosh these Emmy nominated movies are really living up to their name!

What I love about watching these meaningful movies, is that it's just plain meaningful. It bitterly reminds you of the harsh reality of life; and yet it also make you realize about the sweetness of life itself. I hate watching ghost movies because they're just... pointless. All it does is wreck my mind and scare the living daylight out of me.

Anyways... Back to the movie. The Help is basically about this group of 'colored' woman who're working as maids in white families. They do everything... And yet they aren't appreciated for their work. They were constantly humiliated, looked down upon, even treated inhumanly. And... the rest of the story is a twist that I'll save for you to watch. I've been known to spoil a lot of moments... So I'm not gonna do it now :) But what I would say is that it's definitely a great movie that you won't regret watching.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Review : Elianto's Organic Hydra Range

Urgh. My face's all pimply... I need my dose of SK-II XD. Anyways, I received a hamper from Elianto recently (I won their 'Like And Win' contest), and the hamper contains a set of skin care products from their Organic Hydra Range, which has the gel cleanser, face toner, ultra moist gel, serum and intensive mask. Today I'm going to make a review on the latter three products :)

The Elianto Organic Hydra Ultra Moist Gel. "This moisturizer provides a protective barrier against damage from the environment. Its fresh creamy texture leaves a moist, radiant finish without greasiness while it hydrates your skin."
 I'm currently using this as my daily moisturizer. It's a gel, and when I first saw the texture I immediately thought of the Shiseido Aqua Label's moisturizer (which sucked and made me break out). So I was crossing my fingers when I first applied this, and guess what? It didn't break me out (yay!). This moisturizer feels almost the same as the heme one, which is gel like but kinda dissolves into your skin, and it left my skin feel moisturized without being greasy.

The Elianto Organic Hydra Serum. "This serum is proven to make a visible difference in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone and skin firmness. It hydrates and protects skin against free radicals."
I personally don't always use serums, so I don't think I'd be a good judge on this. But what I know is after using this, my skin felt plump and moisturized, and it didn't feel greasy, nor did it break me out. I'm not sure about the 'improve appearance of fine lines, etc' part though... Didn't see much difference in my skin condition.

The Organic Hydra Intensive Mask. "This mask restores radiance, combats dryness and rejuvenates skin as it plumps up wrinkles and fine lines from within and calms stressed, sensitive skin."
After using this, my skin felt firmer, tighter, and much much moisturized. The only thing I don't like about it is the smell. I didn't quite know what the smell was until Go commented that it smells like alcohol, and it does! It kinda smells like liquor... The other products all smell nice though :) This mask have a creamy-gel like texture, and it's really easy to apply. Love it!

The thing about these products is that there's no description, directions and ingredients on the product! Even the website have just brief descriptions of the product. I wish they'd have printed out some directions and the ingredient list...Without that this whole 'organic' range just sounds fishy :P But all in all, these products has been great.

The Organic Hydra skincare range is available at all Elianto outlets.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Have you ever came across times when you're blinded from reality? Times when you're not sure if what you're seeing is the truth, or if it's your mind playing games with you? Sometimes I'd face times like this, so I wonder if anyone else do XD What I'm talking about is not the literal blindness where your world goes dark and you can't see anything... It's actually more of a blinded thought concept, where your mind's so confused that you can't think clearly.

There are days when I'd be blinded by all the deceptions in the world. There're also days when I'd be blinded by reality. And then there're days when I'd be blinded by our own imagination. I sound like I'm out of my mind... But who cares? There's most probably seven thousand other people who're like me :D Aaaannnddd there goes my mind again... blinding me from the harsh truth that I'm actually on the brink of craziness haha.

Oh well.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012


I do believe that life's like a puzzle, and everything that's happening in it is a piece of the puzzle. Sometimes you'd find something (or maybe someone) that fits perfectly in your puzzle of life, which is great. But just cause you found one that fits into the pieces it doesn't mean you'd have to stop putting the puzzle together, right?

