Friday, August 31, 2012

Review : Organic Aid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream

{How did you guess what I was about to say? Yes, this is an autopost :)}

So, this is actually a long overdue drafted review. I just realized I didn't review this awesome moisturizer... my bad. :P

When my friends ask me what's the best moisturizer I've ever used, I'll recommend them this. I bounce from product to product because I love trying out new things, but this is by far one of the best moisturizer I've tried. It's the Organic Aid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream!

"New Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream with amino acids is a gentle, effective skin-care product that contains Vitamin E to promote and maintain a healthy, radiant complexion. And amino acids helps to restore nutrients to rough skin. Our special formula also includes natural emollients for added softness, plus moisture-replenishing humectants to protect against the sun and wind. One application of Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream will soothe and refresh dry, rough skin and leave it creamy-smooth and naturally beautiful."

This moisturizer is very creamy. And it has a thick texture too. Very thick compared to all the other moisturizers I've ever used. It smells like the other Organic Aid products, a scent I can't really describe (it's a grassy smell...). It comes in a tub of two sizes. I usually buy the small one though. Just 'cause. :)

I remember seeing this product on the shelves, and thinking I should make some research on the Internet before buying it. There were mixed reviews, with some people loving it and some people hating it. I think this is the kind of product that you'll either love or hate. No in between. Because the texture of the cream is so thick, you actually only need half the usual amount of moisturizer. I know it looks so white on the picture above but it's cause I used a tad too much product :P But no worries. It absorbs fast.

The best way to use it is to rub it in between your palms (to warm the product up) before applying it to your face in an upwards motion. It gets absorbed really quickly, so there's no greasy after feel, and what you're left with is a smooth, moisturized skin. And I do notice my skin getting fairer after using this.

I have combination skin, and I personally think this moisturizer works better for people with dry skin. It may be a bit too thick for people with oily skin. It didn't break me out though. And one tub lasted me for about a month and a half. I can't remember the price (so sorry!)... But I do know you can get it at Guardian and Watsons, nationwide :)

And like I said before, I bounce between products, so no, I'm not using it as of now. But no worries, it's not cause I hate it! I'm just trying to find the best ;)

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

A song.

This is a song for a princess loved dearly by her prince. A song that shows how grateful one would be when he has found the love of his life. My friend told me I should listen to this song, and I did, and fell in love with it almost immediately. I'm sure by now you guys should know how much I love the whole concept of being romantic, right? Not that I AM romantic, but I just love the idea of it.

Anyways, what am I babbling about? Just listen to the song, taste the music, feel the lyrics. Because one does not get enough of feeling love, even when it's someone else's love for someone else :)

There you are
Underneath the light
Shining brightly
Like an angel walking down the aisle

Pick a dress
And give it life
You’re such a beautiful creature
And I’m thankful you’re all mine

I will be there every time you call my name
Let’s build a castle, have lots of kids and play all day
I am yours

You let love in
When you smile
Tears come falling down our eyes
When you came out dressed in white

The flowers bloom
And the doves arrive
Am I dreaming?
I have a princess for a wife

And to all Malaysians : Happy National Day! And a happy three-day weekend :)

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm thinking of...

{Automated post. Again. I don't think you guys will notice if I don't put this up. Oh well. XD}

You know why I'm getting fatter and fatter? It's cause of the FOOD in Penang!

This is a Laksa. My favorite street food. Apart from that we have the Char Kuey Teow (sans lard), the Muar Chee, the Rojak, the Pasembur, the seafood at Tambun, the Roti Canai at Argyll road, Mm's homecooked food... Argh damnit I'm craving for them. Not that I won't get them here in KL... But will they be the same? I'm having positive thoughts and hoping that they will be BETTER. So that I can stay and rot in KL with a full stomach XD

This is a 'Air Mata Kucing' (directly translated to cat eyes' drink). It's actually Longan with Geng Geng (excuse my poor description of food. I only know their local dialects :P) We also have the Ais Kacang - Shaved Ice (Oh. Em. Gee. I'm so totally craving the Gula Melaka Ais Kacang.), Chendul (Oh mannn this is one thing KL can't beat.), Sugar Cane juice (I can't stand the ones in the box... Why don't I see any roadside stalls selling them here in KL???)...

