Friday, December 27, 2013

Loving someone.

"Life is fragile. Don't waste a moment holding grudges or worrying about the little things. Don't screw up amazing relationships with impulsive temptations. Don't be lazy. Be honest. Be bold. Most importantly, find somebody to love unconditionally." This is how the guy who took this picture live everyday. 

And recently I asked him if he's loving anyone unconditionally. And he said "Yes. You." Took me aback, really. That blunt honesty of his. "Even when you broke my heart, screwed me over and loved another guy I still love you. And even now, when you cannot find it in yourself to love anyone, not even me, I still love you. I love you, no matter how you are."

I cried. I know, it's stupid. But I cried listening to it, and now I'm crying while writing all this. He is the sweetest guy ever, and I never realized his feelings for me. Which is stupid. And ignorant. Yes, I'm ignorantly stupid.

I remember my best friend telling me how easy it is for people to fall in love with me, to like me; and how hard it is for me to accept the love, to love someone back. "What is it with you and not accepting people's love?" Yesterday a trainee who's interning in my restaurant asked me about the three guys who she knows that likes me and asks me if I like any of them back. And I said, yes, as friends. And, bless her 17-year-old soul, she asked if I 'like like' any of them. And at that point I just looked at her and shrugged. And then I went out with my friends, watched movies, laughed and went crazy while they smoked.

And to answer everyone who asked me if I'm really incapable of loving... No I'm not. I'm capable of loving. I'm just not capable of opening my heart that easily. Lol. That explains a lot don't it? I love all of you! :D

On a happier note (because I started off sounding sad even though I don't intend to)... Merry Belated Christmas everyone! This year I officially received three presents and three dinners. Not bad, Lynnie, not bad. HAHAHAHAHAHHA. Kthxbye.

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I'm screwed up.

Monday, December 9, 2013


Sitting here, in a very familiar house, surrounded by my family (and all its craziness), it is ironic how I feel like it's nothing ordinary. Even though I've been doing so for the past 18 years of my life before I left for KL. I'm so, so, happy I'm back here, even if it's just for three days. Worked for 12 days straight for it, so, yeah, yay!

"She was struck by the simple truth that sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people." That is ringing true now.

And yet as much fun as I had today, I'm now... *yawns* sleepy. So, night everyone! I hope you guys had a happy weekend! :D

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

My fault.

I wrote things in my diary yesterday, in reference to another diary entry that I wrote a few weeks before, that explains the ruin of my relationship. Here I include both, for your reference, starting from the first one, which even le monsieur has read before, and I think led to him thinking he don't deserve me.

The entry weeks ago :
"All my life the only thing that I want to do is fly. To be free. But I realized that to fly, to be free, I must have wings. As I'm sitting here, all alone, drinking that cliche cup of Starbucks and finishing my novel, I realize that I really, really, do need wings to fly. And now I'm tearing up. This is pathetic. At least writing all this is helping me calm down. Last year wings grew on me. The freedom I had to do everything I want. How much I am alone but not lonely. How I go to random cafes and restaurants and discover random things and meet random people. How everyone else marveled at the lonely girl that I am. How I felt the freest in my whole life.

And then I started dating someone. And with that comes the disappearance of wings and dreams and freedom. For the first time after a few months of being free and alone and living life I became lonely. I became lonely because that reliance came. And when I started to rely on someone I lost my wings. I lost the wings I gained, the freedom I had. I am happy, yes. Really, really happy. But the despair that I feel when I'm sad because of him is nothing I've ever felt before. And I try to get away from him but that possessiveness, that reliance,... it's stopping me from doing that. A few months ago when the thoughts of taking a break occurred to me I became instantaneously depressed. I am a girl incapable of living her life with someone else, maybe? And yet, deep down, I am also that girl who craves for love, for attention, who wants to be loved."

The entry I wrote yesterday :
"Reading back on the things I wrote, the thoughts I had, I understand now why he felt that way. Why he feels like he cannot make me happy. Throughout our relationship I've been happy and sad at the same time. And I think that confused him. So much so that he blamed it all on himself. I wish I can explain to him how I feel. That there's two beings in me, one wanting to be loved and to love, while the other just want to be free, to leave this rut. I guess in a way it's called being depressed. He understood that I am that way, but he didn't understand why. He thought he could make me better. And he did... he made me so much better. What he don't know is that this thing... this thought... it attacks me like a rocket, mostly when I am alone. And it happens very, very suddenly. I would be basking in the happiness of being with him when suddenly this need to run away just pops out and ruin my happiness.

Starting my internship, and having him at the same time,... I took him for granted. Internship was my way of getting away, of being free, and he was my way of being loved. But these two things can never go well together. He had in him this fierceness of being in love, of wanting someone, and there were times when I couldn't stand it. And then there were times when I needed him, wanted him, and he couldn't be there. That led to fights, arguments, him not understanding me, me not understanding myself. Add to that equation someone who sparked things up because of his jealousy, his wanting to ruin our relationship... And there you have it... Things ended.

My whole life I try to not regret anything I do, to just accept that nothing could be changed. But I think this will be the one thing that I will have regrets for, forever. This whole taking him for granted. If I could turn back time, I would. I loved him, in all the wrong ways, and I regret that. I still love him now, and one comfort I can give myself is for the first time since our relationship started I am loving him right."

Thursday, December 5, 2013

How am I?

Okay... So after posting that post up I've been receiving countless emails and PMs and texts asking me how I am and how it happened and things like that. In two days. Whattatatatatatta. Lol. I didn't know so many people are concerned about me. Thanks guys, for all your worries and your well wishes and your being here for me.

