Monday, April 30, 2012


'30/N - Met him today. His usual 'how are you' weren't there. He looked awfully mad. Or was it frustration? "You know what? Sooner or later there's gonna be a bounty for your head for what you did and when that day comes don't expect me to bail you out." "I don't." He left. And for no reason, I crumbled. Everything just caved in. I broke down. Not just emotionally, physically, even. I don't think he knew how much I wanted him to hold me, to ensure me that everything's gonna be okay.'

'14/D - Things happened like he said it would. It's ironic, really. Didn't know I was worth that much money dead. The last time I talked to him he said he wouldn't care if this happened. I wonder if he changed his mind now? If he's going to be here to protect me from them? Somehow, my mind's saying 'Dream on!'. I never thought he meant this much. Urgh. I wish I could turn back time and tell him what I'm feeling now.'

'25/D - I've been running. For days. I don't really know from what, from whom. All I know is I have to run. No Internet, no fun and games. Just the woods, the sea. Hopping from plane to plane, ship to ship, car to car. Never knew my life's so precious. It's Christmas. At least we get to rest for a few days. It's funny to think that they think these people who're after me'd rest just cause it's Christmas. Do those heartless beasts even celebrate it?'

'14/F - Valentine's. Today it suddenly dawned on me how tired I am. There were so many close calls, so many disguises. What's the point? Why don't they let them take me and get this over with? Why the running? Where's he? I wish he was a Pokemon that I could choose and he'll come running.'

'28/M - The end. It's my surrender. Seeing everyone tired from having to run and protect me wasn't the breaking point. The breaking point was seeing someone die and not being able to do anything. It was knowing that the person that I hope'd save me won't. I'll take the blame for my actions. I knew the circumstances when I did what I did. I did what I did. No turning back.'

Excerpts from a novel I read. Very random. These excerpts struck me. In a special way. Was listening to Bruno Mars's It Will Rain while reading the book. The girl died. I remember reading it at school, the classic version. Couldn't quite comprehend it. Found the modernized version of it online. Started reading it. Picking up the broken pieces from my high school years :)

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The wire.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Of buffets and beaches.

{Warning : this post is filled with self-capture and a whole lot of whatchamacallits. If pretty girls ain't your thing, leave :P Don't say I didn't warn you...}
So today it's all about the 'B's. Buffets, bikinis, beaches, bitches, bickers,... (Well maybe not the bikinis and bitches but then :P) Leena, Yi Xin and I went to Naza Talyya Hotel for a High-Tea buffet. Didn't really take any pictures cause the food wasn't that presentable. It wasn't nice either. Won't go back there no more :P

We talked and talked and talked. I think other than the moment when we're eating, the other moments were filled with gossips! (Oh wait, we were gossiping while eating too :P) It's nice to have days like this where we're able to go out, talk and eat and just have fun. I think after this it'll be hard for us to get-together (think form six and matrix!!!). Even now it's hard for us to find a time that suits everyone lol.

Went by the pool to snap a few pictures. It was windy! Like seriously windy.
Haha with that hair I think I'm eligible to audition for a Pantene ad :P

Don't know if you can see it but the beach was dirty... Meh. Me hate dirty beaches!

Haha a 'family' portrait. No idea why people'd say I look like Leena when I obviously don't. My uneven eyes are so obvious here!

We walked took a bus to the beach behind Paradise Hotel. Cause it was cleaner and there were watersports there ;)
Selca-ed again. Excuse us for loving the camera so much :D

It was a windy day! I thought we'd go in the water which is why I was in my swimsuit :P Turns out we weren't. Camwhore it is then.

Things didn't really work out the way it planned today. We were thinking of riding the banana boat but we only have three people so that was a problem (anyone wanna join us the next time we go out?). Then when we decided to ride on the Maple it started to rain! Goddamnit. The wind was blowing furiously so of course no watersports for the day :( We ended up soaking our legs poolside at Paradise. Pfft. It was a fun day though. Talked a lot. Laughed a lot. Gossiped a lot.

A crazy picture of me. Cause I'm sure somewhere someone needs a 20-toothed smile to get through their day. I'm always gonna be here for you. Remember that, kay?

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Trying to catch the train to nowhere.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Have you ever looked at a photograph and thought 'when did I take that picture'? It's ironic how people say pictures are used to capture memories, to stop it from withering away. But there're instances when I look at some of my pictures, and I wouldn't remember where it's from, why I took it, etc. No, it's not my endless camwhoring that made me feel that way. It's like, the details in the photographs are bleached and all you can see is a face, without a recollection of what it was for.