I'm so totally gonna have to venture here and there and explore my area and see what they have to offer. And I'll tell you guys if they're any better than the ones in Penang XD

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Monday, August 27, 2012


{This is an autopost. Because I really don't want my blog to go... dead just 'cause.}

So... I think birthdays are overrated. Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against people celebrating birthdays. It's just... I think the importance of it is overrated. I don't hate birthdays. It's the day I was born. Like Leena said it "It's to celebrate you being here in this world!" I know, I know. But is a celebration really required?

I remember when I refused to celebrate my birthday last year. And the uproar it caused. People were all "Why?" And I was like "Why not?" I think a big reason why people were so surprised was because I did this bbq party during my sixteenth. And I guess they expect something like that for my seventeenth? Anyways, I rejected all the presents I received. Except for one from... Amanda, I think. Because I took it as a souvenir from Australia :) 

I love seeing people celebrate their birthdays. But I don't like how we're obliged to celebrate it. "Oh, it's your birthday, you MUST celebrate it!" Ish. Why must I? I'm happy I'm here. So why the need to want to remind people of that fact? I didn't even celebrate it with my family. Which my friend didn't believe at all. I'm serious though. You can ask mm if you want to ;) 

So as my birthday approaches... Oh wait. That's a lie. My birthday isn't approaching. It's... in two months XD But people prepare gifts early so I'm here just to you know... tell people who wants to buy me things. (Not that there's any :P) I'm not celebrating my birthday this year. Maybe I'm never celebrating it. Maybe I'm celebrating it next year. I don't know. But this year would be like last year. No wishes. No gifts. Just thoughts :) Trust me. I feel it.

This is such an unflattering picture of me. But who cares? Shows I'm not perfect XD Not that I ever think I am. Just wanted to show you guys my happy smile. :D

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eid al-Fitr 2012!

Me. With my unkempt hair. And my mega-watt smile :D. And my hot pink Baju Kurung. So today I'm gonna blog about how I celebrated my first day of Hari Raya! It was quite fun. It's like every year. With less green packets though :P Economy strains, maybe?

My Baju Kurung. We went with the pink range because we had some cloth lying around. I wanted to do a Baju Kebaya but everyone said this cloth looks better as a Baju Kurung so that's what I went with. FYI, Baju Kurung and Baju Kebaya are both the traditional outfits for Malays. Do ignore my butt. I know, I know. It's big. But smexy, I hope? ;) 

Then it was picture-taking time! We do this every year LOL.
Mm and I. I'm in my tippy toes in most of the pictures cause I wanna look taller. Excuse my weird looking toes :P

Go and mm.

Go and I. I know, I know. I look like I'm laughing so hard. It's cause I really am. Go was pinching me because I was on my tippy toes. So I couldn't keep a straight face :P

Bro and I. He's still single, ladies. Just 'sayin. So am I. Just 'sayin too. XD

Bro is missing because unlike us lazypokes he went off early. So here's the three of us. XD

Some shots. Because they're too pretty to not be put up :D

So as usual, we headed to our uncle's house to eat and socialize. And collect green packets XD I didn't get to take pictures of the food though. People were at the dining table eating all the time so it would've been rude for me to take pictures :P But I did take pictures of the Raya Kuihs though!
The ultra-delicious semprit (chocolate flavored). I love this. It's made by my aunt. And seriously you can't get any other semprits like this. It literally melts in your mouth.

This is the vanilla-flavored semprit. Which is equally as good as the chocolate flavored one. I like this one better cause it tastes milkier. Yummy!

These are pineapple tarts. The 'don't-look-like-tarts' version :D But it tastes good too. I hate it when pineapple tarts are too sweet because both the crust and the filling are sweet. But this is different. The biscuit base is salty while the jam is sweet, creating this wonderful mix of flavor.

These are cashewnut cookies. Not really a fan of it. I mean, it tastes good but I won't crave for it. I'd rather have the real cashews than this. :P

These are cookies ala Famous Amos. Last year's was better. Cause it really tasted like Famous Amos cookies. This year's was a bit tough. And a tad too sweet. I love desserts, but not really a fan of sweet things, so...