I'm doing great, I'd say, considering the state I was in a week ago. Holding up, living life. Lol. I've been going out a lot (almost every day *gasp*), with people who believes that bringing me out will make me happier (and they're right!). Dinners, lunches, breakfasts, hanging out. Even if it's just for an hour after work or on the way back to my house in the lrt, I really appreciate everyone for making that effort. It's in times like this when I truly realize how much I need people around me.

And for no reason I've been getting to know a lot of new friends lately! *coughs* guys *coughs*. It's really ironic but for no reason people seem to know I'm single and I've been attracting a lot of attention. Which is weird, and putting me off cause I'm SO not ready for anything yet BUT I do like having loads of friends, so, it's okay. I've exchanged emails with people who approached me when I was reading by the fountains, people who approached me while I'm in the LRT, just random, random people.

As for how it happened... That's for me, him, mm, and a few of my trusted besties to know, eh? A lot of people have told me "he's such a dick", "it's his problem", and things like that. Do, do refrain yourself from saying that. I can say that throughout this whole year of being with him I've been truly, truly happy. And he taught me how to love, to not be afraid of what happened with my parents. And for that, I thank him, I really do. It's not entirely his fault (and I'll talk about my wrongdoings when I'm ready, in another post).

That's me. Ignore my eye bags, it's from me crying last week, I stopped crying for so long already but the bags are still there.

I just want to really, really thank everyone who's truly, genuinely concerned about me. Even those half-hearted how-are-yous are really, really appreciated ^^

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Take a deep breath.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Losing him.

"Anyone who has lost something they thought was theirs forever finally comes to realize that nothing really belongs to them." - Paulo Coelho

It's... been more than a week since it happened. I'm writing this because I feel the need to write, to talk about my feelings.

If you haven't figured it out by the title, I'll explain. Le monsieur broke up with me. This happened... Sunday last week. He had his reasons, and I respect them. Yes, it broke my heart. But there is nothing left for me to do. I've cried, begged, questioned... and I can't change anything. One thing I can credit him for is walking away after realizing he no longer had the same feelings for me he had a few months ago.

Of course I'd love for things to be perfect, for us to be together forever... But feelings change, and there's nothing I can do about it. I still feel the same way I feel for him, but he doesn't, so, yeah... I guess I just have to accept things. It's hard. That's one thing I have to say. It's really, really hard.

I'm doing alright, though. I cried for four days straight. And stopped crying ever since (a huge achievement, considering how much of a crybaby I am). I spoke to my mum, I spoke to my best friend who the last time I spoke to was a month ago, I spoke to my college besties, I spoke to my boss, I spoke to my colleagues,... And thanks to them (especially mm!) I feel so much better.

There was a really huge misunderstanding created by one of my acquaintance that caused a huge strain in our relationship, and I didn't know it until the acquaintance told him, and he told me. And knowing that even after finding out the truth nothing could change... That's sad. That's really, really sad.

One of the reasons he cited for leaving me is that he felt like he cannot make me happy, that he ruined my life, that he made me sad. I tried convincing him that that's not true, but he could't seem to get it in his head. He said that it wasn't just for that month where that acquaintance fucked things up, it was way, way before that. But I was happy. I really, really was.

I remember when reading Mitch Albom's book, a quote struck me, and I wrote it down. "Have you ever lost someone you love and wanted one more conversation, one more chance to make up for the time when you thought they would be here forever? If so, then you know you can go your whole life collecting days, and none will outweigh the one you wish you had back."

I'm glad I had that one last conversation. Did I fight for our relationship? I did. If you asked him, he'd tell you I did. I fought so badly, even after losing him. I fought. I met up with him. I talked to him. I called him. I skyped him. I cried. And I lost. I lost my fight. And with that loss, I lost him.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Never hers.

"She wondered why it was so hard for him to just send her a text message. Then she felt selfish for wanting him to do that. Who is she, to be hoping he'd think of her often? Who is she for him to worry about? And then she realized : he's not hers. He don't belong to her. And he never will. It's time to let go."

Friday, November 15, 2013

Her wants.

"All she ever wanted was for someone to love her. Unconditionally. For everything that she is. Every single tantrum she throws. Every single thing she needs. Her whole life she felt worthless. No one waited for her to come home, no one cared if she is fine, if she's happy; or if she's sad.

When she met him, she wanted, needed him to be that person. She yearned for him to love her, and be there for her. She wanted him to accept every part of her, even those random days when she'd go all depressed and sad.

And then there was this one day when she told him to come see her because she really, really need him to. She was sad that for the past 2 days she didn't ask him to come pick her up and he didn't take the initiative to do so. So she asked him why. And she told him she really need him to come see her. And he said "but you need me to come see you everyday."

And that was when all the past worthlessness came back. For the first time in their relationship she felt like a burden. She felt like someone who was being dragged along. Someone who's not needed. Someone who people won't care if she's alive.

And then she realized how pathetic she is. She realized and yet all she could do is bury herself under her covers, weep, and hope that someone, somewhere will realize how much she's suffering."

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


For the past three months...

I have been sick twice, the first knocking me out for 10 days, the second, 4. I've never been this sick my whole life, and it's horrible. So much so that I don't even get why it happened to me while I'm interning and not when I'm in university and is dying to skip classes.

I lost my phone (a disaster that is more my mistake than anything but still made me lose that bit of faith in humanity).

I gained a phone then lose it again when it broke down (still in the midst of fixing it).

I worked more than 8 hours a day (if you add the time I take commuting I'd say I work almost 10 hours a day).