Say you have a boyfriend, and you find that he's the perfect fit in your puzzle. Don't be so in love that you reassemble your life's puzzle just so that he'll fit even more perfectly. What it should be is that the puzzle should be in sync with all the other puzzle; which means that your boyfriend should be able to connect with your friends, your family, etc. If you can't do that, he's most probably not that perfect of a puzzle as you think he is.

Sometimes, though, you'd come across puzzle pieces that really can't fit anywhere, and yet you try so hard to find a place that you think it belongs. Things like unnecessary stress, emo-ness,... Things like this you have to learn how to let go. Discard the puzzle pieces that don't fit. Recycle it. What's the point of it lying around, right?

I'm up and about really early today! Quite a busy day - I have the Penang Youth meeting later, then mm and I are going for a massage, then I have to go to QB to redeem stuffs and do some shopping with mm. :)

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Friday, March 16, 2012

SPM 2011 Results

So... a lot of F5-ers have been freaking out about the SPM 2011 results. So here I am to shed some light on it XD. It's going to be released on the 21st (as opposed to 22nd), and students can start retrieving their results at their school from 10a.m. onwards. If you're a private candidate, you'll receive your results by post and/or you can contact the state examination office that you registered at.

There's another way (but I heard it's not reliable)... You can use the mySMS function. Just text SPM (space) your IC Number (space) your angka giliran number and send it to 15888. Your text should look like this : SPM 941012075000 PA095A545 . The text costs RM0.35 (0.15 is the sending fee while .20 is the receiving fee). It's not that reliable because A LOT of people would be using this method and well... sometimes it'll be slow. Unless you're on vacay and desperately need a method to retrieve your results, if I were you, I'd rather go to my school.

Good luck everyone! :)

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The making of...

A smile, maybe?

"You're out of your mind." Really? Are you saying that I'm out of your mind because you can see the light in my eyes, because I'm no longer blind, because I can fly with my wings soaring, because I see a world without walls? Are you jealous, or are you bitter? Of the things I'm achieving, the happiness I'm emitting, the life I'm piecing together? There comes a time when I have to get rid of the dumps in my life, things that're bringing me down, and you're one of them. Go away, self-doubt! Go away, insecurities! You can no longer curb my enthusiasm, you can no longer make me doubt myself, and no longer can you stop me from holding my head up high.

Because every post deserves a picture. And to prove the more confident me, here's one of me trying to look sexy! (Though I kinda failed cause I don't know how to... but I'm improving, no?)

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

SK-II's New Ambassador.

Do you know who's 1.74m tall, have strutted down runways for Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior and Chanel, and is joining the ranks of Lee Sinje, Qi Qi, Tang Wei and Haruka Ayase?

It's model-cum-actress-cum-future designer, Singaporean top model Sheila Sim! She's the first SK-II brand ambassador from Singapore, and boy does she fits that role well. Having worked for various brands since she was 16, the now 27-year-old beauty is inarguably the perfect choice to represent SK-II.

Growing up, Sheila never dreamed of becoming a model, though she did looked up to her aunt, Ivy Cheng. At a young age of 16, Sheila was talent spotted and that was when her road to modeldom began. Now, she could proudly say that she'd travelled to Milan, Paris and Tokyo to model for the top-notch designers out there. And don't be fooled by her looks, Sheila's actually a jack-of-all-trades : she made her movie debut in the film Autumn In March, and she's currently pursuing her interest in marketing and is planning to be a designer in the near future.

A self-professed outdoor sports fan who “loves the sun and sea”, she is a firm believer in natural beauty and “being comfortable with who you are”.  For Sheila, perfect skin is skin that is glowing, radiant and gorgeous, even without make up. Sheila’s skin philosophy is based on efficacy -  her ideal skincare regime is one that gives her consistent, visible results. Sheila states the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence as her favorite product, and recommends this item for anyone who's never used SK-II products before.

Interested in knowing more about this statuesque beauty? 'Like' SK-II's Facebook page (Malaysia/Singapore) for more news including behind the scenes footage. (Malaysia - & Singapore -

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And stare. Look at your reflection in the mirror, and tell me what you see. Tell me whether your eyes are soulful, whether your laugh lines are deep, whether your mouth's curved upwards. Tell me if what you see is a beautiful reflection, or a self-doubting one. Tell me if the mirror is left untouched, or if you shattered the mirror.