And these are cornflakes dipped in honey and baked til it's crispy. I love the chocolate version one more. This one was also a tad too sweet. The honey taste was a bit too strong :/

And of course, I'd insert a random picture of a baby here. XD Because she's such a doll. And as sweet and delicious as all those cookies :P

Her and I. Mannnn she's growing bigger and bigger. To think she's only 1.5 years old! Like, ish. I thought babies are all heavy because of her. But when I picked up another baby the other day I was like "Woah why is this baby so light?" Turns out that's the normal weight of babies.

I'll end this post with a picture of me. I didn't really made up that day. I don't really make up any days :P Just wanted to look naturally beautiful XD

So... how did you guys celebrate your Raya/holidays? Spill!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time machine.

Oh wow. Time flies so fast. I'm going to uni in less than a week. I remember very well how I was like "Freedom after SPM!!!" on January and "three more months before uni!!!" on March. It's like the clock is ticking extra fast nowadays. Which is weird. They say it only happens when you're busy. But I'm not really that busy, actually. :P

So... Uni means me blogging less. I'm sorry. I'm going to be deprived from the Internet. By deprived I mean unlike the usual 24/7 access to the Internet like what I have right now I'm only going to be able to use it when I'm at hotspots... So I'm most probably gonna be arranging a bunch of auto-posts. Or maybe not. I only have three days left to write a bunch of nothings.

If I have a time machine... I WON'T go back. I'm happy with what I've done throughout my 18 (well, almost) years of life. And I have no regrets. Wait. That's a lie. I have a few regrets. But... those things aren't worth turning back the time for. I've lived life well. Or at least I hope I have. And I'm going to continue to live life even better. For the sake of everyone :D

I'm growing up, people! :)

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Monday, August 20, 2012

18/A - Pre-raya! :)

So this year was a bit different. We usually don't have pre-raya celebrations. My day before Raya is usually celebrated at home, playing games like nobody's business (mind you, it's usually the start of a long holiday so... :P). But this year my uncle and my cousin decided to have a pre-Raya celebration, and what a night it was!

FYI, by Raya, I meant Hari Raya Aidilfitri (or Eid Ul Fitr, as some people call it). It's a festival that celebrates the end of a month of fasting for Muslims. :)

My outfit of the day! :) Not that I'm that fashionable but if you guys are curious,
Cardigan - Hush Puppies
Bag - Charles & Keith
Maxi - Some random RM25 maxi I got somewhere
Shoes (can't be seen here) - Tesco wedges :P

I didn't really took a lot of pictures that day. Was too busy eating and talking. Just the ones with the little babies ♥
This is Nurish. She has the sexiest voice ever. It's raspy. And sexy. And gosh she's fair. Like, seriously, my camera don't do her fairness any justice. She. Is. Fair. And she loves me. LOL. Okay so she's been to KL for a few months already. And you know how kids forget people they don't see right? She remembered me! I remember when she didn't know how to speak she always like 'gagigugi' me but now she knows I'm her 'Aunty Zureen'! :D

This is Nasrin. Nurish's baby sister. She's a real cutie too. She loves being cuddled. And she lets anyone and everyone cuddle her. I mean, some babies only lets people they know cuddle them. But this one? She don't mind at all. And she's starting to learn how to walk. Which I love. Those little process :')

And this is Nadiah. Them kids' elder sister. She's six going on seven. Very hyper. Talkative.

The pictures above were taken at my uncle's place. Where we had like the usual (but ultra delicious) rice and vege and prawn. We were drooling over the food that was in the midst of preparation for the next day LOL. 

Now here comes one single picture from my cousin's place. LOL. It was a steamboat style dinner. And I had so much fun steaming boats I didn't take any pictures. LOL. Except when they blasted a 100 feet long firecracker. I took some picts then. Exciting! 
The whole thing lasted about 5 mins, I guess? It was loud. And crazy. LOL. But after that it was even louder. There was firecrackers EVERYWHERE. And they were exploding like right beside my ear. And then there were fireworks. Like right above me. Right beside me. A sight to behold. So sad I didn't get any pictures. Too mesmerized.

A picture of me with one of those kiddy firecracker thingy. It's the only thing I dare play. (And those pop-pop thing that pops when you throw them on the ground). I kid you not, the other firecrackers kill me on the inside whenever it explodes. What if you like didn't let it go fast enough and it explodes in your hand? Or what if you throw it and someone was walking by and it exploded on their face? Mannn I know I'm a party-pooper but I'll just settle with the one I'm holding above, thank you very much.