I celebrated my birthday. Okay, I didn't. It went past me just like that, with wishes that I can count with my fingers.

I pierced my left ear. And am looking like a weirdo spotting just one stud because the place I pierced my ears at didn't have a similar stud for my right ear.

I became skinnier. Or say they say. I still feel fat. Or at least, on the heavier side.

My hair grew out. And I'm now more beautiful than ever. That I'll admit. Despite all the stress and getting sick I'm not having any pimples and my face is so much clearer now.

I've been writing. A lot. Not in my blog (that's kind of obvious), but in my diary, my book.

I read a lot. Novels, mostly. Almost done with the whole collection of books I brought from Penang. Borrowed books two weeks ago from campus and finished that already. And I just realized the books are due to be returned and I haven't yet return it.

I've freaked out. Cried. Broke down. Laughed. Smiled. Flirted. Talked. Sobbed. Wailed. Danced. Sung.

I did so much, and so little at the same time. But today... today I'm exhausted. I'm exhausted and all I wanted to do is sleep on my comfortable bed, in my room (that is the messiest it has ever been). And yet I forced myself to wake up, to go out and spend time with le monsieur, and to just walk around making myself more tired. This is crazy.

This is me. About a month ago. Looking pretty, I hope. (Instead of the usual tired zombie that I am)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

"kisses. hugs. kisses and hugs. kisses and hugs. hugs and kisses.

she has no idea when all those don't matter anymore. all she knows is that it don't matter anymore. he can kiss her all he want to, hug her all he want to. he can even ignore her, deny her the hugs and kisses. she don't mind. she don't care anymore. if he's with her, he's with her; if he's not, he's not.

the moment he walked away and left her there alone to cry and beg for him to come back, that moment when she realized he never will come back, that moment when she accepted the fact and went home, he lost her. he lost her heart to himself / she lost her heart to sadness, it's all the same, really. her heart's lost. and it won't come back. she's trying, but a big part of her knows it will never come back.

he left her. for that few hours he gave up on their relationship. and for that few hours she mourned the loss of her relationship. she ran after him, she went limp by the road, she begged for him to come back, she cried. she cried and cried for all the beautiful times they had, all the fights, all the laughter. then she clicked. she forgave him. and she gave up. she gave up on the 20 years and more they promised each other. she gave up on the babies they planned to make. she gave up on the life that she could have had with him.

and when he came back and begged for her forgiveness, she forgave him, and together they are. she numbed herself. to everything and anything. to pain. to love. every moment with him she cherishes, every minute spent with him is a blessing. every moment without him she cherishes too, every minute spent alone a liberation. she is a being without a soul, a mere living dead, living life for someone else."

Friday, November 1, 2013


"these few months has been hard on her. everything is weighing down on her. it's one of those days, really, where she just yearned to be free, to have the universe release her off its presence. she lives, but she's not alive. she wants to leave, but she's bounded, by responsibilities, by the nature of being human, by love. she wants to leave this cruel world. this world where she no longer feel the need to survive. she's living just for the sake of living. every day, waking up is a chore, is torture. and yet she does it. she does it for the sake of the dreams others have for her, the dreams she had for herself.

4.10pm. she stood there in the rain. ignoring the cries from him asking her to get into the shade, to not be in the rain. she looked up. and she begged. for the first time in her life she begged whatever higher being there is to take her away. she begged for the universe to give everyone around her the clarity to let her be free, to let her go. she begged so hard tears streamed down her face unwillingly.

rain and tears. rain and tears. rain and tears.

no one can understand her. the emptiness she feels. she has a path that she knows she wants to follow. but a big part of her don't want to go down this path. she wants to be alone. not be bounded by anything. by anyone. she wants to be her own self. going to places alone. meeting people along the way who would remember her for the rest of their lives but will never meet her again. she wants to drink all day. talk all night. drive out in the middle of the night and let the wind blow her hair. she wants to cry, weep, laugh, smile.

his tap on her shoulder shocked her from all these wants. and she comes back to the present. like a bird in the birdcage she is."

Monday, August 19, 2013



"she didn't belong anywhere and she never really belonged to anyone. and everyone else belonged somewhere and to someone. people thought she was too wonderful. but she only wanted to belong to someone. people always thought she was too wonderful to belong to them or that something too wonderful would hurt too much to lose."

your mum reads my blog.
sometimes love is just not enough.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

*pats head*


Hey guys! Just a filler XD I was just done with my exams on Thursday, and I'm currently busy with Taylor's University Day for today and tomorrow. I have a few reviews that I can't wait to blog about... and giveaways too! :D

Anyways, I'll be heading to bed now. Talk to you guys soon! Have a happy weekend! :)

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Edge of patience.

