Wednesday, June 27, 2012


No matter what you do, I'll always be by your side.
No one is ever going to be able to stop me from loving you until the end of time.
Even after a million years.
Even if you could no longer be mine.
Even when my tears, my attachment, me caring annoys you.

When we met, I knew.
I knew you are the one for me.
I knew I'd be wanting more from you.
I knew that those bitches before me could never compete.
Nor could the angels after me.

Remember me.
Remember my smile.
Remember my laughter.
Remember my frown.
Remember my tears.
Remember my love.

Because I will always be here.

Your mum reads my blog.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I have a question for all you readers out there : what does being a friend mean to you? What does someone have to do to be a friend?

I care. About people. No matter if they're the few that I call friends, or the others that I've acquainted. My friends all say it's like a disease. Me caring. I care so much about others that sometimes I don't quite care about myself. I listen to people's problems, I help solve them, I give advice, I make people smile. And I do all this willingly. Sometimes I complain about how I can't help but care, but then other times I'm grateful I have the heart to care.

I'd always thought people appreciate me for caring. That me being concerned about them wouldn't be considered an annoyance. That I could be that ray of light in their tunnel of shadows. I was wrong. It turns out there're people who hates me for caring, who thinks that I'm just this vexatious friend that goes about asking everyone how they are.

That doesn't mean I'll stop caring. I know you'd think I'm this pesky girl, but seriously, I won't stop caring. Especially because you asked me not to. Do remember though, that I have my breaking point. I care because I could, because I want to. But if you were to keep pushing me away, one day you'll find yourself having one less annoying friend, and when that day comes, there's nothing you can do to turn things around.

And to that special someone : "I pushed you away because I was afraid of falling for you. But it was too late. Two hours, you bastard, and you stole my heart."

Your mum reads my blog.
Everything is gonna be okay.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pat my head.

I'm short. I admit it. I was my size ever since I was 15, and the only thing that's growing after that age is my weight :P I'm okay with it. I mean, mm's just about a cm taller than me (I'm 163cm, by the way), and though my bros are both at least a head taller than me, I've tried everything I could but I'm still stuck at 163, so there's really nothing much I could do about it anymore.

Anyways, the great thing about being short is : everyone pats your head! Some people may find it annoying but I (secretly) love it. I mean, it makes me feel... loved. If you're squirming at that statement, I know who you are ;) My great friends always do so. And as much as I'm short, some of them are shorter and insists on me squatting down to pat me on the head. Which I'd then do so, feigning annoyance but deep down I'm actually jumping with joy.

Sometimes the 'pat' actually is a dutch rub. These are usually done either by my brothers or a guy friend :/ Do you guys know that it'll cause a bald spot? So stop doing it! You don't want me to be bald, right? Or do you? Hmmm....

This is such a random post. Conclusion? Pat me in the head! I love it XD Oh wait I just revealed one of my biggest concealed secret ever. What if strangers walk up to me and pat me in the head for no reason? LOL! Oh well. Happy Moanday, peeps! :D

Your mum reads my blog.
"I miss how you say 'I love you' every time I say goodbye."

Friday, June 22, 2012


I remember one of my New Year's resolution was to have at least 20 posts a month, and I'm so failing that resolution. I try to have one post up every two days but well... You guys know how THAT turned out :P Anyways, I had this whole great blog posts in mind. And guess what? My Internet line kaput-ed on Sunday. Didn't recover until yesterday.

So I've been doing nothing these past five days. Just goes to show how much I rely on the Internet. Nahhh. I was just joking. My week has been fun, actually. On Sunday, I went out with my friend. Monday, took care of my gran at the hosp. Tues, ...what did I do on Tuesday? Wed, went out shopping with my brother. Thurs, went out shopping with my gran.

Wellll it's not like I didn't have the Internet at all. My trusty BlackBerry is always here to give me access to my e-mails (which is important to me, mind you). Tried to blog using my BB, the post turned out crappy. I rather not blog than post a crappy post here. It also enabled me to log in to Facebook. Not that I'm obsessed with Facebook but it's much much cheaper to be chatting with people through it than texts.

Anyways, the point is that I find people nowadays are very tech-reliant. I know I am, in a way. When I read reports in newspaper about people dying from not leaving their PC, I find it sad. Sometimes I feel like screaming at those people. Get a life! Get your lazy bums off that seat and go for a walk! I need technology, but if it's not there, I can find something else to do. I'd go swim, walk around the park, dance around, fingershoot my brother, spend time with my mum, etc.

Now, I need your help with something technology-related :P Do go to and vote for me! :) And help me spread the word :P Thanks so much, peeps!