Anyways, Happy Raya everyone! I'm full. With food. And shopping. And just a lot of whatchamacallits. :D Stay tuned for my Raya post!

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Saturday, August 18, 2012


A few days ago I was asked a very intriguing question by one of my friend. He asked : "If you know what the future would be like, would you still continue doing what you were doing?" By future, he meant something that's inevitable. Something like death, being left alone, or maybe something happy, but certainly something that you can do nothing about. And my answer was : "If you know you're dying in a month, and you like this girl, will you pursue her, or will you spare her the pain?" I know, it's not really an answer. But it does answer his question, no? 

We don't know what the future will hold. We don't have power over it. Of course, there are instances that you would know, like if you have an inoperable tumor, or if you have a degenerating disease. Or maybe if you're planning to move halfway across the world within the next month. Will you let these things stop you? From achieving your happiness? That friend of mine said that he will spare the girl the pain. 

But let's say if you know the future. If you know that being with someone would bring you 15 days of pure happiness, but 15 days later you two would have to break up for reasons you don't know. Will you still go on with the relationship? Or would you let it slip past you? Actually, the real question is : how much is those days of pure happiness worth? Is it worth a heartbreak that would last a whole lifetime? I am an advocate of doing what you like, to live your life with no regrets. But if being heart broken is really imminent, will it be worth the not regretting? 

So recently a friend of mine told me about another friend. How he loves lying. How almost 95% of the time we talked he's bullshitting. How he don't deserve my attention. The weird thing was I didn't do anything about it. Didn't confront him, or do anything of that sort. I guess deep down I was hoping that that person would admit he's lying. That he'd go "you know what, Lynnie? Everything I told you were lies. The truth is..." And knowing that he lies to me all the time. That's making things hard. Every word he utters now seem like a lie. 

The weirdest thing of all is I don't mind. The fact that that person is lying. I guess in a way, I knew. I felt him lying, saw the inconsistencies in his stories. And to tell you the truth, I can't be bothered. I've been lied to so many damn times I don't really feel anything anymore when I'm lied to. I rarely ever trust people. Trust is earned. And if that someone don't want to earn my trust (by lying ALL THE TIME), so be it. I no longer have as much time as I used to to be caring about it.

Ah. I'm. Getting. Busier. And. Uglier. My dark eye bags are like... urgh. Where are those people who promised me those undereye serum/masks/treatments?

Anyways. It's the holidays! At least for everyone else. Doesn't make that much of a difference for me. Happy holidays! And for those of you who celebrates it, Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri! :D

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Friday, August 17, 2012


你. 一直你. 可是里. 爱, 到, 享受了. 
但是接受. 不, 接受. 用. 一起.

你. 曾经你. 依然你. 你.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Yes. That was so totally a bitch slap for a certain someone. It's funny. How people would look down upon others just 'cause. Ironic, even. They say that they're doing it for their friend when the truth is they are actually doing it for themselves. They can't believe someone is finally treating their friend right (unlike them, who have been constantly using that friend of theirs). They feel bad now that that friend of theirs know how bad of a friend they are so they try to make me look bad instead. "Oh, her? She's a no-good biatch who's out there to break your heart."

I'd just go "puh-lease." These people are so full of themselves they think they know what's best for their friend. You could see how much of a 'friend' they are just by the way they're acting. It's pathetic, even. I mean, who are they to be judging who I am when they don't even know me? I'm pretty sure if they got to know me they'd be just as smitten. ;)

I'm a bit pissed off, actually. Readers, just ignore the post. I needed somewhere to rant. And this is an ideal place, no? It never fail to take me aback. When people talk about me like they know me when they actually don't. Oh well. This is life, isn't it?

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Making you mine.

Ah. It's so tiring. Answering all the "Do you have a boyfriend" questions. I don't, and I'm not planning to have one. Really. It's a choice. A choice I consciously made. And is going to continue making until I don't want to make. I'm not sure why I'm explaining my path of life to people. But then since everyone is asking me the whys, here they are:

A) What's the point? Seriously, people my age are making it seem like dating is a must-do right now. Which is bull. I have soooo many things to do besides looking for a bf, falling in love, falling out of love, mending my broken heart, repeating the cycle all over again... Besides, I'm just 18. I have like this loooong time to catch and hook fishes I really like ;) So what's the point of doing it now?

