Friday, October 3, 2014

Bottles of wine strewn about, most empty of its contents, dripping liquid gold, staining the white carpet a dark shade of red, like the stained souls that they are. Two beings facing each other, talking, whispering, laughing, crying. Spiffs lying about as they sink into each others' arms, passion and lust hovering around the air like moths to the flame. Dangerous, enticing, neither of them able to pull away from each other.

Kush clouds obscuring their judgment. The air is tense. They are tense. What's right and what's wrong no longer matter. Two souls clinging onto each other. Two lonely, empty souls who've been broken, over and over again. Falling. Not falling. Wanting. Needing. Understanding.

His smile. His kiss. His touch. Her tears. Her hug. Her warmth. He knows this feeling. She misses this feeling. He yearns for another. She craves for another. They embrace. They loved. They lived. They parted.

Two souls going two different ways. Gone forever. Never looking back. He's satisfied. She's satisfied. They continue on.