Your mum reads my blog.
Sticks and stones.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


It's summer time! Actually here it's summer all year long but these few days have been all hot and hazy-ish, with minimal rain and even minimal clouds. The humidity here is so high! But because the sun has been shining, it's great for us to bring colours into our daily routine! Here I am with a very dramatic eye look (that should be reserved for photoshoot and/or dinner purposes) that uses bright, neon colours - one of the trends right now!

I'm actually more of a darker palette kind of person (think black, dark blue) but there would be days where I love colours, be it as a form of makeup, or a clothing item, or even a painting. For this makeup look, I incorporated yellow, green, purple and blue with a dash of silver, gold, and pink!

I should've done a step-by-step tutorial for this! I was unsure of how the outcome would look like so it actually was an experiment. It turned out quite nice though so I regretted not taking pictures of the steps I took :/. Anyways, here's a step-by-step guide to what I did to achieve this look.

I always start my makeup with the lids. It's actually easier this way, Say you had shadow fallouts and/or smeared your mascara, eyeliner, etc. You don't have to reapply your foundation if you have none in the first place, right? So, prime your lids first. (I usually go over my lids with my concealer - not only does it help prime my lids, it helps the colour to pop up as well!) Priming your lids would ensure your eyeshadow would stay on longer :)

For this look, I'm using cream eye shadows on my lid. The colours I'm using were actually yellow and blue - but because it was cream based, when the I layered the blue on the yellow, it turned into a blue-tinted green instead! Which I loved :P Anyways, I cover my entire lid with the yellow colour first. Then, I apply the blue eye shadow on the corner of my eye, stopping at the middle and blending it into the corners of my eyes.

I have to admit this : my eye shape is a hassle when doing makeup. Colours hardly ever show up (because of how my lids fold inwards). Plus, my eyes are different in size so the more droopy one I have to illusionize so that it won't look as droopy. Do play with your shadows to see how colours work on your eye shape :)

As for the lower eyelid, I used a purple colour and a blue colour. The blue colour comes out as silver in picture cause it's shimmery - but in person, it's a very nice blue-ish silver colour :) Anyways, use an eyeliner brush to apply the purple colour on the outer half of your lower eyelid, and apply the blue on the other half. If you have colored eyeliner, use that cause it's gonna be so much easier! After that, dab on some white eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes.

You're done with your eyes! Now on to your face. I don't use foundation, but if you have uneven skin tone, do use them! For this look, I used a BB cream - it provides a sheer finish, but not a high coverage. After that, I used concealer to conceal my undereye bags. My concealer has very minimal coverage - I rarely use makeup, and when I do, I certainly don't want them to be caked on so the makeup products I buy usually offers a natural-looking look to it.

As for the cheeks, I used a mixed palette - it contains 4 colours : bronze, pink, orange and white. At this point I was a bit lazy, hence the mixed colour. This way, it at least gives me a structured blush without me having to spend hours. One sweep, and you're done! I also used a highlighter on the top of my cheekbones, my brow bones, the bridge of my nose and my cupid's bow.

Last but not least, the lips! Because I'd want people to focus on my eyes instead of my lips, I applied a nude-coloured lipstick that contains some gold shimmer in it. Summery without overpowering the eyes :) Oh! How could I forgot! I also powdered my whole face. This'd help during hot days to prevent your makeup from melting from the sweat.

Anyone have any thoughts on my look? Do comment! :)

Your mum reads my blog.
Dance in the middle of nowhere.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Naturally beautiful :)

As I was browsing through the skincare aisle at a drugstore near my house, I couldn't help but wonder how much chemicals are loaded into these products. I don't mind them, but there certainly are times where I think about the effects that we'd experience when we slather these products onto our face.

I recently went to a soft launch / blogger's gathering organized by Himalaya at Queensbay Mall. In case you're wondering, Himalaya (actually it's Himalaya Herbal Healthcare :P) is a brand that focuses on producing safe, natural and innovative remedies using natural herbs. They're the pioneers in using ayurveda's secrets to improve one's life.

On the way, with mm driving. Wasted our time at the hosp! Well I won't say it's a waste but I wonder why they'd have us wait for so long? That's the problem of going to consult a doctor that's famous and 'special'. :/

The products that they offer. They have everything, from skincare, babycare, to hair care and also supplements. They recently launched the 'Neem' range that focuses on clearing out pimples and leaving skin smooth. Their products have gone through years of research, and it's derived from the greatness of nature, so you don't have to fret about chemicals, etc.

They also had a new range - Organique. The products are in the right-hand corner of the collage :) The products in the Organique range is free from over 200 synthetic ingredients, uses the highest grade of cold-pressed oils, uses certified organic ingredients and will take you into a seductive journey if you were to use it ;) 

Apart from introducing their products, they also had a hair analysis done on us that day.
Us getting our hair checked out. And the conclusion is... we have healthy hair! For mm's age, she's having a great bed of hair. Even us youngsters couldn't beat her :P I was sweating for no reason, plus I'm a hardcore sweater, so my scalp's a bit oily. But my hair's still healthy nonetheless.