Do you see the future? Or do you reminisce the past? Or maybe you'd contemplate the present? Do you feel uplifted? Or do you feel sorrowness? Tell me.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


My aunt came back from the states a few weeks ago to visit my grandaunt who was ailing (she's getting better now, if you were wondering). Her husband's born and raised in the states, and recently we had a talk about the difference in the Asian culture and the American culture.

The American culture promotes freedom, liberal human rights, and independence amongst teenagers. The Asian culture is full of restrictions, what with the society being more close-minded and 'old-school'. Surprisingly, my uncle said he preferred the Asian way of bringing up their children instead of the American way. Being brought up the Asian way, I don't lean to any culture, but I believe that if society were to have a culture where teenagers are independent and yet still be restricted in some ways, it's actually be great.

The thing is, (from my standpoint as a teenager), if you were to give a child too much freedom, and not restrict their actions at all, there'll be actions that they do which you're not aware of that'd end up destroying their lives; but if you were to restrict them from doing things they want to do, and babying them throughout their teenage years, they'd end up clingy and a lot of them will not be able to survive this modern world.

I was brought up in a different way than most of my friends. Growing up, I was allowed to chase my passions (as long as it benefits me), and my mum supported me through all the things I love, like modelling(when I was 3-5 - toddlers and tiaras alert, XD), learning arithmetic, the piano, dancing, studying Japanese, swimming... My life was never bounded with tuitions (if you're Asian, you'd know that most of the students here goes to tuition for about 80% of the subjects they learn). I was scolded by a teacher when I was 12 because I didn't go for tuition :/ Most of my friends laze around when they're tuition-ing - what they're doing is actually relearning things that were taught at school! It's kinda absurd, but since they were forced by their parents to go to tuition, what they do is they play around, texting and dating while the tuition class is ongoing. There're students who go to tuition and study, and I take my hats off to those people (I never can - I remember once my mother asked a teacher to come teach me one-on-one and I slept through the whole class! It was kinda embarrassing for both the teacher and me LOL). And to a lot of 'normal' Asian parents, my life may seem like a wreck, but look what I turned out to be! Imperfect in a lot of ways, but a whole nonetheless, with a good heart and a great mind. I am independent, and yet I am clear of what I can or cannot do.

I'm not criticizing the way people bring up their child, or the way my friends were brought up. I've no intentions whatsoever to compare how Americans and Asians are brought up too(I don't wanna start a national fight here XD). What I intend on saying is that I wasn't brought up normal, what with being in a single-parent family and all, but I turned out good. If you're a parent and you're reading this, I know you have high hopes on your children: you want them to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects; but if what they really want is to be an artist, a painter, a storywriter, why don't you let them chase their dreams, and be there when they fall, and also there when they succeed. What's the point of forcing your child to do what he/she don't want to do and regret that decision when your child is depressed and on suicide watch? If you're someone's son/daughter and you're reading this, and like me, you have the freedom to do whatever you want with your family being there to support you, good for you. But if you don't, do know that your parents are hoping for the best from you, hoping that you'd live up the expectations that others have upon them as parents.

Wow. What a long post. It ran slightly off course though, because I was writing this and I read about the USM student who killed himself after he flunked a subject, so what's supposed to be a comparison of the American and asian ways turned out to be a 'live your life the way you want to' post XD. Excuse my inconsistency ya!

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Monday, March 12, 2012


My friends always ask me what's my skincare routine (though I think they should ask others who've better skin than I do :P). Today I'm gonna write about my daily skincare routine, and the products I use + some of my weekly masks.

I'd start with the basic products I use. For my cleanser, I have three different kinds, the Esmeria Organics Prickly Pear cleanser (every night when my skin feels oily), the Organic Aid Cleansing Foam (some nights when my skin feels tight) and the Phytobar (it's a soap bar - I use it when my skin don't feel dirty). I'm currently using the Esmeria Organics Prickly Pear moisturizer, but since it's finishing, I think I'm switching to the Elianto one. (Sometimes I switch things up with the Organic Aid moisturizer). I don't use toner, cause somehow my face hates it and whiteheads and blackheads will pop out when I use toners.