"one can only suppress a broken heart for so long. those empty promises, those times spent alone, those times spent missing someone. as days past you try to find the strength to continue suppressing it. as that sensation of being lonely grow you try to look forward to something that you can hold on to so you will not give up. as you give up you find yourself walking to nowhere, finding your own perfect little solidarity.

and you find yourself standing precariously at the edge of a ledge, needing only a push to fall down, or a pull to be safe in someone's arms. you're lucky, if one of those is done to you. fall down, and you can start anew; be safe, and you know you'll be safe forever. but the saddest thing would be if you're one of those whose people surrounding you don't even realize you're so close to the edge. and you'll be there, forever, waiting for someone to either push you down, or pull you up; both of which is not being done.

and then there will be that one day. that one day when you decide to do something. you can either jump down, or you can take a step back. either will be done on your own will, and you ponder on what to choose. jumping down would be starting a whole new life, stepping forward to another phase of life, leaving everything you had behind. taking a step back will be going back to the life you had, and giving everyone around you, and the memories inside you, another chance.

both decisions can be a decision made with a brave soul, or made by a coward. that person who jumped down may be too scared to face his old life; or he may be brave enough to let everything go and live life the way he has always wanted to. that person who took a step back may be too scared to take chances and risks; but he might be that brave person who will face his past demons and turn them into angels.

but then in this situation, it don't really matter whether you are brave and strong or cowardly and timid. you did something. you made a choice. and i applaud you for that. because here i am, standing at the edge, as i have been for the past few months, not knowing what to do, not willing to do anything. i'm starting to feel comfortable, but it seems like my heart, my soul is running out of patience. they're imploring me to do something. and i am torn."

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vanity Trove

Hey guys! So today I'm gonna be blogging about a beauty box that recently caught my attention. You guys know my love for beauty boxes, right? Well, Vanity Trove has over 100 beauty brand partnerships, which means lots of good stuffs for us! Plus, the coolest thing about Vanity Trove is that their Trove is customizable! How can you do that, you ask?

So, basically, what you have to do is to complete your beauty profile, which contains questions like your face skin type, your face tone, your skin conditions, teeth issues, iris colors, eyebrow shapes, eyelashes, eyelids, body skin type, body skin tone, body skin conditions, nail issues, scalp type, hair color, hair style, hair length, hair texture, and hair and scalp issues! That's a really detailed profile, no?

Then, a list of products they think is suited for you will be there for you to choose. You can personalize your own trove and choose 6-8 samples according to your liking! The picture above only shows some of things you can choose. They had more than 30 items for me to choose from!

After you're done choosing, the trove will then be sent to you within 7 working days! You can now enjoy the products you think you need the most and try them out! Cools, no? The Vanity Trove costs only RM50 per box!

Do check out Vanity Trove's website for more info on how you can get your hands on this awesome trove!

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'til then.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Review : Bloop Grey Mud Powder Mask

So I got this during my haul the other day and I had the chance to try it out when I was in Penang. I used this out of the three I got cause my skin was looking dull and I felt like I needed a bit of a deep-cleaning going on. I've been eating fried food and unhealthy junk food lately so inevitably it caused some problems with my skin.

The Bloop Grey Mud Powder Mask says that it will deep clean skin, removes excess oil/tension lines/wrinkles, detoxifies and comforts skin, stabilizes skin PH level and removes pore clogging impurities. Just the right thing when you have skin that's not glowing!

PicMonkey Collage
To use it I mixed two parts of powder with 1.5 parts of  water. I think I was supposed to use more water but I didn't want the mask to be watery as I was skype-ing while having the mask on and couldn't risk having it drip all over :P Anyways, two parts of mask powder is too much, as you can see on the right picture, which is what remained (and dried off) off the two spoonful of powder I used.

This is how it looks like on. The most amazing thing about this mask is that you can peel it off when it dries up! One word of advice, do not let your mask turn into the one like mine, where the white patches are. It should still be grey, like the one on my left cheek, for you to peel it off gently and easily. When it turns white, it turns hard and flaky and will cause a mess, not to mention some stinging. If you do forget the time and apply it for too long, you can wash it off, though it's quite a hassle.

The mask really do worked its magic! I used this two days before Raya, and it's evident how smooth my face was during Raya, and how my makeup went on very well. My face felt very clean right after, though it stung a bit. If you have sensitive/dry skin, I won't recommend you this as can make your skin dryer. I applied moisturizer afterwards and it absorbed really well! Happy Lynnie is happy.

I still have loads of powder in the packet so I'm guessing a packet of powder mask can last you about 6 uses? I'll update this post after I'm done with it! Will be doing it tonight cause I'm breaking out again! See what happens when I get back to KL? -.-

The Bloop Grey Mud Powder Mask are available at all Bloop outlets for a price of RM14.90 each. It's also available in Pearl & Milk and Vitamin C. Can't wait to try them out! :D

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Dancing the night away.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Makeup Haul!

So the other day mm bought me a whole bunch of makeup (thanks mm!) just so I can expand my makeup collection XD Naah. Truth is, these makeup I'm going to have to use for my internship so yay!

PicMonkey Collage1
First up, we have two lip balms : Maybelline Lip Smooth Color & Care in Dolly Rose and Maybelline Baby Lips Loves NY Limited NY Fashion Edition in Protecting Berry. Then there's the L'Oreal Glam Shine Fresh lip gloss in 184 Aqua Watermelon. I also bought the Shiseido Aqua Label eye, lip and face makeup remover.

PicMonkey Collage2
The next four items are for the face and eyes. I bought the L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Powder in W3 Nude Beige. I also got myself the Maybelline Hyper Diamonds Liquid Liner in SV-1, and a Maybelline the Magnum Volum' Express Waterproof mascara in Brown. I also bought the Maybelline Angel Fit Blush in Wooden Rose.

This is me. And a full-faced makeup. Not sure if you guys can see it really clearly lol. But yeah, just a different side of me cause I usually don't put any makeup on :P Give me your thoughts! Pretty? Weird? :D

I really should start studying... Finals are tomorrow! Hope you guys have a nice weekend!

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I need some saving.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Raya!

PicMonkey Collage
Hey guys! Just wanna wish you all a Happy Happy Raya :D A short post, I know. But I'll be back blogging soon! Finals are next week though, so I can't really promise anything hahaha. But anyways... Happy Holidays!