A short update :P Felt like writing a review, but then when I look at the pictures I took for some product review I went 'noooo!'. Lol. Totally need to retake them so they'd look pretty :) And at least provide you guys with a clearer detail about them haha. I have loads of products to review on! Masks by MBD, LoveMore, etc. Makeup products by Maybelline. Skincare by SK-II and NuTeen. So there'd most probably be tonnes of reviews on my blog :P And guess what? Something exciting's coming up! Hint : remember the makeup post? XD

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Umecare : Your Skin We Care

{Sponsored post}
So about two weeks ago I was sent a bunch of products from Umecare for reviewing purposes. It took me a while to write a review on the things that were sent to me cause they were skincare products - which means it takes a while to see the effect. Anyways, Umecare is a range of skincare product by Medique International. I chose the 'You Can Shine' whitening range because that's the one that intrigued me the most :P. The other range that they provide is the 'Be Desirable Again' acne range, 'Peace Of Mind' sensitive range, 'Never Too Late' anti-aging range, the 'Shine With Shelter' protection range and the 'Strive For More' treatment range.

You Can Shine Renewal Cleanser - refines and clears skin impurities, stimulates skin cell and promote blood circulation. I personally love the type of cleansers that foams up so this is not my type of cleanser - it doesn't lather well, so I always end up feeling like I'm using too little cleanser though with the same amount of Biore cleanser I wouldn't have this problem. After using it for about one week, I find that the best way to use this is to dab a few dots on your face and just rub it in a circular motion. It cleanses quite well, without making my skin feel dry and tight afterwards.

You Can Shine Brightening Toner - brightens complexion, restores moisture and protects the skin from irritation. If you know me, you'd know how I don't usually use toners because I can't find one that won't break me out. Plus, I don't find it necessary cause my skin's not that prone to break out. But this toner is the best! I didn't break out at all from using it AND it really made a difference (the whole range made a difference) but now my skin really is brighter!

You Can Shine Spots Care - reduces pigmentation and improves skin discolouration. This is a serum that's loaded with Mulberry extract which is proven to whiten human skin. I use only a dot of this, and believe me it's more than enough. I only apply it on my cheekbones though (which is freckled from the sun). So far what I can see is that the pigmentation on my cheek is reduced - though not obviously. I also applied it on my pimple scar and find it works better in lightening the scars! This is my fave product of the range :)

You Can Shine Whitening Moisturizer - prevents formation of melanin, lightens freckles and dark spot and increase moisture content. I find this moisturizer to be a bit on the oily side (though it didn't break me out, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who have oily skin). I pump out half a pump, rub it between my hands and apply it on my face. This way it wouldn't be as oily as when I dot it on my skin and apply it. After applying, I'll use a tissue and dab my skin with it just to get rid of the oiliness. If the oiliness didn't bother me as much, this would've been a great moisturizer.

Shine With Shelter Body Sun Screen SPF 30 - prevents aging skin of the body and protects from dark spots and pigmentation. Apart from the whitening range, they sent me this sunscreen too! So considerate of them to want me to whiten my face AND my body :P This is the best sunscreen ever! I've always strayed away from sunscreen because of the stickiness after applying them (which is why I'm so tanned). But this sunscreen is great! It feels like baby powder when you apply it and it doesn't leave a sticky residue behind at all! The best thing is that it doesn't have a weird smell like what a normal sunscreen would :)

I also received two miniature (3ml) products. This one is the Eye Am Gorgeous Eye Serum - reduces dark eye circle, promotes blood circulation and reduces wrinkle. Okay so this is like my first ever eye serum so I can't really compare it with anything else, but I don't think it works. I have like very dark circles (because of my sinus problems + I've been getting less sleep recently), so when I saw this I was like 'yay! goodbye dark circles!'. I used it every night religiously (I only use a dot for each eye though cause I heard too much of a good thing is a bad thing...), but nothing happened. I laugh a lot, so I have like fine crow's eyes and it wasn't reduced. :(

Be Desirable Again Spot On Acne Gel - inhibits bacteria growth, clears out acne and effectively clears out clogged pores. :O This is the greatest! I was having my period, so a few pimples popped out, which is great cause I get to try this... And guess what? The pimple that popped out dried up the next day! And after that it was gone... without a trace. I use it at night though, and only apply a teenee-weenee amount on my pimples. Most probably one of the best spot-on gels I've ever used.

Interested in trying out the products from Umecare? Head on to their website and their facebook page for more info and/or to buy their products online. You can also register as a member in their website and get exclusive discounts (such as having the range kits - which includes 15ml of each item per range and a free travel pouch bag (the one I'm holding), a designer reusable bag (I didn't receive this :( - it looked nice in picture though!!!) and a postcard with stamp! - at a discounted price!)

Anyways, here is the most recent picture of me. As you can see, my skin is great (with less pimples and a clear, smooth complexion) but my dark circles are badddd... Overall, Umecare is definitely a great brand with an affordable price range. I can't quite afford it (cause I'm a student and all....) but if any of you are using any higher-end brands that don't seem to work, I'd definitely recommend you to try out Umecare! They're organizing an event from the 27th to the 29th of April at Tesco Egate, Penang from 10am - 10pm. It's a Mother's Day event so bring your mum and go visit their booth to talk to them. Plus, they're giving out free gifts with every purchase you make! Definitely worth checking out :)

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Watch me breathe.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Golden girl.

{Automated!!! :P}
I used to hate it when I stand next to my fair-skinned friends, cause I'd usually be the tannest one around. But now I ♥ my skin! I don't think I can go any fairer, though I've never tried... Maybe I should wear sunblock every day and avoid the sun wherever I go just to see how I look like with fair skin, no?

Anyways, I was told recently from a friend of mine in the States that I'm such a golden girl. I was also told that people there would die for a skin colour like mine :P (Which explains the fake spray tans and the tanning beds...) Which basically means that I'm 'hot' in their terms :P Maybe not lah but that was what I was told haha. *"Oh, stop it you!" meme appears*

What I want to say is that no matter if you're tanned as hell, or as fair as snow white, embrace it. Don't try to change it just cause you feel like being a part of everyone else rather than standing out. Having something that enables you to stand out is not a bad thing! Trust me, I've experienced it first hand!

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Monday, April 23, 2012


{This is an automated post. I'm whisked away :D}
Coquette - that's what I was told I am :P Am I? I think flirtatiousness is normal in every woman. If someone flirts with me, of course I'd automatically flirt back *winks*. But I don't deliberately go around and flirt with anyone I meet. That's just not my style.

Anyways, I never think I'm that much of a flirt. I can't even flirt nicely with someone without blushing :P I blush very obviously, and it's always awkward when someone flirts and I blush and that someone'd go 'LOL you're blushing'. Either that or 'the hell?' lol. I can't really change that though, and also the fact when someone flirts with me I always laugh out loud and make that someone awkward. For no reason at all, I find flirts funny haha.

Oh ya. This is an automated post because I'm vacay-ing. Actually make that half-vacay and half-business :) Marks & Spencer, here I come! I've been wanting to buy their swimsuits for soooo long so mm's wallet may be a bit lighter after this trip :D

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In love with someone? Nahhhh....

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Makeup Addiction - Maybelline Haul!

If you know me, you'd know how I'm not a makeup wearer. I rarely ever make myself up (because I don't think I need to :P), but every time I see someone transforming under the 'magic' of makeup products and brushes I can't help but go :O. I've always been watching youtube's makeup gurus (MichellePhan, Macbarbie, Xteeener, Bubzbeauty, Elle & Blair Fowler...) and I've always been amazed by their skills. I recently got these goodie bags from Maybelline that contains loads of makeup products (I got double of everything haha) so I was thinking, why not experiment with makeup. So this post is basically going to be about some makeup looks I tried out :)

Let me 'show off' what I got first. I received money (:P), two Master Liner in Black, two Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm, two the Falsies Volume Express Mascara, a Water Shine Pure lipstick, two Clear Smooth B.B. White and two Clear Smooth face powder. The reason I got two of everything was the first goodie bag that they gave me was lacking a lipstick (hence only one lipstick) so they gave me an extra bag! I'm thinking of doing a giveaway in my blog (to give away the extra mascara and the eyeliner...), what do you guys think? Anyways, I'm working on the reviews for all of these items, but for now I'm really in love with the B.B. cream!

So... I have three different makeup looks. Okay actually I'm cheating. By three different 'makeup' looks I actually meant three different eye looks. Didn't really experiment with my whole face lol.

My first eye look :
My first look. Okay so I don't really think anyone will wear this out BUT this would look nice in photo shoots :D I had always been afraid of trying out pinkish lip colour, cause I think it'll look washed out on my face. Anyways, the flower effect on my eye was done with eyeliner. Excuse my eye bags cause like I said, I only focused on my eyes, didn't focus on anywhere else.

I look weird with bubble gum pink lips LOL. But hey, experiment time! Anyways, there was supposed to be a small ♥ at the corner of my eye... Looked great in person but in pictures it looked like a dot! Pfft. I didn't wear any mascara here, I just coloured it with my eyeliner to add some definition.

My second eye look :
Inspired by Michelle Phan! (She had this metallic eyes tutorial that I fell in love with!) Wasn't facing the computer when I did this eye look so I did it according to my memory. My camera's highly exposed (something's wrong with my DSLR... gonna send it to service soon), but the colour's supposed to be a very dark blue + black colour, with blue-lined under-eyes. Anyways I think I drew up to the side too much, it should've been this thick pointy shade instead of a thin long pointy shade... I'm actually quite proud of this look (since I've never done any blending before AND I'm using this very bad eyeshadow sponge). Also, one of the lights in my room blew up, haven't changed that yet so my room's really dim.

How my eyes look closed. My eyes are creased in a weird way while I was making up yesterday which is why when I opened my eyes it looked like I didn't apply anything on my upper lid LOL. Didn't apply any false lashes, was thinking of buying some but I don't know which ones to buy :P. 

My third eye look :
So I cheated and did two different eye looks for two different eyes :P I'm a bit slow in terms of trends... I think I remember seeing this double-winged eyeliner as a winter trend... Decided to try it out anyways, just to perfect my eyeliner drawing skills. I think I did great :P Should've winged it out a bit more so that it looked a bit more obvious in pictures... Btw, I did use mascara! No lipstick though, just lip balm.

Both the looks un-close-up :P I look like superwoman in one eye and clubbing girl in the other :P Now that I'm staring at my picture I actually find my original lip colour intriguing lol!

So, that's it. My three eye looks. Do give me some comments. And I have two questions... Do you guys want me to do the giveaway? AND do you want me to do step-by-step tutorials? As in, for the looks? Would you guys appreciate it if I post more posts like this?... Lol you readers are the heart of my blog so I really do appreciate your comments :)

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Win SK-II products worth RM1033!

SK-II has recently launched the Sheila Sim compliments tab on their Facebook page {} / {} and they would like to invite all SK-II users to post and share all the compliments you've received since you started using SK-II!

Think you received an even more meaningful compliment than the one Sheila Sim received from her aunt? Then head on to SK-II Facebook page's compliment tab {} and share a compliment someone has paid you there and stand a chance to win SK-II products worth RM1033!

The 10 best comment stories will win a 75ml Facial Treatment Essence, 30ml Cellumination Essence EX and a 50g Skin Signature Cream worth RM1033! So hurry up and share those compliments cause the contest ends on the end of May 2012.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I came across a lot of unspoken words today. Some, forgotten. Some, forbade. "Never ever tell her what I told you." When you said that, didn't it cross your mind that she's not one to keep secrets from me? Even if she is, do you think I'd not force her to tell me? Do you think I'm so ignorant I wouldn't have noticed things changing? 

悲伤最终还是上演了. 照片里的笑容; 心里的忧伤, 还是瞒不了你. "安得与君相决绝,
免教生死作相思." 起. 拒绝你, 唯一的选择.

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Memories, forever ♥.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Am I really a poison to your heart? A blockage in your path towards your dreams? Do I really only know the things that you don't want me to? Do I really have the ability to both bruise and heal you?

Telling someone you don't love him/her doesn't mean that you always won't. At the end of the day, matters of the heart are hard to explain. You may hate someone and love someone at the same time. You may be with someone but feel like running away. I couldn't force myself to break that someone's heart but inevitably, that's what I have to do. You were told about the consequences, about the terms and conditions. You knew what you're in for, and yet you chose to dive into the valley in which depth you don't know. And now, you've to suffer what you've to suffer.

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Hold me when I turn my back.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Friday The 13th Masquerade Party.

While some people stray away from doing anything on Friday the 13th, Joey and I had a great idea to throw this awesome masquerade party. I never thought being a host would be so tiring... But it was fun! Anyways, I didn't take much pictures that day cause I was busy hosting, etc.

Went to Joey's place at about 10am to get things ready... Both Joey and I thought 10am was a bit early but boy were we wrong :P

That's Joey, by the way. She made the 'pom-poms' for us to hang... I think it looked more like flowers :P

The masks for the guests. Pretty, no? I'm selling a few of these if any of you are interested :)

The fruit tart.

The 'chocolate eclairs'. Actually it's cream puff with chocolate on top. It was tasty! Joey ordered both the tart and the cream puff from a blogshop.

Almond (or was it walnut/durian?) tarts from RotiBoy. We had more food (vermicelli, curry, crepes, watermelon, cupcakes, tacos... but I didn't take any pictures of them... sorry ^^)

Pictures of the guests....
Let's start with me. :P

Ee Teng and I.

Jing Yi and I.

Joey and I.

Chareesa and I.

Khai Wei and I.

That's about it. Like I said, didn't really take much pictures :P If you're wondering why I'm all wet at the last two pictures it's cause everyone jumped into the pool :D Lol it was funnn. We should throw something like this more often (though I'd choose not to be the host). Anyways, have a fun weekend everyone!

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I waited and waited.