I don't use facial wash in the mornings, because I don't have oily skin. What I do is I wash my face with cold water, scrub it with a konjac sponge, pat it dry, and apply moisturizer while my skin's still damp. I don't use night creams or anything else. For days where I know I'd be under the sun I'd use a sunblock ( Dr. Wu UV Whitening Cream - SPF 35 ).

Before I sleep, I'd do the same thing; but I'd wash my skin with my face wash first. Sometimes I'll use a cleansing cloth with the face wash, but now that I have my konjac sponge, I don't do that anymore.

What I do weekly (no specific days... it depends on my laziness but I always leave at least 7 days between these)...

Scrubbing; either with a homemade sugar scrub (I combine sugar with tea OR sugar with coffee... you can go ahead and make something that suits your taste :D) or with the Organic Aid Moisturizing Scrub Cream. When my cupboard's stocked up with Montagne Jeunesse scrubs I'd use them XD

Pampering; either with a homemade moisturizing mask (oatmeal with yoghurt; strawberries...) or with sheet masks (I use My Beauty Diary, Montagne Jeunesse, this and thats... I don't have a specific brand of mask that I lean to)

Eye masks; never tried any homemade remedies (I heard cucumber and teabags and parsley'll be great... maybe I'll try it soon XD). I usually use the collagen eye masks that I buy, but I've been using sheet masks by Beautymate and MBD (it's a C-shaped one... will be doing a review on it soon!).

That's basically what I do to keep my skin healthy... My daily routine is as simple as it could be haha but I'm still young so no point in applying so much stuffs on my skin... Plus I don't really have the patience (and the time) to apply the 'ideal' combination of toner, essence, moisturizer, serum, etc... But what I'm doing is what suits me; do what you think is best for your skin!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012


So... I've been spending my weekend at Straits Quay, selling stuffs at an (unbelievably) cheap price for the Children Protection Society, and let me tell you, it's two long, hectic days!!! But I just ♥ selling stuffs to people. I mean, for each thing I sold (though I earn nothing from it... wait that's a bit of a lie XD), I'd jump with excitement! A lady that was helping us sell stuffs asked me to work for her cause I'm such a 'hard-working young lady'. I was taken aback but she's so nice! She have a booth in Gurney P. too!
The thing about doing these sales thingy is that by the end of the day, you'd get very very very sore legs! I was standing, moving around, talking to customers, passing money, taking change and smiling throughout the 5-6 hours I was working! But at least I still have my smile by the end of the day. I still don't get salesgirl who're frowny and grumpy all the time... to think that they're paid for it too!

Btw, anyone want me to work on weekends with them? It seems like I'm spending more and more and I should work just so that my bank account won't be drained LOL. I've got lots of time in my hands, and all this sitting and blogging is turning me into a fat cow... NOT GOOD! XD

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Friday, March 9, 2012


They say looks can be deceiving, and I guess it's true... People can have a smiling facade and yet hide vengeance inside. Some people'd look and act as if they don't care when they actually do. Backstabbers are eminent in our lives, and so are the so-called 'saviors' - strangers who'd save your life and help out whenever you need them.

I believe that if we were to want to survive (and succeed) in this world, we have to be constantly looking out for those hidden dangers, but to not forget to have fun, and enjoy life while we're at it.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Review : Max Factor Colour Perfection Eyeliner

I love makeups that make life easier, and the Max Factor Colour Perfection Eyeliner surely do. My mum was on a hunt for eyeliners when we came across the Max Factor counter and the BC there recommended this. 'Trying out the latest colour trends has never been easier - these glide-on pencils are a great way to add a hint of colour to your eyes whether you’re an eyeliner pro or a trying it out for the first time. The ultra fine nib creates a soft, smudgeproof line in seconds and comes with its own handy built in sharpener. In one flick you can create a smooth, soft and smudgeproof shot of colour without pulling or dragging the skin around your eyes.' 

The eyeliner is great, what with it being very pigmented and easy to apply. It has a lil bit of a shimmer to it, which makes our eyes pop when applied! The colour perfection eyeliner collection have 6 shades (black, brown, khaki, charcoal grey, ice blue, olive), and mine's in 60 - Ice Blue. The only problem I have with this eyeliner is that it's not waterproof - which means smearing'll occur (but I handled that problem by dusting some powder over it).

 I usually line my lower lashline with it cause I want my eyes to look brighter. On the picture above I had on purple and blue eyeshadow too, but what I like to do is to just pair the eyeliner with thick,black lashes. Coloured eyeliner is really in right now - but it depends on how you use it! Too much colour and it's gonna be a mess!

The Max Factor Colour Perfection Eyeliner retails at RM34 and is available at all Max Factor counters.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


They always make a fool out of us, don't you think? There'd be times when your wishes wouldn't come true; times where you wish it wouldn't come true but it did. There'd be instances where only half of it come true; instances where it came true in a wholly different way. "Be careful what you wish for", I used to doubt that quote, but now, as I get older, I realize the hidden meaning behind it, the shadows lurking beneath our wishes.

There are things I wished for during incomprehensible times that I regretted wishing for. There're also wishes that when I recall, seem funny and senseless : marrying a prince, being an instant billionaire, be famous... I'm sure a lot of us wished for silly things; it's just whether or not you're willing to admit it.

If I were to be granted three wishes, my first wish'd be for me to have a thousand more wishes :) Sounds silly, and selfish (since it means depriving 333 people off their wishes :P) but I promise I'd put those thousand wishes into good use... XD

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review : Esmeria Organics Prickly Pear Range

Esmeria Organics is a brand of organic skincare and it's certified by EcoCert France. They have different ranges of skin care, hair care and body care. For the skin care range, they have 'Prickly Pear' for Normal to Combination skin, 'Glasswort' for Dry and Mature skin and 'Alpine Willowherb' for Oily & Acne Prone skin. Visit their website to learn more about this brand :)

I bought the Prickly Pear facial travel set which contains 20ml of Balancing Cleansing Gel, 15ml of Balancing Toner and 10ml of Moisturizer. At the back, they state 'Normal to combination skin wants a bit of support and sebum regulation to maintain its health and vigour. Mexican Prickly Pear provides deep hydration, protects from UV damage and soothes when the going gets rough. Alpine Willowherb keeps sebum secretion under control and calms irritated skin.'

'Cleanse and balance normal to combination skin with Esmeria's Balancing Cleansing Gel. Mild sugar and amino acid derived cleansing agents remove dirt and pollution while Alpine Willowherb and Mexican Prickly Pear regulates sebum secretion, soothes and protects against environmental stress factors. This balancing combination shields and nourishes while reducing shine.' The cleansing gel is really concentrated, so a drop goes a loooong way. It foams up real well, and doesn't dry up my skin after washing.

'Tone and balance normal to combination skin with Esmeria's Balancing Toner. Mexican Prickly Pear offers short and long term soothing effect, skin firming properties and moisturisation. The Alpine trio of Willowherb, Butterfly Bush and Common Thyme inhibits sebum production, acts as a free radical shield and protects the skin from environmental stress. This comprehensive combination shields and balances.' This toner smells great, but I don't love it. I'm not a toner user because I find toners drying out my face. I was hoping this particular toner wouldn't, but it did dried out my face + some pimples popped up after I used it! Quite a disappointment :(

'Nourish and protect normal to combination skin without adding shine. Alpine Willowhead and Mexican Prickly Pear offer long lasting hydration and protection from environmental pollution while regulating sebum secretion. EFA rich Peruvian Inca Inchi supports healthy skin while marine algae and seaweed extracts defend against UV damage. Alpine Butterfly Bush and Common Thyme complete this combination by strengthening the skin's in-built immune system. Esmeria's moisturizer for normal to combination skin is the ultimate all-rounder, boosting the skin's immune system, offering moisture without shine and UV protection.' To tell you the truth, when I first read the description, I thought it was a load of bullocks. I mean, how could a moisturizer work so magically? But I was impressed with this moisturizer. It really moisturizes my skin but it doesn't make it oily and shiny all over.