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Swinging together.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013



"We must allow ourselves to be loved by the people who really love us, the people who really matter. Too much of the time, we are blinded by our own pursuits of people to love us, people that don't even matter, while all that time we waste and the people who do love us have to stand on the sidewalk and watch us beg in the streets! It's time to put an end to this. It's time for us to let ourselves to be loved."

I personally think that it all comes down to appreciating what we have. If you don't care, don't mind what you have, then you'd surely be pursuing something that you don't. But the moment you realize, "hey, I have that person's love, why am I asking for more?", that's the moment you'd stop in your tracks of looking for someone to love you.

Sometimes people are blinded. By fury. By jealousy. By wealth. Children who hates their parents because when their parents don't let them do certain things they think their parents are controlling them and not giving them freedom when in fact, it's an act of love. Students who hates their lecturers for reprimanding them for not handing in their project on time when in fact, it's the student's fault. Spouses who find a reason to cheat on their other half because "the love is no longer there" when in fact, it's actually "I no longer make an effort to make things better".

There are so so many people who always think what they have aren't enough. Yes, we do want progress in our lives, but some people don't even have a goal to begin with. They climb and climb and when they reach the peak they lost all sights of what they wanted to have they jump down the hill. It's ironic, and sad.

Oh well. This is life, I guess. There are times when it's so, so sad. And yet there are times when it's so, so miraculous and happy and filled with rainbows and unicorns. I'm looking at the bright side. Are you?

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You fixed them.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013



Hello! le blogger here! :) I'm bored and I'm surfing through pages and websites and I thought "why not blog"? And then I thought "what's there to blog about?". And I realized... I'm having one of the ultimate writing blocks I've ever had. Why ultimate? Cause I've been having it since... recently. Which explains the numerous amount of reviews and hauls and nothing about life and philosophy.

I'm guessing Penang is making me all lazy :P I've been sleeping til noon ever since I'm back and watching the TV everyday. Wanted to bake and all today but didn't :'( Just. Too. Lazy. I'm gonna get fat while I'm here. Seriously. I've been eating great food and there's going to be more to come! Oh well.

Tomorrow's the last day of fasting! Good news for all the Muslims! :D There's fireworks everywhere now and they annoy me. Which is weird cause I used to run and chase them fireworks. But now... they're just weird, weird lights exploding in the sky. Uncool. Weird.

Oh well. Time to watch some anime, I guess! Happy Tuesday everyone!

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I want more than this.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Watsons haul!

So the other day before I went back to Penang I did some shopping in Sunway Pyramid. My phone died before that and I was a bit pissy so I shopped to release stress :P Anyways, the picture above is what I bought there.

PicMonkey Collage
These are just basic essential toiletries that I bought. Watsons Moisturizing Baby Lotion Wipes, Watsons Square Puffs, Watsons Scented Mini Wet Wipes and White Glo toothpaste. I wanted to buy my usual Pearly White toothpaste but there was an offer with White Glo, so... I hope it's good!

PicMonkey Collage2
I also bought the Schick Silk Effects razor head to replace my old ones, Sebamed Clear Face Teenage Cleansing Liquid that came with a free miniature Deep Cleansing Facial Toner , Essence makeup - Soft Touch Mousse Foundation, a lipstick and Sun Club eyeshadow. The last thing I didn't buy from Watsons. Got it from Bloop instead. They're Bloop's powder mask in Grey Mud, Vitamin C and Pearl and Milk.

Oh right! I also got myself these biscuits to bring back home. My favorite biscuits ever - Marks and Spencer Milk Chocolate Digestives. I bought two of them back here, and so far, everyone's been liking it yay! :D

Anyways, I will be talking more about the cosmetics once I started using it and I also have another cosmetics haul to blog about :P Have a nice Monday tomorrow guys!

Your mum reads my blog.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Time for home.

Hey guys! So I'm back in Penang now (yay!). All's well. I took a plane back home, and for the first time in my life I don't feel like puking my guts out when I'm on the plane. Mind you, I have really really bad motion sickness, and I can't stand long car rides and plane rides and boat rides... Sometimes, even a thirty minute car ride is enough to give me a bad migraine and a nauseous feeling.

Anyways, the point of this post is I'm home, and I spent the past 7 hours talking to mm non-stop, and I'm tired. But I'm blogging. While mm is watching TV. I'M BACK IN PENANG! Yay! Can't wait to eat all the good food and see all my relatives and have fun. One week's gonna fly past so so fast!

I love you guys! :D

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


"I've been making a list of the things they don't teach you in school. They don't teach you how to love somebody. They don't teach you how to be famous. They don't teach you how to be rich or how to be poor. They don't teach you how to walk away from someone you don't love any longer. They don't teach you how to know what's going on in someone else's mind. They don't teach you what to say to someone who's dying. They don't teach you anything worth knowing." - The Sandman.

I realized how true this quote is when I was talking to a friend of mine and he laughed about how ironic it would be if he ends up not being an engineer (he's currently studying engineering). He's one of those cliche students all over Asia. Students being forced to study things they don't even have a slight interest in. These people are fulfilling their parents dreams instead of their own. And the knowledge they gain throughout the course of their studies might be going down the drain seeing how reluctant they are to go further down the road of the course they studied after graduating.

These people are lucky though, I may say. Their parents are wealthy enough to give them expensive cars and expensive clothes and expensive gadgets and they can just choose to waste it all away. They have the means to fail the same course over and over and over again and not even wince about it.They can afford to go anywhere they want and do whatever they want as long as they bring home a degree, something to show their parents and enable them to say "hey, I've done what you want me to do, now give me money and let me live the life I want to live."