B) I haven't found someone right. Okay so I know one particular person who'd go all "bullshit" when he reads this. I told a friend of mine this reason before, and his reaction was "How would you know if he's not right if you don't try it out and see?" Which is true. But then I have this secret crush on this very secret someone who don't know I'm secretly crushing on him (sobs). If he asked me out I so totally would've accepted. But he didn't! Yeah so let's just wait until I found another secret someone :P And we'll see if this whole cycle would repeat itself.

C) I hate it when things don't work out. It takes a very good friendship for two people to be able to get out of the awkward situation where they decided to date each other and then things turned out to be NOT good. Trust me, I've been there. Witnessed it first hand. Experienced it first hand. I'd rather just stay friends.

D) I'm on a quest. To marry a prince. Or at least someone who's filthy rich. Or maybe crazily suave. Or maybe just breathtakingly handsome. Or maybe someone who has the kindest soul ever. Or someone who cares about me so much it breaks his heart whenever I say "I'm doing good" because he knows I'm not. ;)That's such a fairytale, no? In my quest to making that someone mine, I'm temporarily friendzoning all the guys I know. :) This is such an illogical reason. But oh well. I needed a 'D'. :P

Wellll I do hope my smile would be able to like seduce a prince or something. Jeez I'm daydreaming again. Fantasies, fantasies, fantasies... Who'd fall in love with a girl like this? Pfft.

"Because expecting the unexpected would make the unexpected become the expected." So I'd just not expect anything. Meh. :)

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A leap.

The moment captured. The moment when I shook Dato's hand, beamed proudly of my achievement, posed for the loads of cameras pointing at me. The moment that signifies the end of a long journey, starting with a weary me submitting my application form, doubting myself and my abilities to score the scholarship and ending with the moment above. 

I could now proudly say I'm one of the twelve recipient of the Taylor's World Class Scholarship, and is now on my way to even greater success in my future. This is the start of my journey towards a brighter future.

It starts with the application process. I was looking around for scholarships that would enable me (and my mediocre results) to be able to get into a uni without having to make mm fork out her savings for me. When I came across the scholarship, I thought, why not? Applicants are required to write an essay of 200-400 words with the title 'Describe one of the most challenging moments in your life and how it has affected you'.

"The most challenging moments in my life is when my parents had a divorce. It happened years ago, 2003, to be exact, but I still remember it as though it happened yesterday. It had a huge impact in my life, and it changed my whole family and I.

It all started when my father cheated on my mum. I'll spare you the details, but after everything was revealed my mum felt so betrayed she could no longer be with him, so she asked for a divorce. And I had to choose. Actually, it wasn't my say. My father took off, marrying someone he barely knew, and left the life that he was familiar with. At that time, we were staying in Kuala Lumpur, but since my extended family is in Penang, and we needed their support, we moved back there.

During the first few years, my mum took the divorce very badly. She had always relied on my dad for emotional support, and when he left, inevitably, a part of her died. I admired her for being able to move on, to face life the way she is facing it right now.

Sometimes, people wonder how I could cope with this huge tear in my life, how I am affected, how disrupted I was by the divorce. I wonder about that too. You may think I was too young to understand what was happening, but trust me, I felt the gap in my life. In just a span of a few months, I lost a big part of my life, my family lost it's financial support, and our lives took a turn for the worst. No one would not be unglued when something like this happens.

It affected me in so many ways. I had to learn how to live without a father, and I had to start over in a new school, new environment. It was like being reborn into a foreign land. I had to grow up, to be mature, and to try to not make things harder for my mum. I hated it when other people treated me in a different way 'just 'cause'. 

I am glad to say I didn't turn out to be the way those stereotyped 'broken-home' children did. What my father did made me stronger in so many ways. I learnt the way of life, how not everyone is to be trusted, how betrayal is its common denominator. I learnt to be independent, to not rely on someone emotionally, to have a career and strive in my life. I learnt to be selfish, in a good way, by thinking of yourself first, making sure you're happy before trying to make everyone else around you happy. My soul was strengthened, and I learnt to be brave every single time it has faltered."