The facial travel set is available at these places for RM39.90. You can also purchase it online at their website.

Interested in buying the products I mentioned but having doubts on whether it'll suit your face? You can try out their free sample here! It comes with a cleanser and moisturizer depending on the range that you chose, and a RM5 voucher for your next purchase :)

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Monday, March 5, 2012


Sometimes there'd be days where you feel a removal of memories is necessary.

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Turn around.

"And face the wind. Close your eyes, feel the breeze that's causing wisps of hair to hit your face, embrace the wind, and stand amongst it instead of against it."

If you know me, you'd know how much I love the rain, the strong wind, the thunder and lightning, and the darkness that comes with it. To me, each of this element represents an aspect of life : the rain, our soul; the strong wind, our challenges; the thunder, our strength; the lightning, our light; the darkness, our silence.

I distinctively remember Rylee's derivation of a storm : the rain, our tears; the strong wind, our cries; the thunder, our broken heart; the lightning, our paralysis; the darkness, our solitude. Typing this made me realize how different each and every human being is, how one's life may seem to not differ with another's, but the truth is not a single soul is created the same.

Whenever the wind blows, I'd remember. How we used to dance in the rain, how we used to hide under the covers, how we used to scream at the wind, how we used to fight with each other because we're the 'same'. Thinking about it no longer make me sad, it made me realize things, it opened my eyes. Sometimes, inevitably, a dust or two will fly into my eyes and cause some tears. But those tears aren't tears of sorrow, it's tears of gratitude.

Today's post is a little bit deep, but I think a few of you'd understand. :)

Your mum reads my blog.
Turn away.

Friday, March 2, 2012

New header :)

I know I said I'm gonna change my background years ago... I don't know why but I've never gotten to doing it... Anyways, thought that my blog needs a change, so I've changed my header. A new start for the month of March, maybe? I've been very busy lately, but here's some updates on my life right now.

A representative from SK-II contacted me and said that they'd like me to collaborate with them! I was shocked, and appreciative at the same time. I'm very very excited to start my project with them :)

Still waiting for the beauty ambassador results... I wish I made it! But don't wanna get my hopes up high cause if I don't get it, I'd be the one crashing down and breaking my heart. *cross fingers* XD

I'm having my driving lessons right now... I know it's kinda late, but I'm a procrastinator. Now that I get the hang of the clutches and the brakes and acceleration of a Kancil, the lessons are quite smooth... Most probably'll take my test next week.

I redecorated my room! And it looks more spacious now! The walls are done, and my shelves are arranged. But there's still some minor details that I haven't finish... The top of my shelves are still a mess, and so is my makeup table... will get to it tomorrow, maybe :P. I'm still pondering on whether or not I should paint my furniture, and what colour should I paint them if I do decide to do it...

Oh and I won a few contests :) I got the main prize for Elianto's 'Like & Win' contest and the sub-prize for the La Senza's contest... No matter what the prize is, I still love winning :)

Btw, any ideas on how my background should be? Like, should I keep it simple, without any pictures of me, or... Don't know which direction I should head lol.

Your mum reads my blog.
I wish you were here.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lighted eyes.

Have you ever had a period in your life where the your eyes are no longer lighted, where the smile you produced is no longer authentic, where the sun no longer shines, where life no longer have a path? I think everyone'd go through that phase at least once in their life. This phase is that time when things no longer matter, when you no longer give a damn, when you're tired of life. A big portion of people would be able to go through that phase, but there're some that'll be trapped in that phase, with no intentions of digging themselves out of the hole that they're trapped in.

If you're reading this, and if you feel like you're one of those trapped souls, don't give up. You'll eventually be lifted up from that big hole, and your soul'd automatically be returned to you. If you really don't feel like life's worth living, find someone. Find someone that you know would make you see the light. Contact a therapist, a psychologist, Help4U, Befrienders... Shed all your tears, pour out all your problems, and believe me, you'd be free soon.

Your mum reads my blog.
Even though I left today, you made me wanna stay :)