Oh well. I'm just ranting for no reason, really. The weather has been so hot lately and I've been moody for no reason (hungry, maybe?) and I thought blogging would uplift my emotions a bit (surprisingly, it actually did). Have a nice day everyone! Oh wait. Can you believe it's actually the end of July already? :O

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review : Schwarzkopf Professional Essensity Range

So... what is the Schwarzkopf Professional Essensity Range? Well, it's basically a range of products that are free from artificial fragrance, silicones, parrafin/mineral oils and parabens. What they did is they replace synthetic ingredients where possible without compromising the performance of their products. And all the ingredients are pure organic essences and naturally-derived ingredients.

There are 4 CARE sublines for the Essensity Range : Color, Moisture, Repair and Volume. I received the moisture range, which is awesome because ever since I've been growing out my hair, I had to stop using Johnson's Baby Shampoo as it's a tad too dry so I've been on a lookout for a great shampoo to use :) All the different sublines contains different natural ingredients, and for moisture, it's aloe vera and olive oil.

The Moisture Shampoo is a shampoo that claims to "deeply moisturizes the hair, leaving it soft and manageable". It is a great shampoo, really. I've used a lot of shampoos so far (Johnson's, Clear, Sunsilk, Dove, Himalaya...) but this is the one shampoo that I can choose to skip conditioner after using because it don't dry out my hair!

This Moisture Conditioner claims to be a "nourishing conditioner that is designed to add softness and softens brittle dry hair". Oh. Em. Gee. This is the best conditioner ever. Seriously. It smooths out all the tangles I have and my hair feels really soft and flowy afterwards! Which is ultra awesome. I only use this once a week though cause my hair don't really get dry since I'm using the shampoo :P

The Moisture Serum. "This oil-rich leave-in treatment with plant-based Olive Squalane supplies moisture and seals the cuticle layer to soften dry, coarse hair and control frizz and fly-away hair". If you know Lynnie, you'd know that my hair is frizzy and has a lot of fly-away. This serum really helps in taming my hair. I apply it right after I towel dry my hair and it instantly tames the frizz!

This is the Texturising Mud. I... don't really know what a texturising mud is. And I've never used it lol. But in the website this is a product that combines flexible finishing options with re-mouldable control and style separation and non-greasy finish. I asked my bro and le monsieur to use it, and both of them didn't like it cause of the smell. They didn't really commented on it's holding ability :P

That's me. And my hair. Tied into a braid at the back. Just wanted to prove to you guys that I can has no frizz! And this is after class so no my hair is not wet! I did washed my hair in the morning and apply the serum, so... :D Oh right! I forgot to mention! I love the smell of all the products! It smell really, really, great. Kinda fruity and all grassy (though I can't really say for the texturising mud... I love the smell but my two best guys beg to differ haha)

So... what's your favorite hair-care range? Tell me cause I'm almost done with this range and is looking to try new ones! :D

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Crayon Burger @ SS15

So there are a lot of burger shops in the SS15 area... Big Chomp, Big Hug, Kaw Kaw, Burgertory etc... Seems like the burger craze is still on, though the crowd aren't as much as it used to be in these restaurants. Anyways, my favorite burger shop in SS15 has to be Crayon Burger. No idea why but every time anyone talks about burger I'll go "CRAYON!!!" I have to go there once a fortnight, really.

So last Wednesday I went with this bunch of crazies to Crayon Burger. We were planning to go somewhere else but plan failed cause the restaurant was closed so yeah, when they were wondering what to eat I was chanting "CRAYON! CRAYON! CRAYON!" so here we are :P

Le monsieur was our driver for the day yay! If you're wondering why the lighting is so different it's cause this is a backdated picture since I conveniently forget to take a picture of le monsieur :P You can see here that the interior of the restaurant is much much different than how it is now.

This is how the wall looks like now. It's basically a huge chalkboard filled with people's drawings/declaration of love :P Quite interesting, and fun. :D

The menu. Which I apologize for the lack of quality as this is also a backdated picture :/ They changed the layout of the menu a bit, but the things are still the same.

Here comes the foodgasm!!!

HASHTAG!!! My favorite!!! It's basically beef burger with hashbrown and cheese. It can be a tad salty which is why I almost always choose milk bun to go with it. Milk bun is awesome, btw. But after trying all the burgers (yes, I've tried all the burger), this is my favorite. I love hashes, and I love beef patties. SO THIS IS AWESOME!!!!

Le monsieur's Peanut Butter Bacon, which is a mix of raspberry jam and beef bacon. I don't really like it cause I don't think it goes well but a lot of people love it so I think it's just me?

Jo's Zombie Burger, which is basically just poppy seed bun with swiss cheese and beef patty. She didn't quite like it, saying that it's not as nice.

This is Janiece's The Boss, which is a burger with mild wasabi mayo, egg, onion rings and swiss cheese. It's available in both chicken and beef patty, and she chose chicken. She like the taste of the burger overall, but didn't quite like the chicken patty.

Anyways, you can check out their facebook page here for more details on their burgers. They are open from Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-10pm :)

Oh no I can't believe I forgot to add a picture of myself!
Tadaaa!!! That's my wide 20-teeth smile cause I'm so excited for my burger! ARGGHHH!!!

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sevillas Plaza Damansara

A few months ago (yes, this an outdated post, but hey! food can never be outdated :P), le monsieur and I went to Plaza Damansara for our lunch/tea/combination of both since I bought some groupons. We went to this restaurant called Sevillas. We got a tad confused by the location of the restaurant, but the owner was kind enough to direct us to the right place ^^

Sevillas is sort of like a mix between a restaurant and lounge. It serves Spanish food, and by the look of the pictures, it looks awesome! They also have a collection of wines, cigars and cocktails :D Their tagline is cigar.whiskey.vino.tapas. Interesting, no?

Anyways... this is the closest picture I have of the restaurant interior. Once you step in, you are greeted with an array of wine bottles to your left. They had ultra comfy cushion seats and a bar at the far end of the restaurant. Simple and cozy. Funny thing is the owner asked us to sit on an 8-seater table since according to her there won't  be much people anyways. Of course we didn't accept her offer! It'd be so awkward :P

Le monsieur and his dish. It's beef pastrami sandwich with mini hash browns. I didn't really like his sandwich. I love beef, but am never a fan of pastramis. It just taste... weird. Sometimes there's that weird beefy taste to it that reminds me of the beef stomach that my mum and brother love to eat. Urgh.

This is my dish. Smoked Chicken Breast Sandwich with mini hash browns. The. Sandwich. Is. Awesome. I'm not even kidding you. I've never had a sandwich as awesome as this, and trust me, I've had my fair share of 'awesome' sandwiches. The mini has browns are a tad too filling. It's nice when I had like one or two but after that I was too full. Though I did finish it cause who can't resist hash browns, right?

If you're wondering why the pictures are so blur it's cause the lighting in Sevillas is a bit dim (think pubs and lounges) and where I was sitting I had the sun shining in from the back and with le monsieur's photo taking skill... Oh well. :D

Anyways, if you guys are interested in going to eat at Sevillas, they're located at 34G Plaza Damansara, Bukit Damansara, Jalan Medan Setia 2, 50490 Kuala Lumpur. You can head on to their website here for more info on their menu and their contact details :)

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Review : Beauty Junky Strawberry Face Mask

What do you do when your face is dull, sad-looking and is in desperate need of a pick-me-up? What I'd do is slab on a mask on my face and let the mask do its magic!

So today I'm gonna be doing a review on the Beauty Junky Strawberry Face Mask.

This is how it looks like. It's a non-drying mask and it claims to both tone and deep-cleanse your skin at the same time, for a fresher, younger-looking complexion... The absent-minded me didn't take a picture of the back of the packaging so I can't talk more about it.

Anyways, knowing that this sachet could last me more than one use, I squeezed all the contents out into container before using it. The mask has a very thick consistency, sort of like a clay mask. The only difference is that it has grains in it - strawberry, I assume? The strawberry scent is not too overpowering, just nice to make you feel all pampered :D

Like I said, the mask is non-drying, and really thick. But because of how thick it is, it's really moisturizing. I washed it off after 15 minutes and not only is my skin brighter and clearer, it's also moisturized! Sometimes masks with a clay consistency is ultra drying but when I use this mask I even skip moisturizing my skin (not recommended :P). 

The only problem I have with this mask is... it's no longer available in Malaysia *cries*. I think. Cause I can't  find it anywhere. People who're staying in UK can get this quite easily, methinks, at only 1 pound fifty? That's cheap. They sell it here for like RM10 per pack sheesh.

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Friday, July 26, 2013


I just realized I'm going to go back home next Saturday! I'm so excited! Can't wait to see mm :D I missss herrrr!!! Though we talk everyday, her not being around me still feels weird. I miss my home. I miss my mum. I miss everything about Penang!

Can't believe that I'm going back so soon (though soon seems to be not soon enough :P). I think the last time I went home was in March, which makes this one of the longest period I went through without going home. Living alone has its perks (think of messy rooms and dirty laundries :P) but it sucks. Having to buy my own food, cook my own food, do my own laundry, arrange my monthly budget, take the bus everywhere... It sucks! Though I'm guessing this is a part of growing up.

I'm getting used to it. But then there are days like today when I want to eat my mum's home-cooked food because I smell good food coming from my neighbor :( Mmmmm.... I'm gonna torture mm when I get back and force her to COOK ME EVERYTHING I WANT!!!! *evil laughter* nyehehe.

"I like to see people reunited, maybe that's a silly thing, but what can I say, I like to see people run to each other, I like the kissing and the crying, I like the impatience, the stories that the mouth can't tell fast enough, the ears that aren't big enough, the eyes that can't take in all of the change, I like the hugging, the bringing together, the end of missing someone."

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Endless slumber.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hishop package!

Yay!!! I'm so excited to receive my hishop package. Anyways, I received this last week, but I wasn't home at that time. I only got the chance to claim it yesterday :P 

These are the things I ordered from hishop. The main thing I'm excited about? The Shangpree Aroma Socks! Tried it out yesterday night and it's awesome!!! I also bought the Yadah Starter Kit 1 - Vitamin Range and since I can get free postage for purchases above RM50, I bought the Yadah Sun+BB Cream 7pcs set. I was also eligible for two free samples, and I chose the Nature & Co Vital Purity Lift Mask and the Nature & Co Pure White Lotion Light and Pure White Milky Lotion Light.

That's lots of things in a small little box, huh? They also gave me three coupons : RM10 off for, 8% off purchases with MilkADeal and 8% off purchases with White.My. Anyways, if you guys are interested in beauty products and want them delivered to your doorstep, check out their website here. Also, don't forget to like Hishop Malaysia's Facebook page as they constantly organize giveaways for their followers :)

Can't wait to try all the other products out!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


"When he worked, he really worked. But when he played, he really PLAYED." - Dr Seuss

Us? We work AND play at the same time. We're the jokers in class. Usually the ones to laugh the loudest. The craziest ones. The ones that lecturers talk to and joke with. We're the ones that would laugh each other's asses off when we do mistakes. We're the ones that inevitably cause some straight-minded, strict, students to feel insulted by our sarcasm.

But who cares? If we miss out on what the lecturer's saying cause we're gossiping? If we go home late cause of our endless chats? If we spend hours playing UNO? If we do last-minute assignments cause we're too lazy? Ultimately, we're having fun. So much fun. Because years later, you'll forget every single thing your  lecturer has taught you and the only memory that's left is the times you spent being crazy with your friends.

I'm not saying that everyone should be crazy all the time. Hey, I'm a 3.9-er, and I plan to maintain it that way. But I won't let having a great grade stop me from having fun. Life is not all about studying, you know. It's about all the memories, all the laughter, all the rants. I've seen people who get very very stressed out during exams and I can't understand why. Take a chill pill! Or you'd end up breaking down one day. And that's gonna be baaaddddd...

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Monday, July 22, 2013

That's him alright.

The other day we were taking pictures of each other. And Jermaine wanted to take a picture of me and le monsieur. So I told le monsieur that we have to take a very romantic picture of us for me to show to mm. One where we stare at each other like two little monkeys, being happy and all.

... And this is how our 'sweet', 'romantic' picture turned out to be.

Me, looking up at him, all smiles. And him ruining the picture with his weird, goofy face. And that's one of the few reasons why he's my boyfriend. :)

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Trip to Guiness Anchor Berhad!

It's Guiness Time! *breaks out into a 70s disco dance*.

Lol. Okay. Fine. That was lame. Anyways... Me and my groupmates went to Guiness Anchor Berhad last Tuesday to visit the beer factory and learn about how the production of beer. Note to my dearest mummy : we went there to LEARN, not drink. Nyehehehe *winks* *winks*

That's me, le monsieur and Jer & Jo at the back. Went to the beer factory right after Islamic Studies class, which is so, so ironic lol. Le monsieur was interning, but he was supposed to go for evening shift so he tagged along. Yay! :D *do happy dance* Anyways, the bus was kinda happy cause a lot of students didn't turned up. Meh :/ Who would resist such a fun trip?

That's us. Sans le monsieur who was kind enough to take this picture for us XD We're in front of The Tavern, which is where most of the 'drinking' happened. Yes, we were given a few glasses of bottle to try out.

We headed into the factory for a tour where cameras weren't allowed... And I was lugging around a DSLR so no hopes of me DISCREETLY taking pictures lol. Everyone can have a tour there btw! All you need to do is to go to their website here Btw, you can even order barrels of beer if you need it for your party! They'll even supply you with the dispenser, etc. At least that's what they told us.

The beer brewing process is complicated, but fun. The technology they're using is really astonishing. The number of bottles they can produce in a day is :O And apparently they pay the customs RM1.2million in taxes a DAY just to sell the beer. That's a whole lot of money... Back to the point. The tour is really eye-opening. Though it was kinda short. The sad thing is when we arrived to the bottling place the production line suddenly stopped cause apparently there was a glitch in their system. *cries*

PicMonkey Collage
We headed to The Tavern after that. This picture shows parts of the tavern. It's a really pretty place, with a very rustic feel to it. Really, really old advertisements are placed on the walls. I was expecting barmaids and such but that's a bit too much, I guess :P

That's me. And le monsieur. In front of a wall that's decorated with promotional posters for Guiness. I love it! I want a room wall like this, with posters of all sorts. I'm happy. Cause to tell you the truth, the brewery was hot. The weather was hot. I was hot. And sweaty. So I rejoiced when I stepped into the tavern :D

That's me. And my friends. Le monsieur, Janiece, Jo & Jer. We're like a gang, secluding ourselves to a corner of the bar and acting like we're mobsters when we're actually a bunch of self-loving university students ;) Haha. We were enjoying our beer while everyone else was busy asking questions.

That's me. And my Paulaner. Which I love. And that's le monsieur. With his Strongbow. Which I hated. Both these brands are distributed by GAB but NOT made in the factory itself. 

Just some info for you guys... I'm currently studying wine studies so it's relevant to me but maybe not for you but what's wrong with an extra information, right? Anyways... Paulaner is a German wheat lager made from only four ingredients - hobs, malt, yeast and water. There's about 9 beers in the Paulaner range (including a non-alcoholic one). They also produce the ultra-awesome Paulaner Oktoberfest beer during Oktoberfest that everyone SHOULD try. Anyways, the Paulaner I tried was awesome... sparkling and light. \:D/

The... Strongbow is a dry cider and is one of the world's leading cider. Did you know they're made out of 50 different varieties of apples? It tastes like apple cider. Urgh. Sorry. I'm not really a fan of apple cider. Everyone else liked it though. I just... don't. Lol. Acquired taste, maybe?

Anyways... enough of the beer or mm's gonna slaughter me nyehehe. Educational purposes ;)

I hope this post was interesting. If you're wondering why I bother to write so much about beers, it's cause I have this thing about wines and beers and liquors. They just amaze me. Cocktails are extremely fun to drink cause they're a mixture of all kinds of things that a bartender can think of. No worries. I'm no alcoholic. I don't drink to get drunk. In fact, I rarely ever drink. Only when I feel like it? I remember my lecturer telling me I should be a sommelier lol. #flattered.

Ahhhh. Enough of me ranting. I hope you guys will have a nice weekend! Good luck everyone! And have fun!

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