My essay. It's not the actual one, though. Most probably losing some bits here and there. Built out of memory, people! :) So, I sent in the application form. And waited for news. That I wasn't completely sure would arrive. 

And then an email came, telling me that I've been selected for the first round of interview. I was elated, of course! I even bought a new skirt so that I'd look more professional :P The first round of interview was surprisingly done in a relaxed manner. It's a group round, so there were five of us in there. We were asked questions like what is our hobby, why we chose the course that we chose, etc. No "what do you think you could do to change the world" kinda questions.

Then comes the waiting. To see if I'd get into the second round. And then came the email. Elated again! I've been chosen to go for the second round of the interview! Yay! We had to prepare a slide show on three questions. 1) What is my purpose in life (in both personal and future career life) 2) What is my passion and why? How does this makes a difference in the life of others? 3) How can I make an impact to the global community through my future career?

I can't remember my answers! I didn't have a script. I did the presentation in a straight to the point kind and the elaborations came from my mind. So from what I wrote in my presentation, here are the answers. 1) In terms of personal life : to live life to the fullest. In terms of future career life : to do what I like doing. 2) Blogging. Volunteering. 3) It was a complicated diagram that I no longer remember how I explained :D

After my presentation, I was asked a few random questions about managing a hotel, etc. So, after the interview, I was a bit skeptic. Mm told me my interview was shorter than the other applicant's, and I felt that it was shorter. I was confident with what I have presented and how the end product was, but the competition is so tough it kinda knocked me off my confidence seat :P

And then I went to Form Six (that's sort of like the A-level for Malaysian students). That kinda proved how much I was on the edge about this, no? For four days. On the fourth day, after I wasted money on a Physics book, and also after Go brought me to Digi to apply for the Blackberry Internet Service, I got a text message. From Taylor's. Asking me to check my email. At that time I felt nauseous. I was like "oh my god. No. The results. Did I get it? What if I didn't? Oh noooo." So I turned on the computer, logged into my email account and... Read the title. 'Taylor's World Class Scholarship 2012'. 

And I knew it. Even before I read the email. I screamed. And Go was like "what happened? what happened?" And we read the email together. I was literally shaking. Go and I was doing the victory dance together. And I was like *hugs**hugs* and jumping up and down. It was crazy. Called mm. Called granny. Called my second brother. And I quit Sixth Form. Without a single word. I was too excited.

And then we went and signed the agreement. Until that day, everything felt surreal. I was like "Am I really getting this scholarship? Am I really one of the 12 chosen ones out of the 1200 applicants?" After I signed my name on the agreement, I realized how real the situation was. Exhilarating!

And then this moment came. Me, standing with my fellow scholars. All twelve of us holding our certificates, being photographed by photographers from various newspaper, magazines, etc. And in less than a month, I would be enrolling in Taylor's, leaping further from where I am right now.

Wish me the best, people! :D

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

My quirks.

I had always believe in living your life the way you want to live instead of the way people want you to live it. Be the person you are; do the things you want. Don't give a damn about what they say (providing what you're doing is legal and won't hurt a single soul, that is). So today I'm gonna talk about my quirks. The behaviors that makes Lynnie, Lynnie. Just in case you'd want to... you know... be my boyfriend and you think you don't know me good enough :P

1) I drift off. Easily. That's because I have this very complicated mind. That processes everything in it's own crazy way. I can look at the clouds and imagine a heaven-worth fairy tale. I can talk to someone and think of something that's so different from the thing we're talking about all I do is nod my head and/or smile. I can suddenly erupt in this burst of laughter. My mind could also suddenly be filled with music and I'd start dancing for no reason.

2) I can't stop caring. About everyone. No one in particular, really. I would read someone's sad wall post on Facebook and PM them asking them if they're okay (even though that person don't know me at all). I can read someone's blog about how they'd want to die and leave them a long-winded email that makes me sound like their mum. I would walk around someplace and suddenly think "Hmmm... I wonder how is {insert name here} today". I am, essentially, a mummy-type person. And by mummy, I don't mean the 'I want your brains' mummy. I meant the mum mummy.

3) I'm emotional. I really am. I cry so easily seeing people cry instantaneously brings me to tears. Even listening to songs can make me all teary-eyed. It's something I'm working on. To not be so emotional. To not relate something sad with everything in life. I cry when I read about people dying. I cry when I read about people reunited. I'm a girl with raw emotions. It's so raw it takes people aback sometimes.

4) I'm crazy. Crazily hyper. Just plain crazy. I'm like full of energy (when I'm not being emotional). I could be mad at one time then be all cheerful the next. Crazily annoying. My quirks annoy people. And I admit it. *shrugs* Can't really do anything about it. Crazily random. I love finger-shooting people. Just saying. I love biting people too. Just in case you're my future boyfriend and you have this crazy fear of people biting you.

5) I have a lot of imperfections. My body. My teeth. My pimples. My dimples. The way I speak. The way I laugh. How I keep tripping over myself. How I'm such a procrastinator. How I keep forgetting things. How I keep forgetting PEOPLE. I'm annoyed by that, actually. I could see someone twice and not remember their face!!! It's most probably cause of reason number one :P

Oh mannnnn... Now that I read the five things I don't think I should write anything else. Or all my future suitors will run away when they read this :P Yeah, so if you could handle these five quirks I have, I'd graciously accept you as a friend. If you can't, STAY AWAY FROM ME!!! Or you'd die from me finger shooting you. Seriously. Bang! Bang! Game over :)

Your mum reads my blog.
Stay with me. At least for the night?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

I've succeeded!

In conquering the Nando's Extra Hot Peri-peri Chicken! I know, I know... my title seemed like I succeeded in doing something great. But oh well :) I've always steered on the safe side and tried hot, thinking that Extra Hot may be a bit too much of a challenge for my poor taste buds (and tummy). But then the other day while we were having chicken on a very high traffic day, the waiter made a mistake and brought me an Extra Hot chicken instead of a Hot chicken... And they were soooo busy I was like "heck, no point asking them to change it".

And dang I needed a wholeee lot of water to wash the heat down. It was a gradual heat. I mean, at first it wasn't that spicy. But when I finished the chicken... Poof! My taste buds started roaring with anger. Thank god the ILT's bottomless. Or I would've wasted a heck lot of money for water.

The point of the post is : I'm starting to try out new stuffs! Make new friends, eat new stuffs, buy new clothes, etc. Actually that's a lie. I just wanted to boast about me conquering the Extra Hot Peri-peri chicken. So there you have it! And future boyfriends : conquer one before you conquer me ;)

Your mum reads my blog.
I really don't know what I'm saying half the time.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Yay! A makeup tutorial! Today I'm gonna show you guys how to EASILY achieve the smokey-eyed look. FYI, the look is the one on my right eye (which is your left). Ignore the shadow on my left eye. I was just experimenting on how to make my eyes not look so mono-lidded but... I failed! So just ignore (the left eye, I mean.) :D

How the shadow looks like with my eyes closed. I'd say this is more of a night time look. You know, if you wanna go to a party. Or something like that :D *wink**wink*

First, you'd want to prime your lids with your favorite primer (IF you're planning to wear this look for a long while and want the eye shadow to stay. Plus, colours generally look nicer when lids are primed.) Then, apply a layer silver/white eye shadow on your lids. I prefer putting lighter eye shadows before darker ones cause it'd make the whole effect looks nicer at the end :)

Then, apply a crease-coloured eye shadow on your crease. Crease-coloured eye shadows are generally eye shadows that is a shade darker than your natural skin tone. You can skip this if your socket is very prominent. Mine isn't. So yeah. There it is. I realized how brown-ish the colour looks on the picture above. Notice I didn't mention anything about blending. I usually do that after I've finished layering all the eye shadows. :)

Then, place a dark colour on the outer corner of your lid! Here I used a mixture of black and blue. It all depends on how intense you'd want it to be. You could use gray for a daytime look. Or a very dark colour for a party night out look.

Then, blend blend blend! Blend the crease colour first, then blend the darker eye shadow colour inwards before blending it up with the crease colour.

The step above could be the last if you want a less intense look. But I used an eyeliner brush to line my lower lid with bluish-black on 1/3 of the outer lid and a wash of silver on the rest. I think it just makes my eyes pop! Which is a great thing :D My eye shadows create a LOT of fallout (which is annoying, actually) so I go over the under eye area with eye makeup remover just to remove the fallouts. And we're done! :D I didn't line my eye with eyeliner because I think it's pretty the way it is. But you could totally go over the waterline with a pencil eyeliner to make your eyes pop! And oh! Mascara is a total must! I just realized I forgot that step :D

I'm trying to hide my left eye! :D I realized I should've just made a video. Easier for everyone, no? But the lighting in my room is weirrdddd so a video is not a best option. Maybe when I get a ring light? :D AHHHH I'm sooo tanned. Why am I getting tanner? Hmmm...

{Do realize I'm not a makeup artist whatsoever. Just a girl who loves playing with makeup. So... Constructive comments, I love. Harsh comments, not so much :D}

Your mum reads my blog.
Babes, you're the best! XOXO. :D

Thursday, August 2, 2012

These eyes.

They say the eyes are the interpreter of the soul. An unconscious, but faithful one. So tell me, what could you interpret about my soul from my eyes? As of now, I'm happy. I really am. Ignore what happened in my past. Ignore all those sad posts. To all those people who keep telling me them silly jokes just to see me type a 'LOL' : thank you. 

"If I can see pain in your eyes then share with me your tears. If I can see joy in your eyes then share with me your smile." So, everyone, here I am. Sharing my smile with all of you. Things are going well. I got a scholarship. I'm fasting with ease. I shopped til I dropped. I won a competition. I found (and have started renting) a great place to live at KL. I met a lot of new, crazy people who I'm excited to be friends with.

I'm starting uni soon! Woohoo! The mere IDEA of going to uni is exhilarating. Thinking of it makes me jump all over bed. I have no idea why I'm so excited. I told mm it's cause I'm starting this new journey in life. I'm guessing life'd be a bit more harder than it was during high school. More backstabbers, more dramas, more hypocrites. But then that'd mean more experiences, more FUN.

Oh well. Just a short update on my life. For those of you who cares. LOL. I have no idea why my post about eyes suddenly became a post about my life! :P That's me being random again. Bear with my craziness, people! :D

Your mum reads my blog.
Every woman's head turned when you walked in the room. Me, jealous? Maybe.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Current obsessions...

Slouchy sweaters! Or anything long-sleeved. Sweaters, cardigans, sweatshirts, oh my! I hate dressing up. I suck at it. I'm usually the tee and jeans kinda girl, so this long-sleeved obsession is a new one for me :P Urgh my crazy shopping spree costed me (or should I say mm?) LOTS of money. I rarely ever shop, so when I shop, I go all out. Anyone wanna like sponsor me clothes??? :D

And while we're still at the topic of clothes... PRINTS! I'm recently obsessed with clothes with bright prints and wordings, etc. Like the one I'm wearing up there. It's filled with cockroaches!!! Mm says it grosses her out hahahahahahaha. But oh well ♥ it so much! And also tribal prints! :D

Converses! Apart from being your normal tee + jeans girl, I'm also your slipper kinda girl. And believe me, I'm not even the 'pretty sandal' kind. I'm the Fipper slipper kind. And then recently I was reintroduced to my old love : sneakers. Or should we say, Converses. So yeah, now that's all I wear. And my poor Fipper is stashed somewhere abandoned. :P

Popcorn! Specifically, Planet Popcorn. I first had it when I was walking around Pavi looking for stuffs to munch on. It's basically flavored popcorn (think Wasabi, Coffee, Cheese, Caramel, Chocolate, Curry!!!) but the twist to it is instead of your usual flowery shaped popcorn it's round! ♥! I think the popcorn is causing me to nosebleed though (particularly the coffee one, but I've finished the whole packet so I guess it won't bother me anymore :P). It's so addictive though!

Being happy! Okay so that's a bit of a weird obsession. But I've been veryyy bubblyyyy these few days, and I'm trying hard to keep the bubbliness up too! Ignoring all those shitty emotional stuffs that never fail to break me down. I chose the picture cause I think I look (genuinely) extra happy there. I seriously had a :D smile lol. Oh well. It's a good thing, no? Me being obsessed with being happy?

Your mum reads my blog.
I loved him. I loved him. I loved him. And I still love him. I love him.