They gave us some freebies too! (Notice the bag I'm holding? XD). What I got was the Protein Shampoo, the Nourishing Cream and Honey Body Wash, and two supplements - Brahmi (memory booster) and Amalaki (Vitamin C). I've tried them out for a few days, so here's my thoughts on them.

Previously, I only ever use Johnson's baby shampoo and soap cause I love the smell, and trillions of other reasons :P I rarely ever use other shampoos cause it feels like they don't clean my scalp well enough. The Protein Shampoo from Himalaya was great. I find it doesn't irritate me (yes, me, not my scalp) as much as the other shampoos. The only downside is that it doesn't lather as much, so I have this tendency to use more product.

The body wash contains cream and honey that's said to nourish, moisturize and soothes our skin. And guess what? It does! Not as great as the Johnson one, but at least it does it's job - which is to clean my skin without drying it out. I find myself still lathering on lotion afterwards (which I don't whenever I use my baby soap), but at least my skin's not dried out.

As for the supplements, I do eat them, but I can't notice a difference :P I've been all sneezy lately so I guess the Amalaki pills ain't working that well to provide me with a dose of Vitamin C. As for the Brahmi pills, my memory has been great so... Anyways, I can't really compare them to anything cause I never take any supplements :D

Feast your eyes!!! XD If you wanna know more about Himalaya, do check out their website - you can find out more about their history, the company and their products there! Also, do check out their Facebook page for the latest news about their roadshows and the promos they're having!

Himalaya Healthcare products are available at all Himalaya Boutiques, Guardian, Watsons, and leading hypermarkets and/or pharmacies.

Your mum reads my blog.
Blasting the night out!

Monday, June 11, 2012


I remember a few years back my friend and I were talking about boys. Like we always do :P. And she gave this remark about me and my future dating life : "Oh I'm sure there'll be so many guys chasing after you you'd not know which one to choose and end up not choosing anyone and be single your whole life." Sounds mean, I know. But that's the way we are : direct and humorous.

Anyways, at that time, the 15-year-old me couldn't care less about boys. Who needs a boyfriend and be burdened by all those silly love problems at such a young age, right? And because of that ideology of mine, I ended up having lots of great guy friends, and I naturally became the 'friendzoned' girl.

And also, I've always thought of myself to not be attractive enough to have suitors. Lol. I know... How ironic. But seriously, people like me can't seem to attract locals (and by locals, I mean Chinese). I'd want to think the reason why is because they'd rather go for the fair-skinned ones. But deep down inside I know the reason is because people are racist :P

But these few months, my friend was right! I'm overwhelmed by all these people asking me out. And every time I tell mm about them she'd be laughing and go "wait til you're older before you say yes". Hah! Who ask her to be so pretty and give birth to an even prettier daughter? :P Seriously though, it makes me squirmmm whenever I have to turn down people's requests to date me. So if you read this, and was planning to take me out on a date, don't. Cause there's a 99.99% chance I'd say no.

Your mum reads my blog.
Overripe birthing hips, maybe?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The wind.

“The wind blew my words away from you. So while I told you I love you, the phrase was carried in the opposite direction and landed 333 miles away in the ears of a confused farmer. He was nice, though. He sent me a kind letter saying that while he was flattered, I wasn’t really his type. 

There. That's all I have to say.

Your mum reads my blog.

Friday, June 1, 2012


Recently I have this obsession with candles. Scented candles, actually. I like how when I light them up and turn of the lights my room would be illuminated with the glow they're giving off. Not to mention the scent of my room. The one I'm holding is a berry-scented one I bought from Ikea. The only thing I hate about it is the price of it! That candle costed me about RM26. And the smell wasn't as delicious as the Slatkin ones. But we don't have it here! And why does it seems like the only place I can find very nice-scented candles is Ikea? Ohhhh... This'd be a great bday present for me! (hinting someone XD)

This is a way for me to relax and let go. I'd turn off the lights, light the candle and lie in bed, sometimes with a face mask on. Then I'll close my eyes, take a few deep breaths and contemplate what I've done throughout the day. It's some sort of a meditation, actually. And it works. At least for me it does.

I just thought I should gift you a 'happy' picture of me since the one before this is quite depressing :P My bangs are poking my eyes! I don't get why my hair is growing this fast. I had a haircut two weeks ago and my bangs was half a finger above my brows and now it's a finger below my brows! Urgh. I know it's a good thing but when your hair's at the length where it pokes your eyes when you sweep it down but it's not long enough for you to sweep to the side it's an annoyance :(

Your mum reads my blog.
When I first saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew.