Sunday, February 14, 2016

I will never be

"i know that i will never be and never fill and never equal the love you have for the ones that hold you there. i know i will never say the right words or know the right songs or understand the right ways to hold your heart to make anything resemble ok.

i know i am not enough, and now, maybe now, i know that i have never been enough and just developed a keen and interesting ability to convince myself that i was. i have never been enough and i do not know why but this time, THIS time, that hurts worse than any other time. i see your mouth to say the words that has nothing to do with me and only has everything to do with them but i cannot believe it and i look for the truth inside it but i am sorry to tell you it does not live there.

my three words belong to you as they always have, so reach out your shaking hands and i will rest them gently upon them. three words: i love you. and 5, if i had 2 more to spare: i will always love you.

1 comment:

Launna said...

I will always love him too... but Lynnie, you are enough, you have always been enough... it is their loss... we are both enough xox